Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 21 June 2016

Good Morning T-Gang!,

It's Tuesday so we share a drink. I will link up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard at Altered Booklover where we all share something drink related. So first...
I'm not usually much of a coffee lover but my mother and my cousin have been staying with me and my cousin brought me several packs of my favorite coffee pads, which I cannot get in this country. They are special flavours and capuccino and mocha/choc and the like. So these days I am enjoying my coffee too.

My mum's visit flew by and Saturday we drove her back to Malaga airport. That is a three hour drive, so we stopped on the way to have lunch:
 Here are my mum and my cousin having a laugh. I had been reading a book to them during the week about two English twenty something girls who bought a tuk-tuk (a motorised rickshaw taxi) in Thailand and drove overland 12,500 miles back to the UK. (Tuk to the Road by Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent and Jo Huxster) Their adventures were very entertaining and here we were remembering a particularly hilarious bit. Mum is nearly blind and she had brought her 'Daisy player' for her spoken books, but didn't like the book she had brought, so I decided I would read to her. We all enjoyed it, even my husband when he would listen in.

And this is our cat Precious. He is apparently sleeping but in such an awkward position, I cannot believe he is comfortable!
Last night our neighbour Vicente came with a huge bag of cherries which he has picked in his orchard. It is cherry time here and I love cherries, so I will eat them until I am nearly sick!

Now for my postcard before I forget:
Have I ever shown you this one? It is a cat full of chocolaty coffee loveliness. Mmmm... I would love a piece of chocolate after seeing this.... Do you get cravings like that too? I will be hunting down any hidden piece of chocolate in the house I can tell ya!

Happy T-day everyone,


  1. My fave today has to be the cat stuffed with all those goodies, but your lovely cat comes a close second! Glad you are enjoying your visitors and coffee, happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I am excited it is cherry season because they are always so yummy. And I'm glad for the book suggestion. It sounds great and I am going to check on Amazon for it. Glad to hear you had a good visit with your mom. Enjoy what's left of your T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. I'm with Valerie. I love the cat with the goodies and cup of coffee, but your Precious reminds me of Squiggles and the contortions he gets into. They look SO uncomfortable when they sleep, don't they? But they don't seem to mind sleeping that way.

    So glad you had a good visit with your mother. I'm sure she will remember this visit, especially you reading to her. Great that your cousin brought you coffee you can't get where you live, too.

    Thanks for sharing these for T this Tuesday.

  4. I think your Precious is actually smiling with content:) What a lovely visit with your Mom and her cousin and how nice to read her a fun story! Your special coffee sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing that marvelous cat card too. Happy T day!

  5. What a perfectly lovely thing to do reading to your mother.
    The book does sound fun and you made some sweet memories with that visit for your cousin too.
    We are enjoying cherries right now...oh how I Love them.
    I was so happy when the organic ones went on sale because otherwise they would cost $9.99 a pound and they don't taste as good then Hahaa!
    Happy T Day Lisca
    p.s. you asked about our traveling tea cup and I had to laugh about me using Photoshop :-) PS and I have never gotten along. The cup and saucer are REAL. They belonged to my mother and after her passing in 2011 I got the idea to her along with us when we traveled because she enjoyed travel so very much. It has it's own box and bubble wrap and never goes in the suitcase only carry on for airplane rides.

  6. Oh my ! The cat will all of the yummies is fantastic :) We have a cat that sleeps like yours too. It makes my back hurt to look at it sleeping that way. So glad you had a pleasant visit with your mum ♥ We did get the rain but just a bit. It's supposed to rain today also .

  7. must have been a really nice vistit of your mum... about the Position of the cat: mine does it the same way. and i think that is something that Shows big trust and comfort, otherwise they would not present their sensitive belly outwards! they know they are safe in this Environment.
    yummy postcard. i just come home from a lunch with a friend and for dessert we had chocolate cake with a fluid chocolate Center. Need i say more? ahhhhh...
    have a great week, lisca!

  8. Sounds like you chose the perfect book to make fun memories. Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Such a fun post...love the photo of your mum and cousin...my hubby and I used to read aloud to each other sometimes and i don't really know why we don't any more. It was fun! so lovely that you did that together, and thanks for the title of the book. I may have to look that one up. Really cute postcard...yes, absolutely craving chocolate now! enjoy the cherries, and happy T day!

  10. What an amazing podt! Most of all I am thrilled about this fascinating cat filled with chocolate ..and your lovely cat looks so nice!!!
    Happy T-Day dear Lisca!

  11. What beautiful memories you are making with your family. Mmm, I would love some chocolate too, I have just made a batch of chocolate crispy cakes so may have one now. Happy T day! :-)

  12. A lovely way to end your Mom's visit. The book you read sound a fun read. It was a super post to read and see the photos. love the look of the chocolate cat.
    Happy Tuesday.

  13. What fun to read aloud to everyone. I haven't done that in a long time. I like that postcard. It must be a big hit with both cat lovers and chocolate lovers. Couldn't miss.

  14. What fun to read aloud to everyone. I haven't done that in a long time. I like that postcard. It must be a big hit with both cat lovers and chocolate lovers. Couldn't miss.