Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Postcard A day - Tuesday 6 June 2016 - T for Cordoba

Hello lovely Tuesday Gang!

Sorry for not blogging last Tuesday.... I was visiting the beautiful city of Cordoba. I have my friend from Holland staying with me and she rented a car and suggested we go away for a few days.

Cordoba is about 3 hours drive from where we live and I had never been there, so I was very excited. We booked a cheap hotel in the old center, managed to find 24 hr parking near the hotel and off we went.

Cordoba is famous for it's cathedral that was once a mosque (in the days of the Moors). It is called the Mezquita.
It is absolutely huge. I have been told there are 856 columns made of marble, onyx, jasper and granite. Here is a photo with little me in it just so you can see the size of the columns:
It is the main tourist attraction of Cordoba and the queues are long and the entry price is the price of our lunch, so when I found on TripAdvisor that going at 8:30 in the morning one could get in for free, we did not hesitate. We got there as the huge doors opened. 
There were very few visitors and the cleaners were still cleaning, but we had a super visit!
As I'm going to link up with Elizabeth at AlteredBooklover for T for Tuesday, here is the qualifier. (Please join us with whatever you blog about as long as it has a drink in it).
This is my coffee, when we stopped for breakfast after the Mezquita visit. The menu card reads: Carta comidas, bebidas, Desayuno. This translates menucard meals, drinks, breakfast.

The old city is delightful, with hanging flowerpots everywhere.

I met this fellow on the way:
He stood outside the bullfighters museum (which we did not visit).

The weather was hot and we had all our meals outside including the evening meal.
Most Spanish eat very late at night so on this photo you don't see many other diners as it was early (9 pm). My friend is enjoying the wine. I suggested Ribera del Duero instead of the bog standard Rioja, and she loved it!

I will leave it at that. On Friday I plan to blog more about Cordoba, so if you are interested... watch this space...

Have a fab T-Day and a super week!




  1. Amazing photos from Cordoba !
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy T-Day Lisca!
    oxo Susi

  2. I'm loving your travel photos. I have been on so many arm chair journeys just this morning. I love it. Glad you got to go and maybe you have a few more photos for us? Hugs-Erika

  3. Wonderful photos, I remember the town and the beautiful buildings from my visit there some years back. Thanks for sharing your adventures and meals! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. What a magnificent cathedral!! So glad you got to enjoy the inside, and had another beautiful day in a lovely city in Spain. Happy T day!

  5. Fantastic photos, loved the ones inside the cathedral as well as the others.
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. That cathedral is stunning! The architecture there is so different, and I enjoy hearing about and seeing how life is in such a different place. I can't thank you enough for sharing your experience :) Happy T Tuesday

  7. Still so bright at 9pm.
    Eating late is not our favorite thing either.
    Lovely time you had with the beautiful cathedral almost all to yourselves and a good time among friends!
    Happy T Day Lisca oxo
    p.s. My mother is from Munich, Germany and I was born there too. Her family all immigrated to the US over the years. Since Munich is the capital of Bavaria and so close to the alps the Edelweiss has special significance to us. You might also find it odd that we marched out of the little wooden church to a Beatles song :-) Oh and all of my German relatives cried when I walked into the church and they heard my friend singing Edelweiss and another friend playing the guitar. We have a saying here in the U.S. different strokes for different folks hahaa

  8. what a magnificent cathedral...rather interesting to see the person polishing the floors with riding equipment! a good indication of how huge it is ;) always love your photos of the towns and buildings, and each mention of the customs there. Happy T day!

  9. hat a beautiful building and thanks for including the photo of you so we could appreciate the true scale of it all. Sounds like a lovely trip ♥

  10. The cathedral is stunning; the photos of the striped columns made of marble, onyx, jasper and granite look spectacular! I love it when the villages are decorated with flowers, it looks so bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing your travels. Happy T day! :-)

  11. Hi Lisca!

    How wonderful for you to get away with your friend. Thats a priceless gift!! i know of a few places where you can get in free if you go early ... Muir Woods in California is one of them... Beautiful photos my dear! Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  12. I was by earlier, but couldn't comment. Something went wrong, so I finally made it back late, late in the day.

    Those columns are incredible, and I adore the photos you shared of Cordoba. I was especially impressed with the flower boxes.

    You and your friend got a good deal with the free entry to the cathedral/mosque. It was certainly lovely. And you can't beat FREE, can you?

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos from Cordoba, as well as your photos of your friend with the wine, your coffee, and other fun you had with us for T this Tuesday. Really enjoyed the photos and will be by on Friday to see more!

  13. this is a place i want to go! i love this architectural style and also the tiles and ground Stones in your newer post... fantastic! so nice you had a good time.
    have a happy week, lisca!

  14. Love seeing the sights through your eyes! Brilliant free visit!!! Makes me want to visit Spain!!!!