Tuesday, 19 January 2021

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 19 January 2021 - T for film stars, cafe's and a layered cake


Hello lovely ladies, how are you all? We are plodding on in the relatively safe little village in rural Spain. Supermarket supplies are in a mess because of the extreme weather in other parts of Spain and the mail is down to a trickle compared to my regular flow of postcards. But I did receive a few last week and this is one of them:
I recognized her immediately as being Romy Schneider, a German actress, famous in the 60s. She was born in Austria to German/French parents. Romy is short for Rose Marie and Schneider was her mother's surname. She became well known for her role as empress Elizabeth in the Sissi films. The love of her life was Alain Delon, who she never actually married. He broke off their relationship after 5 years together. She suffered quite a few tragedies. She married more than once and with her husband Harry Meyden she had a son. Harry committed suicide after they divorced and two years later, her 14 year old son David was killed one Sunday when he climbed to the top of a wrought-iron gate and slipped, fell and was impaled on the spikes of a fence below. Months later Romy herself was found dead in her apartment. She and her son David were buried together.
The stamps are beautiful. The one on the right says: Kohlenstofffasern, which means carbon fibres. It comes from a series called Micro worlds. The photos are made by prof Manfred Kage with a very strong microscope (electron microscope). The image above has an amplification of 400.
Here are some more examples:
The human hair, with an amplification of 250.

Then there is 'Liquid crystal display', which is 40 times amplified.
I find all that fascinating. I wish I could look through an electron microscope. I don't think they had those when I went to uni.

Enough of that. What have I been up to? The current situation dictates that we stay home as much as possible.
This is our home:
The green gate towards the left is the entrance to the old cave house which hubby is restoring. You can't see much of the cave house, but you can see the garage on top of it (with a green window) plus a sizeable terrace. The whole left part of the photo is old. The four storey building on the right is the house we live in. The top floor is the bed room, under there (with the arched window) is our living room/kitchen, where I am now and where you saw my hubby sit the other day.

Under there (again with an arched window) is my craft room with a large terrace, and down stairs there is an apartment where we live in the summer. There is a car port downstairs, and there is one upstairs (not visible). There is a street entrance upstairs, level with the yellowish building in the photo. This photo was taken on Sunday. As you can see the weather is lovely and I make sure I get some fresh air every day.

On Sunday I walked with my hubby to our plot. With the excuse that we had to empty our kitchen scraps onto the compost heap.

Our house is exactly behind my head (In the distance).

Me and my shadow...

Guess what I saw? Lots of little flowers! Aren't they cute?
This is an 'asequia', an irrigation canal. It's about a foot wide and the whole system of irrigation canals dates from the Moors (Early Middle Ages).

This morning (Monday), hubby had to go to the doctor's to have his bloods done. He was nil by mouth for that, so as soon as we were done, we stopped at a local bar to have breakfast:

Of course we also had freshly squeezed orange juice. (as well as coffee). This is also my ticket to the T-Party. Elizabeth and Bleubeard host this online get-together where all you need is a beverage to join in the fun.

We are no longer allowed to stand at the bar (as most people do when they pop in for a coffee or a drink), so they put bar small tables by the bar, and people sit at the little tables. Crafty!

There was a guy sat at the particular table and I had to wait until he had gone so that I could take the photo.

The highlight this week was Friday, when we were invited to have supper with our Mexican friends. She had prepared a lovely table for us:
I brought a bottle of liquor (another beverage for the T-Party). My friend prepared (among other things) this 'roscon' (circular bread) filled with ham and cheese. 

I had made a layered cake
Layers of sponge with pastry cream in between the layers.

And chocolate flakes on top. Very yummy.

Last but not least, I want to show you a sunset from the other evening. Valerie does sunrises but I only see the sunset.

I'll leave you with something I found on the internet:

That is it from me my lovelies. 
Happy T-Day to all,
Stay safe and stay healthy.

Edit: Kathy asked if the flowers were dandelions. I think not. Here is another photo, but a bit closer:


  1. Hi Lisca, I enjoyed the tour of your property. I never realized that your home and your cave home were all connected-that's pretty cool, and so nice too that you have land for gardening-and you can view the mountains-pretty awesome. are those dandelions? Your dinner with friends looked fun-and your cake is lovely. Happy T wishes Kathy

    1. thank you Lisca-close up shows more like a daisy shaped flower

  2. Your lockdown doesn't look as strict as ours. We aren't safe seeing any other people or going to any enclosed spaces. Your weather looks beautiful.

    be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Oh, it is so interesting to see your home. Of course, I love your view.
    Your layer cake is making me drool. Yum! Your post card and stamps are always interesting. Thanks for a great T Day post.

  4. You love in a lovely place. Lockdown here is going to be tightened again. No cafes or restaurants are open. The cake looks fantastic! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. This is crazy. Whenever I ask my postie to put a great stamp on he always just takes that boring flower! Thank you for showing these, I´ll ask him next time for those!

    Sad story about Romy, I never knew.

    You have a beautiful house! And beautiful glasses.
    Interesting canal. Hmmm, now I crave orange juice! Sadly, certainly, the place is closed down. Ham and cheese!
    Great sign!
    Happy T-day!

  6. What a fun and always interesting post, Lisca. Your postcard is lovely, and so sad about the film star. LOVE those stamps showing items under a microscope.

    We are getting more and more restrictions when it comes to restaurants. Most are now only allowing take-out and no indoor dining. Places I've been visiting for years are now saying to stay in your car, order by phone and someone will bring your order to you.

    Your orange juice looks refreshing. And your meal with friends looks good, too. Thanks for sharing your postcard, your home and cave house, your plot, and your breakfast that included coffee and juice with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  7. The story of the film star is so tragic ~ what a Great selection of stamps. Your house is terrific with such a wonderful view. Your cake looks yummy as well as the other meals and drinks you enjoyed recently. Blessings and well wishes to you this week!

  8. Great windows. What a view! Our in-restaurant seating is extremely limited as are social gatherings, and take-out or delivery are often the only options. That roscon (a new word for me) looks delicious, as does that cake. Yummy! Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Wow the actress is beautiful. Too bad there was so much tragedy. Love the photos, and the food looks amazing.

  10. Fabulous postcard and postage stamps! It was fun seeing your house too, I bet you never tire of seeing those beautiful mountains out of your window 😁. Looks like you had a lovely walk discovering those little flowers too! The men/women sign made me smile, thanks for sharing. Take care and wishing you a very Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  11. I remember Romy Schneider. What a tragic life. Fascinating stamps. Your cave house is very interesting. You must do a lot of stir climbing every day! The meal looks delicious.

    Happy T-day! Stay safe and well. Hugs, Eileen

  12. Romy’s story is so tragic. Seems to go hand in hand with acting. I enjoyed seeing your lovely home and yard. Such a beautiful space to stay in quarantine with those spectacular views and brilliant blue sky. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sunset as beautiful. Your sponge cake looks awesome. I’ve never made a sponge cake before. Love the humorous sign. Thanks for the laugh. Happy T Day

  13. A tragic story indeed- so sad all around.
    The stamps on the cards are always fun to see- and I reuse mine in art all the time:)
    I love seeing photos of your beautiful town and the surrounding views. So charming!
    And like you, I see the sunsets versus the sunrises;)
    Good thing I had some lunch because oh my- that food all looks SO yummy!!
    Love the funnies to end your post. happy T day!

  14. I meant stair climbing - lol.

    Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. I know you have a medical background. My next test is tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous.

  15. What a tragic story about beautiful Romy! And look at the beautiful place you live at! Thank you for sharing. Your firends really served some delicious food. Looks so good!

  16. I love seeing the photos of your home. We have no homes like that here. I think it is really interesting to see how people elsewhere live. and that was an interesting story from your postcard. I don't think you look into an electron microscope. I think your image comes up on a screen. Just saying. And your cake looks very yummy. It's nice you can get out and enjoy friends and food. I hope you had a wonderful T day Lisca. Stay safe. Hugs-Erika

  17. You have a lovely home! You live in a beautiful place and I liked seeing the irrigation set up during the period of the Moors.
    That ham and cheese sandwich look yummy but that layered cake takes the cake. It looks SO delicious! I would LOVE a piece.
    Happy Tea Day,