Friday, 9 March 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 9 March 2018 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning everyone! Sorry I'm late this morning. I should have prepared this last night. But stuff got in the way....

As it was International Women's Day yesterday, so my postcards are from my own archive and are all about women: Thin or fat,

Young or old,

From different parts of the world,

We are all women and we can be strong if we choose to be,

The diet is going well and my smile for this week is that I have lost weight. 1 kilo in total. I'm very happy with that, because if I lose weight a lot to start with it won't stay off. A Little each week is best.
As I am also wheatfree (trying to), I baked some corn bread the other day. It was supposed to have

poppy seeds in it but I grabbed the wrong bag and it has ghia seeds in it. Oh well... Tasted OK though.

A lot of smiles for me this week were about the groundfloor flat my hubby is building. It is nearing its completion. The utility room has been tiled and we decided to put the freezer in it already. The freezer up until now had lived in the derelict cave next door and every time I needed something out of the freezer I had to wade through the rubble and dust.

There it is! The sink has not been put in yet but you can see the connection are ready. Of course we had to defrost the freezer and then wash it and the drawers.
 A job I don't particularly like, but it has to be done. Then all the foods have to go back in as soon as posible.
Also this week, hubby has put the lamps up. Little Wall lights and a central fan.
 Then my Dutch lamp above the (as yet non existing) table.

Also this week I have done some more scrapbooking.

 This is my Little grandson Luciano. The journaling reads:"This new snow suit feels strange, and going out in the snow for the first time is a bit scary".
 Here he is again eating his favorite food: pizza. They get it at the local Baker and he'll eat a whole one given half the chance.

Next is something I am not smiling about but I wanted to show you anyway. My 'new' camera has a fault and i cannot use it.
 I have cleaned the contacts of course. I have tried to use it with a friends' lense and it seems to work then. I have contacted the vendor (I bought it secondhand) and he feels very bad about it as he insists he sold it in good faith. He immediately offered to give me my money back.  So there, you see, it has turned into a smile!
I will probably take him up on that. (even though it is a 200 mile round trip).

It has turned out to be a long photo heavy post. I hope you don't mind. Have a great weekend and a good week ahead,
Stay safe
And here are some funnies:


  1. Sorry about your camera. I am sure it something that can still be fixed-or else it is under warranty? The flat is looking great too. Hope you have had a great weekend and have a good weekend. Hugs-Erika

  2. Shame about your camera Lisca....I’d take him up on having your money back unless it’s repairable cheaper than the car fuel to return it of course. Your postcards are really fab this many wonderful women in the world.
    Annie x

  3. I loved the postcards this week. I read that two days ago was the anniversary of the patenting of the first hula hoop. Seems they make a comeback every few years. I really enjoyed seeing the postcards honoring women.

    Good for you on your diet, good for hubby and you on the lighting and freezer, and sorry to read about the camera. I don't own a Canon, but I am like Annie and would either take him up on the offer to return it, unless the fuel costs are too great. At least you seem to have a back-up camera.

    Hope you have a great remainder of Friday and a super weekend, too.

  4. good morning Lisca, I loved all of your postcards this week. and your house is really coming along-your freezer is so sweet-years and years ago I had a little one like that.
    great scrapbook pages too and bummer with your camera-Last year I had bought a new camera for my Yellowstone trip and I got sooo lucky that the vendor on ebay gave me my money back.
    had to smile at that first funny with the sunburn polka dot foot haha
    good for you with your diet

  5. Ah bless you I'm sorry the camera didn't work out but glad you have a solution. I too hate defrosting fridges and freezers, but it is always lovely when they are back clean and tidy etc. Your hubby is doing a grand job you must be pleased. I love the Dutch lamp, so very pretty! I hope you have a good weekend and week ahead.


  6. Your postcards are fun to look back though. You must have so many by now.
    Graham is doing a splendid job in the flat. It will be so good when it is finished. I shall have to move a big fridge and freezer like that when the kitchen is done. I don't relish that!
    I did laugh at your funny with the feet and crocs. It reminded me of when we lived in Cyprus and the two oldest boys were little. It was the fashion that year to wear aertex shirts with big oval holes all over, and the boys had the pattern sunburned on their shoulders and backs after a day on the beach! Kate x

  7. Hi Lisca,
    I like your postcards, I collect them too but I like only Edwardian ones and they must be postally used. I'm nosy and love to read the messages on the back.
    You sound like a busy lady and i look forward to chatting to you again soon.

  8. Hi Lisca. I'm sorry I missed this last Friday as we were travelling. I am still on catch-up and as I have finished the packing thought I would have a quick look. Pleased to see your downstairs coming along, it will be great when complete. Angela xXx