Friday, 21 February 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 February 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies,
It's Friday already. How time flies when you enjoy yourself. I have had a lot to smile about.
Let's share all those smiles from this week. 
A postcard in my postbox always makes me smile. Here is the first 'happy mail':
 It comes from the USA and it looks like a yummy little cake. The sender has written:"Laughter is an instant vacation".
The second card comes from Russia and is a lovely black and white photo of Coco Chanel with one of her quotes:
 The stamps are lovely too:

Here's what made me smile too:

 My cactus is flowering again. Isn't it beautiful!
Here are some collages of what i have been up to this week:
Friday night with friends:
 Sunny weather on Sunday:
 Shopping on Monday
Relaxing on Tuesday:
There is no collage for Wednesday, as I had to go to town to have a new battery put in my mobile (So I couldn't take any pictures) and also went to the dentist and that is not something worthy of a photo..

I will however put some funnies at the end, like i always do. (I know that some people read my blog starting at the bottom...)

Have a lovely weekend,
Take care,
And... Keep smiling!

PS I'm sorry some photos are sticking out of the column, but it's past midnight and I can't be bothered to resize them again. 


  1. Love the latest postcards and your funnies got me chuckling. Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Oh wow Lisca that's a whopper post today! I have to say Coco Chanel was quite a lady and a brilliant sense of humour too. The little cake looks scrummy and loving the Easter/Christmas Cacti, beautiful. Looks like you've had another busy week but it's always good to find time bond with friends, we're having a girly night out on Monday going to the cinema to see Emma by Jane Austen. The funnies are great, made me smile all the way. Have a lovely weekend with lots more smiles. Hugs, Angela xXx

  3. Lovely postcards and your cactus is beautiful.
    You do well to get all your week in collage form so quickly. It is a great way to document your time. I did it for a couple of years but I never seem to find the time now.
    In answer to your question about the flower, fumatory, last week, it is not an invasive plant. Soon it will just die and shrivel away. If I leave it to drop seeds it may come again next year, but I will probably uproot it before it does that. Kate x

  4. Your postcards are wonderful this week. I go hungry looking at that cake. I can't believe that cactus. It must have super powers. Or you must feed it well! I'm always amazed at those daily photos you make. You have kept them up so well, too. Your funnies are cute. I like the JLo one. It may be the funniest for me today. Somehow I don't understand those celebs. You would think with all that money they make, they would have a shopper who would buy them things that make them look good rather than stupid.

  5. A fab post, the funnies had me giggling away, particularly the jLO one. The meal out looked interesting, I'm intrigued with what the circle was, you look like you have a good week, hope the weekend and week ahead are awesome. xxx

  6. "Laughter is an instant vacation".

    I think I have to "steal" this, may I, please, it is beautiful!!! It is true! Thank you for sharing!
    Oh. I have no future. My perfume is Fahrenheit (yes, men´s one) and so old you hardly smell anything no more!. Thank you for the reminder, I will use it now.

    A flowering cactus! I never managed that.

    Fun pics! And wow! Warm weather! We were blown away...

    OMG. Is that woman in those... "trousers" serious?! I´m getting old!!! Help!
    Hm. Do you have lots of automatic cars? We do not.
    Do you have Alexa?
    I feel old. I have no interest in that stuff. But I should?