Tuesday, 6 October 2020

A Postcard A day -Tuesday 6 October 2020- T for vertigo, rocks and good food


Translation: Nice Day: Which coffee do you need today? Love, peace, happiness, health, luck or strength?

Hello lovely ladies of the T-gang,

How are you all? Ready to join Elizabeth and Bluebeard's T-Party? OK, here we go then.

First of all, here is my postcard for today:

It came to me from the USA, from South Jersey. It has an almond cake recipe on it. I was all set to make this cake as we live in almond country, so I have lots of almonds. But when I read it, there were no almonds among the ingredients, just almond extract. Funny enough, we don't have that here. I'm sure I can get away with making the cake with chopped almonds. I'll let you know how that pans out when I make it.

The stamp is a gorgeous Forever stamp with a flower on it. 

Now, you might know that we had had a little holiday in the northern part of the Malaga province.

Our holiday was fantastic. We should have gone in March. We had booked a hotel to celebrate my birthday on the 23rd of March, but the hotel had to close down during lockdown, but promised we could book on a different time (as the money was not refundable).  So this was a belated birthday treat. And what a treat it was! 

This was our hotel (photo above)

And here I am in the bar of the hotel (photo below)

We walked the famous Caminito Del Rey, which is a walkway through a canyon.

In the early  XX century, with the industrialization of Malaga, there was an idea of taking advantage of difference in height between the two ends of the ravine to produce some electricity. 

A precarious path was constructed attached to the rocks, to facilitate the waterway maintenance, which was an important element of the engineering works.

The path was then called the Balconcillos de los Gaitanes  (little balconies of the gypsies), some of which still exist. (See below, where the old walkway is below the new one.)

In 1953, the path changed its name to Caminito del Rey in memory of the visit of King Alfonso XIII to the El Chorro Reservoir in 1921.

As you can see it is not for the faint heated, but we enjoyed every minute of it. In total, we walked 7 km.

We walked from our hotel at the El Chorro Dam (the top left P) to the end of the trail, and then got the shuttle bus back to the hotel. (the blue dotted line).

The is the dam by our hotel.

We did a lot of walking in the mountains. Here we are on the top of the El Torcal  mountain:
It's weathered limestone. (also called Karst)

An Iberian ibex (mountain goat) posing for me.

The view from the top was breath taking.

Now it wouldn't be a T-Party without a drink. So here is mine:
Our bottle of wine at dinner.
Below is hubby showing the bread roll with Caminito del Rey burned into it.

 We had a lovely holiday. The places we visited are well know tourist destinations, but because of Covid, there were very few people around. On the Caminito walkway, the entry was 'staggered', and people kept their distance. In the hotel dining room, we were the only guests, although I know that other rooms were occupied, we didn't see many other people.
We did take off our face masks when taking photos (apart from one, where I forgot).

I hope you enjoyed my photos.

Happy T-Day all,

Stay safe,




  1. Wonderful photos, Lisca. You're looking very fit. I guess walking 7 km at a stretch will do that. You're braver than I am to walk those boardwalks so high in the sky.

    The stamped bread roll is unique. I'm glad you had such a wonderful belated birthday celebration.

    Happy T-day! Stay safe and stay well. Hugs, Eileen

  2. Actually it made me feel better seeing you wearing a mask early on. I'm glad you mentioned you take them off for photos.

    Looks like it was a wonderful birthday present. So very glad you enjoyed your time there and the wonderful time you had doing all that hiking. You are right that the walk was not for the faint of heart. I get dizzy if I am that high up, so I applaud you and your husband for doing it.

    Thanks for sharing your birthday trip with us as well as your wine and all the other drinks with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  3. Your photos are just spectacular. That's a fabulous pathway through the gorgeous gorges. Bravo for the long walk and the masks.

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. so glad you were able to finally get to your birthday destination Lisca-what gorgeous scenery!! But - I seriously doubt I could walk that bridge between the mountains-yikes:( Nice to hear how lovely and relaxing it all was and that it wasn't at all crowded. I bet that was quite a nice tasting wine with your special bread and meal. Happy T day!

  5. I am so glad your your holiday was wonderful and you could finally go. The scenery is spectacular and so glad you could walk allot of this-such wonderful views.
    I always enjoy your postcards and stamps the recipe sounds delicious too. I opened up a bottle of merlot over the weekend Happy T hugs Kathy

  6. Beautiful stamp indeed, but weee... I would´ve died on that track!
    Love the breadroll! But wasn´t it a tad spooky to be the only guests...
    To more holidays soon and a happy T-day, hugs from here.

  7. How fun! What a beautiful place to walk with fantastic views all along the way ~ Thank goodness they provided transportation back for you. I'm glad you enjoyed good food and wine as well ~ Oh and can I have a sip from everyone of those cups today please :)

  8. Lovely postcards and photos. That canyon walk looks fantastic. Happy T-Day!

  9. Wow, what a fabulous holiday! That is quite some walk, it looks like you had a wonderful time 😀. Beautiful postcards and postage stamps too! Sending Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  10. almond cake... or almond flavored cake, sounds good. Your photos are awesome... the grandeur of nature

  11. How fun to get a postcard with a recipe. I really enjoyed your getaway. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to walk the narrow path. The views from the mountains were breath-taking. So glad you didn’t lose your money and could take the trip at a later time. Happy T Day

  12. What an exciting trip! That'd be quite the adventure! Happy T Tuesday :)

  13. The postcard recipe looks great, but too sweet for me!Your holiday looks great, that walk in the canon looks great! Glad to hear that the hotel was quiet. Happy T Day, Chrisx

  14. What a fabulous post. I enjoyed it all but really enjoyed your trip. Thank you for sharing it. Also happy belated birthday. LOL

  15. You look like you had an amazing trip Lisca. That cliff canyon walk looks interesting. I would have to see it in person but even if it was high, I would have pushed myself to do it. The views are pretty fabulous. Thanks for sharing with us for T. have a great week. Hugs-Erika

  16. What beautiful scenery from your trip! I love the one with the hotel and the mountain goat posing. So glad that you had an enjoyable trip and that you were still able to take it despite COVID messing things up.
    Looking forward to hearing how your almond cake with almonds turns out. Maybe you should make almond extract. It would only be alcohol and almonds, right? Of course it takes some time to be ready but you would have it for future bakes.
    Happy Tea Day,

  17. Oh, my goodness, I did enjoy your photos! I want to go and do this walk!
    I am so glad you go to take this holiday! And I love the sound of the lemon almond bread. And I have to tell you I love the headliner with your blog, especially the part about living in a cave in Spain. Happy T Day!