Friday, 6 December 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 6 December 2019 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people,
Here we are again on Friday where we can share some smiles. The postcards that I want to share today both have smiley faces. The first is a gorgeous photo of Her Majesty, a card I received a couple of weeks ago from the UK.
Here is another 'Her Majesty'. It is the (now abdicated) queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. The photo must be old as her husband, prince Claus, died in 2002.
The stamps are really nice. The orange coloured stamp is a special summer stamp. The price is 44+22 cents. The 22 cents extra is for charity. In this case the whole series of stamps is about loneliness among older people. The writing on the stamp reads: "Lies (82), has been teaching ballet for 40 years. Thanks. Your students."

I've had a lovely week, and you? Have you had many things to smile about? 
I have this Becky Higgins Project Life app on my phone. It's so simple (and free) that i spend 5 minutes each evening to put together these layouts/collages. I love doing that (as you can see...)

I noticed the municipal Christmas tree had been put up as every year in the little park behind our house. I think it's hideous, but at night when the lights are on it's not so bad.

 On Saturday morning we woke up to a thick fog, but half an hour later the sky was blue and it was then sunny all day. 
I bought a large persimmon, and consequently made a persimmon up-side-down cake with a recipe that I had found in a magazine. It was delicious. 
We held our Spanish language group at our house on Saturday, and although I had baked a cake, one of us had a birthday and another member had made a birthday cake for her. So we had two cakes!
 Sunday was a sunny day too and after church we came straight home and had coffee on the terrace. Hubby decided to get changed, stay out and paint the railing. Good man!
As it was the first of December and because we  haven't put up any Christmas decorations (we're going away), I lit some scented candles.
 Monday was a strange day as for some reason, the power went off in the morning. (They usually don't bother warning us if there are repairs to be done). We have a wood burner so the heating wasn't effected, and I have a gas cooker. But of course there is no internet. So I did all those little jobs that 'get shelved' like sewing my husband's work clothes. He needed buttons sewn on and the seams of his crotches often need re-sewing. 
In the afternoon, on the way to our weekend home in Gor, we went shopping in Baza. We needed new windscreen wipers and the guy in the shop just took off the old and fitted the new ones. Now that is service worthy of a smile!
We have a tv and a DVD player in our weekend home and we watched a DVD: Casino Royale. I don't particularly like Daniel Craig, but he is a good actor.
 We spent the night there and the next day we had lunch at a nearby restaurant.
In the evening we went to a prayer meeting at our pastor's house and there were a group of youngsters there. That brought a smile to our faces.
On Wednesday I changed the bedding to a more festive winter design. (Smile)
When I was at a local shop I spotted this pan. A while ago I dropped the lid of my cast aluminium pan and I'm looking for a replacement. This one is a smaller version of the one I have but it is too expensive. I would need the bigger size which would set me back 48 Eur. I'm going to have a look on the internet and see if I can get it cheaper.
I baked a lovely Dutch appeltaart. I think Annie might have had the pleasure of tasting appeltaart. I made it for our pastor and his wife.
 They (our pastor and his wife) asked if we would like a two-seater settee and could we come and collect it. So hubby borrowed a friend's car (with a tow hook) and we went to collect it on Thursday morning. We don't need a settee, but this one can be stored in the garage until the cave house that hubby is renovating, is ready.
I went to the post office yesterday to post some Christmas cards and birthday cards. We have a lot of birthdays around Christmas in our family. I also collected a parcel. I bought a bag-tidy which houses all the paraphernalia that is in my bag and the whole thing then sits in my bag so that if I need anything, I just pull out this bag-tidy and whatever I'm looking for will be easy to find. Huge smile!

As you see there was lots to smile about this week. I'm going over to Annie's at A Stitch In Time and also to Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.
Of course, as usual, I will put some funnies at the end.

Have a lovely weekend,


  1. You have been very busy creating those pages for Project Life I couldn't do that daily, but if it's fun for you that's all that matters. You certainly document well. And you got some great photos, too.

    Both my boys can relate to your last funny. Winter isn't their thing, either.

    Have a great Friday and rest of the weekend.

  2. Oh Lisca you had so much to make you smile this week. I love all your photos. As for your funnies....I had a good chuckle at them!!.
    Annie x

  3. I like your layouts Lisca. I did a project life one year and it was a good way to record lots of events.
    That is a lovely photo of the queen on your postcard.
    Your persimmon cake sounds interesting. I did not care for the persimmon that I bought, but i wasn't sure how to prepare or eat it, so I just picked a recipe off the internet, and was not very impressed.
    It doesn't sound as though you had the awful rain we had on Monday and Tuesday, but we didn't have your fog either.
    Enjoy the run up to Christmas even if you are going to be away on the day.
    I smiled at your funnies. I am lucky that none of our animals show much interest in the decorations, and so far they have left the tree alone. Kate x

  4. Hi Lisca, I know it's naughty but have to admit to rushing down to the funnies before reading the rest as they always make me smile. The post cards and stamps are lovely too and that's a great photo of our queen though I am surprised how brilliant she still looks at her age and guess that was quite an old photograph. Have a lovely happy weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Hi Lisca You have had a very busy week! I love your photo collages too, and your sheets are festive and comfy looking. Beautiful postcards and stamps this week-sorry about you losing your electric. with this new house they had a chimney fire where the woodstove is-so next year we will need to get that fixed so we can use it in case of emergencies.
    love the funnies-Happy weekend Kathy

  6. You've been so busy :) The little collages look like they're fun to put together to give an overview of an event or a day. Cool! I had trouble seeing the tree even when I clicked on the collage to make it bigger, but I like a variety of trees :) Happy St. Nicholas Day!

  7. The stamps look great!
    A Spanish language group?

    I told Hubby "my" sunshine singing Christmas-donkey might in his heart be Australian (thank you for that explanation!!!! He´s a Perthie!) and he asked where you are from.

    "Spain" - "Which language?" - "English, do I speak Spanish?!" (Sadly not, I could´ve used that so often! But at school I had to decide between French and Latin and took French).
    "Could be German, too!" - "???"
    His parents go to Spain in winter and MIL must be fairly good in speaking Spanish. It would not even surprise me if she joins your lessons!

    They do not tell you in advance when cutting power? Happened to us in Perth, Australia, too, LOL. Well, not funny.
    Nice to hear there is still service like that with the wipers. And, see, it´s even worth blogging, that´s how rare this is, sadly.
    48€ for a pan?! The best pan ever we got from TEDOX (maybe you have that?), I think 15€.

    Sweet tooth mostly asleep, but appeltaart... yum (I need vanilla ice-cream to that, though, if sweet, I go sweet!).

    The socks I know, the shorts, oh, my!!! :-)
    I had no handcuffs, but a collar like a dog. Was normal in the 70´s and I think, with the traffic these days, why not...
    Love the bear! I can SO relate!

    Thank you for making me smile and the donkey is relieved now, too, that we know about his song!

  8. Oh you have been busy, painting and sorting and sewing and baking. That apple tart looks amazing and I bet the smell in your home was wonderful. I love the change in bedding, I've never succumbed to Christmas bedding but each year it gets more tempting.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.