Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My first craft workshop in the village

Hello again! It’s Monday, and although I’m retired it was a super busy day for me. Doctor’s appointment, go to the bank,  church prayer meeting, grocery shopping and a workshop late afternoon.  In between all that, cooking meals had to fit in somewhere..... (and eating them of course).

So today I have started a weekly craft workshop in the village. The idea is to get the ladies here interested in scrapbooking, for which there is no Spanish word as far as I know (Elaine might put me right here). They are all part of a group of mothers who have children with epilepsy. This way I’m doing my bit for the charity too.

It all went very well. I showed them my scrapbook albums and explained about scrapbooking. They definitely want to do that. Great! But today they were going to make paper flowers as arranged. They have a fundraiser in May and want the venue to look pretty so we are concentrating on that for the moment.
Here I am explaining in my best Spanish how to fold the paper to make the petals. 


And this was the result: 12 happy ladies with the flowers they have made. I think they had fun. I certainly did!
Bye for now! God bless and..... keep scrapping!



  1. What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do....they look like they're having a ball.....& that's a very busy day for a retired peep, LOL!!!!

  2. So great for you and for those ladies! they sure look happy with their beautiful flowers. and you've been a very busy bee! love these photos.

  3. Ah, how awesome to teach people this lovely craft. I am sure they loved it.