Friday, 1 November 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 1 november 2019 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely ladies,

 It's Friday again and my blog post is about the things that have made me smile this week. And of course a postcard in my mailbox always makes me smile!
This first one is from Poland, from someone called Lukas. It reads: greetings from Elblag, (a city in the north of Poland.)  The city was badly damaged in WW2. Recently an attempt has started to bring back something of the old glory.
The stamps are lovely. (although the bottom one is upside down). The flower is Centaurea (knapweed) 

and the bottom stamp shows the Branicki Palace in the city of Bialystock (also in Northern Poland).

The second card is rather special. It has a stamp stuck on the front of the card.The stamp shows Australian cricket legend  Sir Donald Bradman. 

This is called a Maxi card, when the stamp has the same subject as the picture on the card. I have collected a few over the years. Unfortunately I know nothing about cricket but I found something about this man in Wikipedia:
Sir Donald George Bradman, AC,(27 August 1908 – 25 February 2001) often referred to as "The Don", was an Australian international cricketer, widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. Bradman's career Test batting average of 99.94 has been cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any major sport.

Wednesday I had some friends round to make the large Christmas snowflake.They are easy and I do them every year. So by popular request I showed my friends just how easy it was.
 This is the result:
Another really great thing this week is that my friend from Holland (we know each other since university) has come to stay this week:
They (she, her partner plus dog) are leaving today to slowly travel back to Holland in their small campervan.
So you can see I have had a really good week. What have you smiled about this week? Please join us with your smiles at Annie's or at Virginia's.

Have a lovely week,
Keep smiling,


  1. How lovely to spend time with your friends. I have a best friend that I first met when we started school [aged 4] then over the years we both passed 11+ at age 10 and went to the same Grammer school, then without the other one knowing we both applied to go nursing and were accepted in the same group so went all the way through nursing together....our birthdays are just 5 days apart and we are meeting up for a meal out next week hopefully :-) :-) :-)
    Your funnies this week were soooo funny. I'd love to know what grapeless grapes are :-)
    Annie x

  2. Ah the postcards are lovely, they must really brighten your day. How lovely to have a visitor, particularly one that has been a long time friend, I hope they have a safe journey home.

    The funnies as always raise, a smile, I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.


  3. Hi Lisca, you know how much I love the stamps that you receive well I might just have to copy the colours off the Knapweed as I just love the combination. Before I forget, people have been referring to my new cabin as the Craft Cabin because that is what it will be. Lots of my craft stash is stored in the loft and I really need to sort and organise it better so it's all going in the new cabin though I shall probably keep my desk in the house as Des is making me a long table to go in the cabin so that I can work on bigger projects. The whole thing has been quite a job with the roof too but pleased we did it all at the same time so when it's finished we don't have to start again but then you know all about alterations and stuff. So back to your's lovely to see you having a great time with your friend and I bet you both had a few good memories. The stars are brilliant, never seen them before but Oh! the funnies just crack me up they are unbelievable. So have a lovely weekend and hope there are lots more smiles to come, Angela xXx

  4. Wonderful postcards and stamps Lisca. Great snowflakes. Do you have instructions on how to make them?

    Also, I saw your comment about you can't play your iTunes music that you bought because the technician didn't install that on your new computer. You can download iTunes for free from Apple:

    Then if you move your music from your iPod to your Desktop, you should be able to play them. (I assume.)

  5. I'm horribly late visiting, but being away for three days has taken a bigger toll on my time than I imagined.

    Your postcards are beautiful. That first edition (Maxi card and stamp) must have cost a LOT. You are lucky someone sent that to you.

    I always love seeing people make those snowflakes. Even though they are easy to make, they look very complicated.

    So glad you had a friend from uni visit you. And a good visit, too. Some of those funnies were very funny. Hope your weekend was fabulous and you and your friend had a great visit.