Friday, 7 February 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 7 February 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies (and the occasional gent),
It's Friday again and time to share what made us smile this week. However hard your week, there is always a silver lining.

My week has not been hard at all. And I have received many cards (always makes me smile that).
The first one I want to show you is by the Finnish illustrator Inge Löök. I love her 'Naughty Aunties'.
Here they are paddling in the pond, apparently retrieving their bottle(?). It was sent to me by someone  in Germany who knew I would like this.
 The stamp is one of the latest German stamps about freedom of press. I shared last Tuesday that it has been designed by Christoph Niemann. He says:
"I wanted to visualize both the struggle of journalists to uncover hidden but relevant facts and the increasing number of journalists around the world who are thrown in jail for doing their work ."
 The second card comes from Finland and is another Inge Löök creation. The Aunties are having fun with some candy canes. 
 Candy canes are something typically American associated with Christmas. I have never seen them here. But they have arrived in Finland it seems.

The stamp on this card is lovely. It has a butterfly on it. I've not been able to find out which butterfly it is.
Now let me tell you how my week has been. On Saturday we got together as agroup to learn/practice our Spanish. There was one Spanish guy, so our meeting could go ahead. It's always fun and I always learn something.
On Sunday after church we were invited by some friends to have a cup of tea. But the weather was so nice, I suggested we go for a walk. We had a lovely walk on a path that we hadn't been on yet. The almond trees have started to flower and that really makes me smile because it means spring is on its way!
On Monday I had to go to the dentist again. Hubby came with me as we would go shopping too. I wasn't long and we had a coffee in the bar right next to the dentist. Perfect!
On Tuesday two friends came over for coffee. I had made up some small bunches of oregano which another friend had picked and given me. Then we (Hubby and I) went out for lunch. The first time since December (we have been on a detox fast until the end of January). In the picture you can see the cold soup called 'salmorejo' which I like. There were quite a lot of police there today. Nothing going on. They were just having a drink.
Then on Wednesday I had to go into town again to pick up my old iPhone that I had repaired. I now have a spare phone. You never know...
I visited a photograph exhibition about Iran (very interesting) and I watched palm trees being trimmed along the high street. It caused traffic chaos but it was interesting to watch (I was on foot)
That is it from me this week. Let's go and visit Annie at A Stitch In Time for some more smiles. I'm also visiting Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.
Of course there are some funnies at the end (Sorry, I could only find a few)

Have a great weekend,
Keep Smiling,
 The writing says: Don't forget to update you 50 Euro bill.

Only in Ireland.....:


  1. Hi, your postcards are really fun this week-I enjoyed them, love the butterfly stamp too. sounds like you've had a busy week, good you were able to take a walk with friends. love the last funny-Happy Friday hugs Kathy

  2. I love your latest postcards...Those Aunties get up to all sorts of mischief don't they?
    Lovely to see the blossoms coming will be a little while here yet but the snowdrops are in full bloom and that always makes me smile.
    Annie x

  3. I like those postcards :-)
    You´ve been quite busy, wonderful!
    Have a nice day, hugs, Iris

  4. Those 'Aunties' are great fun aren't they. And two pictures of them in one week!
    I'm not ken on salmorejo, not gazpacho for that matter. To me soup is something warm and hearty to make you feel good on a cold day.
    I have seen candy canes in a todo shop down here but this year is the first time they have had them.
    I smiled at the quilter funny. Superbowl leaves me cold but Chris likes watching it. For me it is a chance to get a good night's sleep!
    Hope you have a good week. Kate x

  5. Hi Lisca, those postcards are just brilliant, you must love receiving them and the funnies just made me smile lots. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  6. Loving the postcards, they are lovely and so imaginative, I remember you commenting before that you like that artist. Loving the mini collages of your week, really envious of the spring flowering almond trees, we have a big storm coming in that may well cause issues over the next week, I hate storms and high winds and it is plain weird for this time of year, we usually have storms in October/November.

    I hadn't heard of that particular soup and not sure how I feel about it cold, I could never brave trying gazpacho when I visited Spain as a teenager.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.