Friday, 14 February 2020

A Postcard A day - Friday 14 February 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies,
Happy Valentine's Day!
I don't celebrate Valentine's Day (My hubby doesn't even know it is today!) but I've chosen some postcards to do with the heart.

The first one comes from Germany. It is entitled Beach Romance. It dates from 1953 and the photographer is Ralph Crane.

 Ralph Crane was a German-born photographer for Life magazine for several decades, but only lived in the Los Angeles area for seven years during the 1950s. Ralph (Rudy) Crane was a colourful character who travelled with a stepladder and usually had three cameras strung around his neck. He died in Geneva in 1988.
I love his photos. Here is another photo of his I found on the Net:
I remember those three wheelers very vividly. I think they were called Messerschmitts.

The next card comes from China and is entitled ´Love from A to Z´ . 

 The text on the card reads Keeps you close at heart. The stamps are gorgeous as you can see:

Now for my smiles this week.
I had many smiles this week, but I just forget to take photographs. I did manage a few photos.
Here are two collages from this week.

Hubby and I had taken the car for its ITV (vehicle Inspection) which went totally wrong (read Tuesday's blog) and we consoled ourselves with a coffee and Baileys at a local bar.
Tuesday I spent a lovely morning with my friend, who since last month lives in our village. I have been able to drag her away from the building work to visit the market and have a coffee together. (And a catch-up of course. Virginia calls it Putting the world to rights)
That is it from me today. Lets go visit Annie at A Stitch in Time to link up with our smiles. And Virginia at Rocking your world Friday.
I will leave some funnies at the end as usual.

So wishing all of you a very happy Valentine's Day, and a super weekend. 
Stay safe,


  1. That card reminds me a lot of Seaside Rendevouz, if you like, turn on the sound and yes, that is Queen, too.
    We don´t celebrate today but rather any day. Any day we see something for the other - not that it happens that often! ;-)

    Yes, Messerschnitt, I sadly never saw one for real.

    (Btw... a Baileys with your Hubby, wasn´t that a mini Valentine´s?)
    The shoe one! LOL. When I was young I loved shoes. Sneakers now. Two exact pairs.

    To many lille Valentine days!

  2. Great photos by Ralph Crane, he certainly must have had a sense of humour. What fun those little cars were, very useful for popping round town and easy parking too I bet. Loving the funnies but my favourite has to be the discounted chocolate s on the 15th Feb Lol! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  3. Oh Lisca your funnies really have me chuckling here. We don't really do Valentine's Day either cos we love each other every day and object to the rip off in the shops. We have a special meal planned later to enjoy together.
    Annie x

  4. Nice postcards and stamps. And your funnies made me laugh.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Both postcards are great and I know the Ralph Crane one is special since you are into photography.

    Great shots of your week, but the funnies were what had me laughing and laughing. I liked all the ones that involved a cat. They were all perfect. Happy (belated in your world) Valentine's Day, dear.

  6. Oh lots of lovely giggles at the valentines themed funnies this week. Oh a new friend in your village, how lovely and definitely putting the world to rights - it's good for the soul!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend, I mentioned said 19 year old gf in my post today so you'll be able to tell that they are still together and that art link that didn't work the other week is Stavesart - I meant to mention it on my post on Friday but completely forgot.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.