Friday, 29 January 2021

A Postcard a Day - Friday 29 January 2021 - Friday Smiles


Hello lovely ladies,
It's Friday again and it's time for the smiles, the silver lining and all things positive.
Our village is in lockdown again, meaning that we can't leave the village. It started Wednesday, so on Tuesday we went out for lunch and did a fairly large grocery shop in town, as we don't have big supermarkets in the village. We are well stocked up and that is a good feeling. We also have plenty of wood, but just as we got our fire wood order home, then the sun came out and it has been really warm these last few days (as in 23 degrees centigrade warm). That made me smile.

What else made me smile was this card:

It arrived yesterday from Germany. It was sent to me by Pia  in Frankfurt am Main. Thank you Pia, it made my day!
The title of the photo is: 'Still Crazy After All These Years', and the photographer is Jürgen D. Schmidt. 
There were some nice stamps too:
The one on the right reads 'I'll write again'. And the flower on the left is an aster, which doesn't need translation as is the same in most languages.

We did have a fruitful and active week in spite of the restrictions. Saturday the weather was awful. The storm was raging and made an enormous racket. The noise of the storm freaks me out and I was not very happy, so I tried to keep myself busy. 
Sunday always flies by with church services and other church activities. I finished the first sock for hubby. I'm doing a toe-up, magic loop sock with a fish lips kiss heel, so I can watch a film and not have to count or even think. It's the easiest sock method I have ever done and by the time of writing i have the second sock finished. A winner. Here is the link, if you're interested. It cost 1 dollar. Well worth it.
The storm has not yet blown over and at a certain point one of the doors slammed and all the glass shattered. Hubby put some card board in one side and some perspex he had lying about in the other bit. 

I missed Monday somehow, but believe me it was not very interesting. Stormy weather and staying indoors. I had found a Spanish website that caters for Scandinavians on the Costa Blanca, but they deliver all over Spain. I treated myself to some Dutch goodies and lo and behold the stuff arrived the next day! 
We also heard that our village had surpassed the half percent of corona cases (500 per 100.000 inhabitants) and had to go into lockdown again. So we jumped into action before the lockdown started, and went to our favorite restaurant and had lunch. I'm glad we went as it was practically empty (apart from a few lorry drivers). We need to support our local restaurants, do we not?
After the meal we went into town to do a supermarket shop. 
On Wednesday we went to our friends' house as he has a studio lamp. I need to make a photo on the topic of 'coffee' for our photo club this month. I made a 'still life' with a hessian coffee bean sack and an antique espresso maker and some coffee beans of course. I'll show the photo after it has been judged.

We stayed for dinner. The weather has improved and we have been able to sit outside most of the day.
Then yesterday, I woke up to thick fog! I wasn't happy about that as i had lots of washing hanging outside (It usually dries overnight), but at 10 am the sun came out in all its glory and it was to become a really hot day!
I tried to do some knitting, but it's no good when it's so hot.

That was my week. 
Will you join me at Annie's at A Stitch In Time for some more smiles? Or perhaps you'll join me at Virginia's at Rocking Your Week Friday.

Have a lovely weekend,
Keep smiling,

In the old days most children learnt French from a text book whose first sentence was: 'Papa fume une pipe'. (I still remember it)


  1. Lockdown again,,,,,, us too, northern Ontario Canada is back in lockdown now for the third week, but you sound like you had a busy week, great funnies too!

  2. Even if we are locked down here in Oregon USA, there are a very large group of people who just won't follow the rules. Love your post and the funnies too. Have a great evening.

  3. You have 23C?!!! Wow. 1 over here.
    Oh, what a wonderful, happy card!!! And I love the smiley-stamp, really our postie always, even when I ask, gives that darn flower!

    You really ... oh, no, I have too many socks made by Ingo´s Grandma. But I saved the link, just for in case (give it to the Niece?).

    Oh no!!! That was really a storm then, glass shattering, scary!

    Yes, good on you to support your locals! Even better if yummy :-)

    OK, to the fog, maybe I can give you a smile. We lived near a factory that spontaneous made plum-jam. Wash your clothes again then! I still have an empty can as reminder here. Ingo, in a village. Hangs washing. People burn their leaves. Another wash straight away. That´s life! LOL.

    You´re really in a t-shirt, I can´t believe this, lucky you, I wear long underwear!

    The toys made me laugh! "Dr."! YES (not me). Oh, the toilet seat!

    On last T-day you asked about my training.... I have a post on that today, if you´re interested :-)
    Hugs and to fun and smiles!

  4. How lovely to be able to sit outside in short sleeves...lucky you. I am just longing for Spring and a bit of sunshine now. Lockdown was so much easier the first time round cos we could enjoy the garden and have windows and doors open.
    Annie x

  5. Oh my I’ve no sooner picked myself up of the floor from the hysterics of Bluebeards cartoons than I’m down there again rolling over with laughter at yours.
    I’ve really worked my stomach muscles this morning with you two and your daftmess.
    Stay safe, stay home.
    Love Lynn xx

  6. Wow that must be some storm. It's not funny but this week my hubby went round and oiled all the hinges on our doors and we keep forgetting and slamming them all shut with a little push, good job there's no glass in them. Sounds as though you're having some nice weather too. Loving the funnies, just what I needed. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  7. Well done on a busy week despite the lock-down. I hope your amaryllis from Lidls does as well as mine did. Mine has finished now but it had two stems with four flowers on each.
    I hated that strong wind, but isn't it beautiful this week. I hope it lasts a bit longer. I have done the household washing but I'd like to wash the animal beds and blankets I use to cover the furniture when they sit on it too.
    I don't want to keep going out, but I don't like knowing that I can't! Fickle aren't I? The virus numbers are very high in our village again so I don't think we will be released any time soon.
    Stay safe. Kate x

  8. Well you seem to have had a very busy week and I smiled at your flowery purchase from Lisca, having just visited Kate's post.

    I'm sorry that the storm was so bad you ended up with damage, thank goodness your hubby had something as a short term fix.

    I'm sure receiving a 'Dutch' order must have been lovely, I'm sorry to hear you are in lockdown again, but you appear to at least be able to meet with friends which is lovely I haven't been into my Mum's house in almost 12 months and we aren't even allowed to meet in private gardens only public and there are few open at the moment given the time of year.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and week ahead.


  9. Terrific funnies and I loved the picture on your postcard ~ so sweet. Looks like you had a productive week and I'm glad your cupboard is full ~ Enjoy the weekend!

  10. I’m leaving this generic message so you don’t think I’m a flake. I didn’t feel good Friday, and when I woke, the entire area around the eye that got damaged last summer had swollen so badly, I couldn’t open it. After speaking with the vision specialist, the soonest I can get in is Monday morning. I am not to wear the eye patch I was given in case it might exacerbate the swelling, but I am to take the eyedrops I was given from before. Thanks for understanding why I haven’t been to visit you.