Friday, 9 December 2016

A Postcard A Day -Friday 9 Dec 2016 - Friday Smiles

Good morning folks!
It's Friday again (and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....) Can you hear me singing? I have my Bublé collection playing on my iPod.  Here in the village it's not yet looking like Christmas at all. There are no decorations and lights up yet. (They will eventually). But I have received a Christmas card yesterday from someone who put it in with my husband's birthday card. (Hubby's birthday is Tuesday). And I have all my cards (14) ready for the post office later on. It's a bit late. I hope they get to the UK on time...

Here is my card for today. It was difficult to choose as I received 8 cards this week. 
 It is a water colour painting from China. I've been given no information as to the artist, but the sender tells me that the letters are a poem, which translated means: 'A trip in spring'. It seems to me that there is a bit more to it than that, but hey, I don't know Chinese...
These are the stamps:
Lots to smile about this week, but my biggest smile this week has been my Spanish driving licence. Yes, I finally got my photo licence:
The reason why I wanted a Spanish licence is that the British licence that I had, has no photo on it. I can't use it as an ID, so I always have to carry my passport in my handbag with me. With this little baby i can leave my passport at home. Of course it is also an incentive to start driving again. We are thinking of buying a little run-around for me to use. (My hubby has a large 4x4 pick-truck, and I can't reach the pedals!)

Smile number two is a poinsettia. I have treated myself:
Our neighbour brought us a bucket of plums again, so one evening this week, my hubby and I made a load of plum jam. We work very well together in the kitchen and we love cooking together, but in every day life this is not possible. But for the jam making, he joined me and we had great fun doing it (ahem, the jam making of course)
It turned out really well. (I like my jams less sweet, so I always put lemon juice in as well).

Now for some funnies. After all it is Friday Smiles! I'm linking up with Annie at AStitch in Time. Please join us with your smiles.
Everyone who has a cat will know they like bags and boxes.
But socks?....
Have you put the Christmas tree up yet? Then singalong to this song:
Sorry if this is a bit late but we have been without internet since last night. (As was the whole village). But it's all sorted now so,
Have a fab weekend,


  1. Oh how far apart but on the same wave length. Loved your other funnies too so thanks for linking up again today.
    Annie x

  2. Ah hun, looks fab, there are lights and trees and decorations galore as always. I bet the plum jam is lovely as well!

    Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.



  3. Hi Lisca, lovely post with lots to smile about. The plum jam looks delicious. Love the funnies - you and Annie have the same sense of humour it would seem :) Our decs went up today. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  4. You always make such interesting posts and each time there are the same elements but always they are so different. The post card is wonderful. I used to study and paint Chinese art and it is so different to Western art. You remind me I must buy a poinsettia, perfect for Christmas.
    Amazing how you and Annie are attuned too!
    Have a good weekend and week to follow.
    Jo x

  5. Congrats on your license. I expect you'll be buzzing around in a little vehicle soon. And you've been busy. Is Christmas a big holiday in Spain? In a way it must be nice not to have it so in your face. but still, I would miss the decorations. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs-Erika

    1. Christmas is not a big thing here in Spain, at least here in the village. Monday we will be travelling to the capital Madrid.It might be different there . The village does have decorations in the high street and a stylized tree (with lights) in the park. But it is still a religious festival. Presents are given (to the children) on Epiphany, or Three Kings on the 6th of January.

  6. Thanks for popping over to my blog, Lisca. you asked how the Christmas greenery was attached to the stair side. My daughter wired it around a length of wood which had a hook at each end. She has two discreet hooks in suitable position on ends of the stair side panels. Voila! they hook into each other. They are left in place to be used each year and in between she sometimes hangs fabric bunting on them.
    Jo x

  7. Hey Lisca, wat leuk om je blog te leren kennen! ja, het is vaak handig om via andere mensen hun blogs weer nieuwe blogs te ontdekken :-) Ik moet wel zeggen dat je er, in mijn ogen, supervroeg bij bent met je kerstkaarten! Als ik ze de week voor kerst geschreven krijg vind ik al dat ik vroeg ben .... Heel erg bedankt trouwens dat je mijn kalender besteld hebt. Ik ben blij dat je 'm leuk vindt! Die verjaardagskalender zal ik nog eens over denken .... ;-) Die funnies haal ik voor een groot deel op Facebook, maar ook wel op Pinterest. Die van jou zijn ook leuk trouwens. Ik wens je nog een fijne week toe! Grtjs, Denise

  8. That postcard is DIVINE! I've got the tree up, thanks to the 4 yo Grand Boy. I HATE putting up decorations and HATE even more [if possible] taking them down! LOVE that you make your own jam. That's BRILL! Good on you getting your licence, & a car would be BRILL!!!!

  9. Sorry it has taken all week for me to visit. I see you have a beautiful pointsettia too. They make such a lovely splash of colour, don't they. They are a bit slow to decorate out here aren't they, but are lights did switch on, on Tuesday.
    It is quite late in the season for the plums, but I love plum jam, and I put lemon juice in mine too.
    I hope you have had another good week. I'll be back again tomorrow. Kate x

  10. Happy weekend Lisca, oooow I just love your poinsettia, they have them in the shops here too, are you going to plant it out into the garden? Love that you and hubby cook together, mine likes to cook too though not sure he'd help with conserves...your jam looks yummy and I did have a good chuckle at your funnies. Have a fabulous week hugs Robyn

  11. Great funnies - made me smile a lot. Love the postcard from China, I love those waves that they seem to do so well.
    Will pop over for a jam buttie later. Looks so tasty.
    Hugs, Neet xx