Friday, 28 February 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 28 February 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people,
It's been a funny old week for me. We have a certain routine to our lives as we are retired, but often break away from the routine and there is no harm in that. But this past week it caused  a bit of havoc. We normally go to our weekend home on Monday night and stay over, have lunch at the restaurant, come home, I phone my mother in Holland, we have a cup of tea and then go to the prayer meeting. Well this week I wanted to go to the market (on Tuesday) and so we didn't go to our weekend home.  I totally forgot to write and post my Tuesday blog, neither of us remembered to go to the prayer meeting and needless to say, I didn't phone my mum. She doesn't mind, and knows I will phone her the next day. But because I didn't do a blog either, she got a bit worried. Oh dear! It's what in England is known as a senior moment. In my case it was a Senior Day!

Well I haven't forgotten our Friday Smiles where I join Annie at A Stitch In Time with things that made me smile this week.
A postcard in my postbox always makes me smile. This week there was a card from the Netherlands.
It is a card from the theme park de Efteling. I remember it from my childhood. It is built like a fairy tale. And uses images similar to the Dutch illustrator Anton Pieck.
Like this:
 And this:
 The Pagoda is fairly new. I have never seen it.
 And of course there are many rides.
 This long-necked fellow has been there since the beginning.
It made me smile to be reminded of cherished childhood memories.

The next card comes from Poland, and it features one of my favorite foods: pasta! It was sent to me by Jakub, who lives just outside Warsaw with his wife and a cat named Almond. He writes that he was born on the same day as the great Polish astronomer Copernicus.

 The stamps are wonderful. The top one is about the Pieskowa Skala, (Polish for Little Dog's Rock) It is a limestone cliff in the valley of river Prądnik, 27 km north of Krakow, Poland, best known for its Renaissance castle. 
The two bottom ones feature the Centaurea L., a thistle.
It has been a very un-remarkable week.

  I did go out on Sunday though. But I will blog about that on Tuesday.

Yesterday and today I have been scrapbooking. I made several lay-outs. I certainly was inspired by Virginia, and like her I am finishing 2016!

I did this one of me eating a pasty outside a cafe in Bath as a companion

 to this one of dear hubby, which I made last year.

 Then I did these two to show the progress made on the stairwell in our house.
 You can see I like my dots and dashes.

 This piece of card from a packet of pasta is used as a background to one of the photos (top right). That kraft coloured packageing is ideal for recycling. I use lots of things like that for my scrapbooking.

This is another one that I made to make up a double page. I used the same 'planks' paper as its companion page, only a different card stock as I couldn't find something in the same colour.

All in all, apart from my little blip on Tuesday, I had a good week full of smiles. Lets share our smiles at Annie's and Virginia's. Of course, as usual, I will show you some funnies that I found on the internet (at the end).

For now I will say: Take care and...
Keep smiling!

My funnies seem to be a bit drink related this week....
For you non-Brits: Wetherspoons is a chain of pubs in the UK.


  1. Oh happy memories...we went to theme park de Efteling many years ago :-)
    As for your forgetful Tuesday....I forgot to go to the hairdressers yesterday! happens to us all. :-)
    I'm not sure I could cope with walking on those floors in the funnies...I feel sea sick just looking at them lol.
    Annie x

  2. Hello Lisca, lovely post. Your postcards are great and how nice that the first one brought so many happy memories for you. I regret we never made it to Efteling when we were stationed fairly close. Though I'm not one for scary roller coaster rides, I would have loved fairy tale images. Your scrapbook layouts are lovely and the use of cardboard is a great way of repurposing it too. Enjoyed the funnies but those floorings are the stuff of nightmares and pity that poor wee dog!!! Have a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth xx

  3. What lovely and noteworthy postcards you shared this week. Sounds like a lovely place to have fun and take the whole family.

    You are really keeping up with your scrapbook pages and catching up on some from years past. That's really impressive.

    Your funnies are quite funny this week. I like the guy who landed in the wrong bed (grin).

  4. Hi Lisca, I think you just get distracted with stuff and forget what day it is...well that happens to us regularly. Lucky for me the dental surgery send us reminders a couple of days before the appointment is due which was just as well because I hadn't written it in the calendar which is something I normally do but thank goodness it wasn't a problem. The theme park looks like fun and so much to see. And the stamps....always one of my favourites to see. I have to say those carpets would be a challenge for me and I don't drink alcohol very often. Those funnies are just amazing but the poor dog, hope he landed okay! Happy weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Its sad when we realise we are old hahahha. My old timers experience is I cant spell, I used to be able to spell anything

  6. There's plenty to smile about with your funnies today Lisca.
    Isn't it odd that when you break your routine with a little thing, everything else falls apart too! I could really relate to your Tuesday. I am sure everything will run smoothly again next weel.
    the theme park looks fun. The buildings are very different from theme parks in UK, but they reminded me a bit of Telford Town park which will close to us. It wasn't so grand but it had a lot of things to see and ride on and I spent many happy times there with my boys. Kate x

  7. Oh bless yes I think we all like routine and when we do something different it causes all sorts of chaos. The postcards are fab as are the stamps and I love your collages I hope you've had a good weekend and week ahead hugs xxx