Friday, 2 December 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 2 Dec 2016 - Friday Smiles.

Hello peeps! Here we are again. It's Friday! That week went so fast!
I have to start by saying that I am doing this blog on my old laptop because my computer developed a loud sound. I turned it off and called the chap that sold it to me. Fortunately for me, his mother lives next door, and he comes home for dinner, so he picked it up today. It is still under guarantee. I hope to have it back tomorrow. 
All the bits and pieces I had prepared for this blog is all on the that computer, so I have to improvise a bit.

My card for today comes from Australia. I like map cards, so I thought this one is quite interesting:
It shows how big Australia is. The whole of Europe fits in it.

I have no photos to share as they are on my other computer, so the only thing to share is from my phone (sorry for the bad quality photo). 
A friend of ours, Raquel, has opened a fruit and veg shop in our village. We were there to congratulate her and buy some stuff of course:

As I didn't have my computer today I thought I would do some repair jobs on the sewing machine. I patched up two of Graham's work trousers (Literally sewn patches on them) and the seam of a pillow case that had become undone and I shortened a pair of new trousers for Graham. Still to do: a pair of trousers (mine) that have very wide bottoms. They are no longer fashionable so I want to make them straight. But that needs the utmost concentration, so I am deferring that one to another day...

I will be linking in with Annie at A Stitch in Time for Friday Smiles. Here is a 'funny' from 1934!

And here is another one:
That's it from me today. 
Wishing you all a great Friday and a fab weekend full of smiles.



  1. Hi Lisca. I don't mind that my baby melts your son melts the heart of everyone he meets [but of course he melted mine first] and we are blessed that little Theo is a happy baby and smiles at everyone he meets so I'm sure he will go through life doing the same.
    I love your smiles this week esp the last pic of only seems 5 mins since Milly was that small.
    Hope your computer is sorted very soon and the weather improves over there in Spain.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca, so love the puppy photo. I have seen this so many times with puppies, they get very tired when they are eating that they just fall asleep in the bowl, it's so cute. Hope your computer gets fixed soon. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  3. I like to postcard too. I always heard Australia was large, but didn't realize it was that large. Glad you shared that! Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  4. ah hun - hope the computer is back up and running soon, I knew Australia was large - but not that large - so that's amazing. OK onto the questions on the stove items - I assumed you would already have one as you have a stove. The stove fan sits on top of the fire, once the fire is warm enough the fan turns, something to do with the metal of the base getting hot and the air - hubby read about it. There are lots of different ones with varying prices, we got ours from Amazon and I opted for one with a good review that wouldn't break the bank - about £25. The stove thermometer is magnetic and has two gauges - there is the inner one that is celsius and the outer one is farenheit. The more interesting part is that there is also a gauge to show you how well the fire is doing, so it identifies when it is burning well and when it isn't and will be causing carbon etc. We've found the two of them fabulous since we've got them, the thermometer so we know the fire is working efficiently (the thermometer was only about £4) and the fan because it moves the hot air down to the other side of the room! Hope that helps - let me know if you need any more info!

  5. PS The thermometer came with a screw - we opted not to screw it to the pipe - scary what some people think is a good idea!

  6. Hi Lisca. I hope you soon get your computer back. How frustrating for you.
    I admire your efforts with the sewing machine. It is not my forte, and we have to be in real need before I get my machine out. I think I would rather make something from scratch than do repairs.
    I bet you are grateful for that nice fire this week. If your weather has been anything like us, you will have needed it. Kate x

  7. Happy weekend Lisca, having a chuckle about how big Australia about face it's hard for us to realise how small the countries of the rest of the world really are....travelling long distances is no problem for us. Hope you get your computer back quickly, incredible how much they've become part of our lives. Happy sewing and enjoy your week Robyn

  8. As an Aussie I know all about how big and EMPTY (in the middle) our country is!!! Hope the computer is back soon & all the best to your friend on opening her store. Good on her!!!