Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What's on my desk?

Happy Wednesday everybody! Only two days to go to the weekend ! (but not if you’re a nurse...sorry).

In the vein of ‘Workspace Wednesday’, I would like to show you what’s on my desk:

I'm still practicing making paper flowers.  I'll be doing my first craft workshop on Monday which I’m very excited about. There will be 12 ladies. They want to learn to make paper flowers. I’m still struggling with paper flowers. Because I haven’t been able to make a flower without using a heat gun. I only have two heat guns. (and there are 12 ladies) I could buy some more of course but I don’t know if the venue has a decent power supply....  If I’m going to invest in contact glue, what should I get? Any suggestions? I’ll have to order them in the UK which would take a while to get here, but that might be the answer. 
I received a few more birthday cards (belated as the Spanish postal system isn’t that fast). And a mother's day card (lovely aren't they?). One of them came in a pretty polka dot envelope which will definitely be recycled  for crafting of course. My daughter-in-law also sent me a packet of Marimekko napkins (Marimekko is a famous design company from Finland) and a drawing from DGS (nearly two).

As you can see I’ll be busy this week. Next Wednesday I’ll tell you how it went (the workshop) and I hope I’ll have had time to work on a lay-out for CSI too, which I will up load over the weekend.
Take care, God bless and .....keep scrapping!

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