Friday, 9 November 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 9 Nov 2018 - Friday smiles

Hello lovely girls,
It's Friday and time to share those things that made you smile this week.  I will join Annie at A Stitch In Time and Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday with my smiles and funnies. Why don't you join us?

My first smile this week really is the abundance of  harvest. It is 'count your blessings' time. So much goodness here in the village. I have a pile of quinces and pomegranates (I showed my pomegranates on Tuesday) but I forgot to photograph the quinces, so I'll share this photo from a friend:

 And this is my fruit basket on the table with kakis (the orange things) that need maturing a bit more, and the smaller fruit I have no idea what they are. My neighbour gave them to me.
 The weather has been very varied. One day we have rain and cold, and the next there is sunshine and the temperatures shoot up again. This is a photo of the entry road into our village.
 And here is the breakfast we had earlier in the week. It is overnight oats with raspberries, beer yeast flakes (I don't know what that is called in English) and quark. Very nice indded. We have this once a week at least.
 Here is my pride and joy: The Christmas actus.It is full of buds and doesn't seem to want to stop flowering. Gorgeous.
I haven't received any cards this week, but I have sent a few:
This fantasy bird in autumn colours, and a cartoon card for someone who wanted something funny:
As usual I will finish with some funnies I found on the internet. Again, a few statues. 

Have a great week, and...
Keep smiling!


  1. I have to comment on your funnies, first. Some of these were out of this world. I really liked the biker and the bear and the guy passing the note.

    Your Christmas cactus is out of this world. I have never seen one have that many blooms.

    Not sure what your overnight breakfast meal is, but it looks yummy. Hope you have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh Lisca....thank you so much for sharing all those wonderful funnies....just what I needed today.
    I'm just back from the Drs....she has checked me over fully and confirms it's just sciatica [phew!]. I have stronger pain tablets and muscle relaxants now and she's explained fully how to use them but says it could last 18months - 2 years!! She reasured me that I'm doing all the right things and I'm to control the pain so I can keep it moving.....fingers crossed eh?
    Big hugs,
    Annie x

  3. Hi Lisca, loved the funnies - especially the giant pigeon! Lots of lovely fruit too - I can see you'll be doing something with the quinces - I believe they need to be cooked, at least that's what I've picked up from Gardener's World. Your breakfast looks yummy but I have no idea what yeast flakes are called here either. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week. Elizabeth x

  4. Hi Lisca, great harvest you have there. The funnies are brilliant, love them. I know what the yeast flakes are but never had any. They are often sold in health stores in the UK for Vegans. Loving the cactus too. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xxx

  5. Hi Lisca, I tried posting on this the other day and it wasn't having it (think it was my end), so trying again this morning. Lovely the harvest fruit, the khakis fruit are known as persimmon in the UK and whilst hubby loves them, I think they are more of an acquired taste. What will you do with the abundance of fruit? Do the quince smell, I remember my Dad being given one when I was younger and the scent from the fruit was exquisite, he kept it as a car deodoriser for a long time, but I've no idea what verity it was. We had an ornamental quince when we lived in Stafford but they had no scent at all!

    Loving the funnies as always, I hope you've had a great week.