Friday, 2 March 2018

Second on the second - A repeated blogpost from years ago

Hi, (my Friday Smiles blogpost is the previous one.) 

In this one I'm joining Elisabeth and Bluebeard for an old blogpost from years back. This was my first ever blogpost in March 2014:

New scrap room in the cave

Hello, I'm Cavewoman (yes, I live in a cave house..), 
This is my first ever blog, so bare with me... 
I’d like to blog about the scrapbooking I do, and about living in a cave house. 
My DH has recently built me a super scrap room in our cave house. It has room for all my stash and a large work table. I went slightly mad and chose soft pink tiles on the shelving. But they’re not so visible as there’s so much stuff!
I’m really pleased how it’s turned out. Here are some photos. Thanks for looking.

I'm interested to see what you all have to share from your old favorites.
See you!


  1. Wow that's a fabulous post and what an awesome room

  2. Pretty awesome first blog post. I love it, and am so glad you shared it with us today. I am in awe of that room, but I wonder what it looks like now. I sure love the idea you have fabric, a sewing machine and paper products all in one place. I also like that desk with the full spectrum lighting. Thanks for sharing this second look back with us on the 2nd.

  3. Love this post, your room is wonderful. Happy 2nd on the 2nd, hugs, Valerie

  4. I LOVE seeing your caveroom Lisca. What a cool inspiring place. Glad you continued with your blog too so wee could see about you living in a cave room, among other things. :) Happy March 2! Hugs-Erika

  5. now i will always have this Picture in my head when clicking your blog... such a nice post. would love to have such a cave, too! happy WE!

  6. What fun to see your room. I don't think I've seen many cave houses but it looks so interesting.

  7. What fun to see your room. I don't think I've seen many cave houses but it looks so interesting.

  8. Just had to check this out. Great lighting on the desk, very useful. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  9. I love your craft room! and was so happy you shared some photos of your cave house-too awesome.
    happy second on the 2nd

  10. YOur studio is just wonderful Lisca! Amazing! I am glad you showed this post again for a second look!
    I wish a happy weekend to you!
    You asked about the tissue holder- I use it by myself and have it always in my handbag.

    big hugs