Friday, 10 June 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 10 June 2016 Friday Smiles

Good Morning!

It's Friday and I have lots to smile about. Have you? Then please join us at Friday Smiles hosted by Annie.

My main smile this week is this:
This is my mum having a giggle on her 92nd birthday (a few days ago)! She flew over to Spain last week and is spending some time with my sister who lives several hours drive away from me. Tomorrow she will be coming here and we'll have another little party. My job for today (apart from getting the guest room ready) is baking a birthday cake for her!
I am so blessed that I still have my lovely mum. She is going blind and her mobility is not what it used to be (spot the zimmer frame next to her)but mentally she is very alert and interested in what goes on in the world as well as sporting events. She is an avid 'reader' of spoken books and she has a specially adapted computer program that enlarges everything, so she can read emails and Facebook. Isn't that great! I love her to bits!

Now for my postcard for today. 
I love doodling and zentangling etc. I had never seen it used like this. I love this card. It comes from the Czech Republic, from a girl called Bohun who lives with her family (her parents, her boyfriend, dogs and cats, her brother and his child.) She used some really nice stamps:
Now if you came for Friday smiles or to see a postcard, you can safely stop here. The rest is very photo heavy with photos from Córdoba.

Last week my friend from Holland came to visit and we went to Córdoba for a few days. I have already shown some photos Wednesday and Tuesday. Here are some more:

We had a hotel in the old city and loved walking around and every now and then sit down somewhere to have a drink.

The Cordobans like flowers and they are everywhere:

I have this thing about doors. I like to photograph beautiful and interesting doors:
This is where the bishop lives. 

Here is another door:
Horses and carriages are still used  but mainly for tourists and on high holidays, where women dress up in traditional costume and drive through the town. 

Houses are traditionally built around a courtyard 
(called a patio). Quite often the main doors are open and I can get a glimpse of the courtyard with flowers and often fountains.

Here is one I actually went in:
The palm tree in the center was huge, and didn't fit in the photo. Here I have panned upwards:

In Andalucia (the region we live in) floors are often made of pebbles in a decorative way. I posted two photos Wednesday, but I have found another one:

We visited a stately home (Palacio Viana) that boasts 12 patios. The largest one looks like this:
This is the kitchen patio and is one of the smaller ones:
More flowers (with my friend caught unawares):
This little street is named after one of the foods of Córdoba: salmorejo cordobés. It is a cold soup a bit like gazpacho.
Here is a photo of it:
It's made of tomatoes, breadcrumbs, olive oil and garlic, plus little bits of hard boiled egg and serrano ham to decorate.

Another lovely door:
And another one:
The best know tourist attraction in Córdoba is the Mezquita, the mosque (which is now a cathedral). The queues are long and the entry price high, but I learned that at 8:30 in the morning entry is free for an hour. So there we went and here it is:
There was hardly anyone there.
There are more photos on Tuesday's blog (T for Tuesday 7 June).
I liked this homage to Mother Teresa.
It is really weird then to see an organ round the next corner...
Very strange. But it is a beautiful building and I´m glad I saw it.

I hope you like a little tour of Córdoba.

I will link up with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Have a great week y'all,



  1. Wonderful smile from your darling mum, Lisca thanks a bunch for sharing your photos too.
    Shaz.x not linking though. :)

  2. Sorry I'm rather late posting this week...the computer has been challenging !!! You have written a beautiful post today Lisca. A very happy birthday to your mum. You really are blessed. Thanks for sharing your smiles.
    Annie x

  3. FABULOUS much going on, but I guess it is your summer...your Mum! Wow, so goo for her age. I hope she has a wonderful birthday & your travel photos look amazing. Those 'patios' and the doors are fave photos for me!!!

  4. A beautiful post Lisca - your Mum looks so happy - happy birthday to her 92 and still loving life - I love it!

    Your trip looks fantastic and I too absolutely adore doors - it's often a question of where they might lead!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead with your Mum visiting - good luck on the cake making!

    Much love!

  5. Lisca, I LOVE that pnhoto of your Mom, she looks lovely! thank you for sharing, and YES, you are so very blessed to still have her in your life... it made feel all warm and happy sharing in her with you. I especailly enjoyed all the photos of Cordoba and I too am addicted to photographing unique and unusual doors, so something else we have in common! Thank you for sharing this bit about your world!

  6. Hello Lisca, What a wonderful week you've had. That's a lovely photo of your mother and you are certainly very lucky to have her with you. It's great that she has was able to fly to visit you all and still obviously enjoys her life very much.

    I really enjoyed looking at your photos of Cordoba. It looks very beautiful. The tangled card is lovely and is particularly special as she made it for you. Wishing you another happy week. Barbxx

  7. Gorgeous photos and your mum looks really well. Gorgeous doors and loving the postcard. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  8. Happy Birthday to your mum.
    I love the old doors remember when an old Spanish house was being demolished near me to make room for apartments, when we went in all the old doors had been repossessed. The pebble pavements are beautiful but a nightmare to walk on.

  9. You mum is a wonderful lady to still be keeping up with everything like that. I hope you have a lovely time with her this week.
    The post card is interesting. I have never managed to zentangle but I admire those who do it.
    We loved our time in Cordoba a couple of years ago. The flowers were beautiful, and the Mezquita was such an interesting building. Aren't all those doors magnificent?!
    Have a happy week. Kate x

  10. What an incredible tour you gave us! I have always wanted the doors of my house to open up onto a courtyard like that. Belated Birthday wishes to your Mum. I love to photograph historic courthouses. But those doors are pretty awesome. Handcrafting at it's best. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. The arm is getting better. Thanks. Creative Blessings! Kelly #37

  11. Thanks for all the photos, especially the doors - but my favourite and the reason for my biggest smile has to be your mum. What a lovely lady she seems to be and so happy. Great for 92! Belated Birthday Greetings to her.
    Hugs, Neet xx