Saturday, 12 April 2014

CSI lay out "Ineke"

Hi everybody! 

Today I’d like to show you the scrapbook page I made this week. I follow CSI (Color, Stories, Inspiration) and the challenge this week was this:
I loved the colours as well as the quirky 'scene'.

I chose a photo of me and my best friend Ineke. Because the yellow of my cardigan and the grey in her blouse it matched the colour scheme perfectly.
The colours are all there. I had difficulty with the khaki, but I found it in the arrow and in the heart of the white flower.
The evidence are circles and flowers and an arrow. I didn’t know what ‘ransom lettering’ was, but looking at other people’s work I guess it means un-matching, individually cut letters. I’ve got those too.
My testimony lies in the stamped journaling spot, and is about the lifelong friendship with my friend Ineke and on the back I wrote how we met and what’s been happening in her life. It could qualify under mind-boggling too I suppose....A friendship that lasts that long is in itself mind-boggling.

On the page I wrote: “Let me tell you about my lifelong friend Ineke. Her story is on the back of this page.”  By the name ‘Ineke’ I added “Ineke pronounce ee-nuh-kuh”
The journaling on the back goes:
Ineke is my oldest and best friend. She is the type of friend with whom it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been in touch for a while. We just continue where we left off and it seems we were never apart.
We went to college together. When we were students we would go out together and one night at a bar we met two handsome dark-haired foreigners. The guy she was talking to spoke German and I was talking to the other in French. Now my French is abominable and my German is passable. Ineke speaks reasonable French but hardly any German so you can imagine we sort of swapped naturally. The German speaking one turned out to be an Italian and became my husband (later ex-husband, and even later deceased ex-husband). Ineke never married.
Ineke qualified as a physiotherapist and I never finished the course. I bummed around with my Italian and back-packed around the world before qualifying as a nurse.
Ineke had a mental breakdown at some stage and had a lot of time to think about her life and where it was heading. She went back to college and qualified as a psychologist some years later. She then lead a sort of double life: for two days a week she worked as a physiotherapist and the other three days she worked as a psychologist, until she retired quite recently.
Nowadays we only meet up about once a year and I’m looking forward to welcoming her here in Spain now she is retired. We have plenty to reminisce about.

That's it for today. 
God bless and.... keep on scrapping!



  1. Love, love your gournaling! maybe it's because I also have such BFF, who I met at the university, and we are still BFF after more than 20 years :). your journaling just echoed in my heart and soul.
    I love the lacy background and the mixed media playing you did. it sure looks like you've had a lot of fun creating this layout. I also love how you cut the photo, so that only the two of you were left.
    I wish you and your friend that you'll meet pretty soon and have wonderful time together.

  2. Wonderful way of sharing about a long's a great thing to have friends who have shared your life's journey[s].....the doilies, that cluster of flowers & the lovely scallop edges here are YUM!!!

  3. Beautiful page....and stunning journaling.