Monday, 2 September 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 3 September 2019 - T for sardines

Hello lovely ladies (and the occasional man),
I'm going to join Elizabeth's T-Party where we share a drink related item in our blog post. 

I will leave that for later as I can't wait to take you to a museum. Elizabeth takes us often, but today I would like to show you the museum we visited in Portugal. 

We were in the little port of Portimao, on the south coast and it was very hot.

So with three children in tow, we opted for an airconditioned museum. This is the photo from the brochure take from a boat I think.

The museum was right on the water front/ harbour. And we found this dolphin sculpture right outside the entrance to the museum. 
 Perhaps you noticed that it is composed of empty plastic bottles (in a net). A protest to how we pollute our oceans.
This representation of a fishing boat also sat outside the museum. 
This little pier was part of the museum, as the main exhibition is about sardines, and how they processed and canned them.

The fish got hauled into the plant by a basket conveyer.

The baskets got emptied into trays

on benches in a long hall. Can you imagine the smell?
Hubby was fascinated.

The hall is called the 'heads-off' hall as women would do nothing else all day but cut the head off the fish. The girls doing this would have been promoted through the system of all sorts of jobs. Only the best were allowed to cut the heads. It was the best job.

The fish then went into the large oven. The door to the oven is on the right of the photo and you see it side-on.

My step-son, who is an engineer, spent quite a bit of time looking at the boiler.

The workforce was mainly women and there was even a creche for their babies. A video was playing that showed an older woman (Evidently an ex sardine worker) talking about her experiences in the processing plant. But it was all in Portuguese, so I didn't understand it.

Then the sardines get packed into the tins.

I can't quite remember what this machine did, but I think it is where the olive oil gets added to the tin.

This part of the museum shows how the tin sheets got printed

Underneath the museum were pools where the fish awaiting processing, were being kept. Nowadays the pools are empty and dry. A walkway was made and at the end was a fun feature for children
(And the young at heart). It was a pretend submersible with video scenarios and 'real' instruments and buttons to press. Grandad and the children had a whale of a time.
I hope you enjoyed the museum visit.

Finally here is my beverage:

I had brought a kit from Holland to make Nassi Goreng, an Indonesian rice dish. I only had to provide the main ingredients, and the kit had sachets of herbs and spices for the rice and a sachet to make the saté sauce. I made it last week and enjoyed it immensely. The beer was lovely too. We had Steam Punk Red Beer.

You might have noticed I have no postcard this week. I didn't receive any. I think I didn't receive any because the postman is on holiday. The replacement doesn't know the neighborhood (lots of higgledy-piggledy little walkways that don't have names).
I hope he comes back soon.

Hubby and I have gone vegan for a month. So far we are loving it. 
I'm sorry but I have forgotten to take any pictures of our meals. Today we had One Pan Mexican quinoa (with black beans) and yesterday a chickpea curry with brown rice. We made oat meal pancakes with maple syrup one morning and banana, oatmeal and cinnamon overnight oats the other.

I'll leave it at that. 
Wishing everyone a happy T-Day,


  1. Hi Lisca, I really enjoyed the tour of this museum-very fascinating I am hoping more and more are realizing how much pollution of plastics is in our oceans-so sad-there are nonprofits working to get rid of it but there is just so much of it.
    what a neat kit for making your meal-sounds delicious.
    Happy t wishes Kathy

  2. The museum looks fascinating. Plastic in the ocean (and on land) is such a big problem. What a legacy we have left. (Not us personally but all of us in the world). And your meal looks yummy. I have never has Nassi Goreng but it does look delicious. Hope you have a fabulous T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. Hey dear Lisca, your husband isn't the ONLY person who was interested in the process. I was fascinated. It was a very beautiful way to show how those sardines were caught, heads cut, and packed, then tinned. I was really enjoying the boiler, too. I'm SO glad you shared this with us. I can see why there was so much of interest for everyone, which is often not the case in some museums.

    BTW, the dolphin out front is genius. What a perfect way to recycle AND make a statement, too. So many sea mammals are being caught in nets and all that plastic is killing our ocean.

    So glad to see you are going vegan for awhile. I love everything you told us you ate this week, so that would suit me perfectly. And your beer looks refreshing, too.

    Thanks for taking us to that fabulous sardine museum and for sharing your meal and beer with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca. I hope your mailman is back soon, too!

  4. Love the museum you visited, it's great to see the processes behind things we know in tins. As a student I worked at a fish factory in England one summer, quite some experience, I can tell you! Love the statue made out of plastic bottles. The food you made looks great. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Wow, that's hot and the museum was a great choice to shelter from the heat! I enjoyed visiting with you and looking around 😁. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  6. Wow, an amazing museum ..thank you for sharing! Happy T-Day!

  7. What an interesting museum! Love seeing all the photos and reading about it-thank you. Your rice sounds especially good to me- and going Vegan even if only for awhile is a good thing I think;) Happy T day!

  8. It looks a really interesting museum you visited. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos. It was a great used bottle sculpture as well, the more we can do to protect our oceans is a good start for the future of the world.
    Your food sounded delicious. We often have meat free days, but not gone to vegan as yet.
    Happy T day wishes.

  9. What a fascinating museum, and I love those sculptures outside :) I eat a lot of vegetarian meals, but I've never tried to go vegan. Happy T Tuesday!

  10. The museum was very interesting. Thank you for sharing your visit. Your oatmeal pancakes sound delicious. Sometimes, we will have several days without meat. But, then we might have eggs, or even fish so that is not completely vegan. Happy T Day1

  11. Wow! This does look like a really interesting place to visit! Your food and drink look good! I don't think I'm ready to go vegan just yet although we don't eat so much meat these days! Happy T day! Chrisx

  12. Great looking museum. That underground tunnel would be fun to walk through. Your food looks delicious. Happy (belated) T-Day! (I'm late commenting.)

  13. Very interesting museum, Lisca. I bet even thee youngsters really enjoyed it. It surprised me that cutting off the sardines' heads was considered the best job. I don't think I've ever had Nassi Goreng, but it looks delicious.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  14. What a so interesting museum Lisca !! I have enjoyed the visit with you. Interesting fish full of plastic of course, we have to think about what we are doing and rectify for sure. Delicious meal !
    I wish you a very nice Friday, and send you big hugssss