Tuesday, 24 December 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 24 December 2019 - T for Christmas!

Hello lovely ladies,
Here we are on Christmas eve! I have put a christmassy image above so that I can join the T-Party hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. 

I must confess this is not the drink I have in front of me. Actually I am drinking a gin & tonic in a funny leaning glass. (makes you think you are drunk)

 Well, we are in Rotterdam now, staying with my mother. She lives in a modern appartment across the carpark of a local shopping mall: 

 We went shopping yesterday and came back with several 'treasures':
 Some coffee pads for the machine that I have. It is caled Senseo. I can get pads in Spain, but my favorite cappuccino choco is not available. So I stock up when I am in Holland.
There is  shop that sells craft supplies! So I indulged.
 And some markers in natural colours:
 This was a Danish gift shop     that sold all sorts of things including these tea pots:
Now for my postcards. I thought I would stay in the Christmas mood and show you the postcards that I actually sent over the last weeks. I bought them online from a site called Postallove in Poland.

I just love that cheeky postman!
Another good looking postman:
And a gorgeous little girl.
That is it from me tonight. I would like to wish everyone who celebrates Christmas a very peaceful and restful holiday:
Feliz Navidad (Spanish for Happy Christmas) is one of the illuminations in our village of Caniles. 
And here are my hubby and me in front of the lit up tree near our house. (Our friend Andy Watson kindly took this picture, thanks Andy)
Happy Christmas everyone and Happy T-Day too!


  1. Merry Christmas Lisca-a lovely photo of the two of you.
    That is really nice for your Mom to be very close to shopping-and looks like you had fun shopping.
    We had a senseo coffee pot years and years ago-did not know they still make those-I liked the pods better.
    Love that wonky glass-- and those postcards too Happy T hugs Kathy

  2. What a globe trotter you have been this week. Everywhere between Rotterdam, The Netherlands to your home town in Spain you and your husband have been sharing the love. You certainly made the most of the shopping center. Great haul, including the craft supplies.

    You bought some great postcards to send to people. You really get into this which is amazing how much you spend, not just for the postage, but the postcards, too. These are vintage lovely and festive.

    I had to laugh at your leaning glass. It was perfect for T this Tuesday, since it was so festive. It was definitely a party in a glass! Thanks for sharing your postcards, your shopping, your Christmas mug, and your leaning glass of g & t with us for T this Tuesday in your world.

  3. And because I'm as loopy as that leaning glass, Merry Christmas, dear Lisca. Hope your holiday is joyous, safe, and healthy for all.

  4. Oh I like that leaning glass, and those craft supplies too. You will have some fun times in 2020 I think. I hope you have a wonderful T day and Christmas with your mother. Enjoy! Hugs-Erika

  5. Glad you are enjoying Rotterdam it's a lovely town. The postcards are wonderful. They have those leaning glasses at places in the Altstadt here. Great photo of you both. Happy T Day, merry Christmas! Valerie

  6. A super post and your leaning glass of gin and tonic is making me grin. The shopping mall beside your mothers home looks very inviting , you will enjoy the crafting items you bought as well as the coffee.
    The postcards you sent all looked fantastic .
    Hope you have a good T day and a very Happy Christmas.
    Yvonne xx

  7. A fun glass that is! Oh, my!
    My Mum... I have a tea-cuppa.. soon a pic is to come, thank you for the reminder!!

    Ohhh, that postie sure is "sexy"!
    And you two look so happy!
    Happy T-Day and.... happy, Merry Christmas hugs to you!

  8. Lovely Christmas postcards. And I like the goodies you got while out shopping. The area looks festive. Merry Christmas and Happy T-Day!

  9. Such a fabulous post! It looks like you are having such fun visiting your mum and that's a lovely photo of you and your hubby 😁. Wishing you a magical Christmastime and a very happy T Day too! Hugs, Jo x

  10. So nice to be in Rotterdam with your mom for Christmas. he lives in a lovely area. What woman doesn't like a shopping mall? One with a good craft store yet! you'll hav fun with those cool new toys - er - supplies. Lovely picture of you two.

    Merry Christmas and Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  11. I love that mug and got a kick out of your funny glass. What a convenient place to live! The black teapots would suit me and be hard to resist. How wonderful to have a tree display like that close to where you live! Happy Christmas Eve and Happy T Tuesday

  12. Nice to go home for Christmas. We traveled to be with our Eldest.Your leaning glass made me laugh. Looks like you got some wonderful treasures while shopping. The Eldest gas a Keurig brewer and she loved a raspberry chocolate coffee that is no longer made. I found the same flavor combination by another maker. She can’t find it where she lives so I got a couple of boxes for her Christmas stocking. The postman images are so cheery but nothing compared to the beautiful picture of you and your hubby. Merry Christmas to you.

  13. Very Happy Christmas Lisca !! Your are spendid with your Husband, so lovely photograph!, thanks so much for sharing.
    Love the postcards you show us, they are so beautiful.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year 2020, with great and unique moments.
    Biig hugs, Caty


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