Friday, 23 October 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 23 October 2020 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely girls, 

Another blog post, another postcard. This one comes from Finland and was sent by a lady called Paulina, 39 yrs old.

I like anything to do with books and as autumn advances it is nice to curl up in a comfy chair and read a good book. Even better is when you take a book from the shelf and a dried flower falls out (or leaf). So this image speaks to my heart.

The stamps are lovely, as are all Finnish stamps. The one on the right depicts a frozen bilberry shrub designed by Klaus Haapaniemi, which is part of his Polar Byzantine Collection (link).

The birds in the other stamp are long-tailed ducks (clangula hyemalis) designed by Erik Bruun.  Interestingly the faint light blue lines are different on every stamp.

Today is Friday!! 

What have I been doing this week?
My highlight was returning to the gym. Only a limited number of people allowed, by appointment only and the machines were distanced. But it was great to be back doing something.
Saturday I went for a walk again with my friend and ended up at the bar having breakfast. That afternoon we had a surprise visit from a friend we hadn't seen for a long time and who had recently moved to our area (from London). She came to visit as soon as her quarantine was over.
Sundays is all about church and baking. Hubby went to our veggie plot and came back with a bag full of pomegranates.
I have been spending some money lately on kitchen stuff. My hand mixer needed replacing and I bought a Philips. Also on Monday we went to our 'weekend home' and spent a lovely evening by the fire and a night sleeping like babes in the cave.
There was a problem with the drain, which hubby sorted although it took him all morning, by 2 pm he was ready and we could go and have a meal in the local restaurant.
On Wednesday my other parcels arrived. I have bought an Instant pot! I also got a selection of accessories and a glass lid. Unfortunately, they don't sell the air fryer lid here. In the UK you can buy the air fryer Instant pot so I could have waited until we go to the UK, but that might be a long time, so I got a normal one. I have an air fryer anyways. So don't need it, just thought it'd be nice...

I put my Instant Pot to immediate use and made a mean lentil soup for lunch and these delicious egg bites for supper on Wednesday. 

That is all from me. I'm going to link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday

As usual I shall try and find you some funnies on the Internet to add at the bottom.




  1. Hi Lisca-a fun post to read. that's amazing pomegranites from your own garden-sounds like a nice week getting back to more normal, enjoy your photo collages-and great funnies-Happy Friday and weekend Kathy

  2. Sounds like a good week with a bit back to normal life, friends and new gadgets! To a happy weekend, hugs from here.

  3. You seem to be a bit more 'back to normal' than we are Lisca. Walking more than a short distance from home is discouraged as are most other activities, but fortunately i am happy with a good book and my crochet most of the time. But I have to say our little outings last weekend made a nice change.
    I have had my instant pot for almost two years and I love it. I use it several times a week. But I haven't got the air-fryer lid. We didn't like the separate airfryer we used to have, so it is no miss for me. I love all the pomegranates. I usually gather some wild ones but I haven't seen many here this year.
    I also made a quiche this week as Chris loves it, and tonight I am making apple and raisin scones in my remoska. Like you, I rather like my kitchen gadgets. I think I inherited that trait from my mum, though she didn't have the choice available to us now.
    Well done on the visit to the gym. Also not available in our village but i do have an exercise machine that I try to use fairly regularly. Here's to another good week. Kate x

  4. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I need to ask you what the 'turned out perfect and delicious' in the last collage are? They look really yummy.
    I love catching up with all your news eack week so thank you for linking up.
    Annie x

  5. It's refreshing to see you living an almost normal life, I have no idea when that will happen here if ever. The little flower popping out of the book looks lovely and it's always such a nice surprise if you've forgotten it's there. The funnies are....well funny, loved them. Have a nice weekend and lots of smiles. Angela xXx

  6. How great that you can get back to an almost normal lifestyle. Whatever you do, don't think about coming here. We should all be on lockdown until this virus is completely over and a vaccine has been tested and approved (and NOT just by a deceitful president).

    Your postcard and stamps are beautiful. I'm so glad you shared your week. It seems SO normal and not a mask in sight (SIGH). I've never had an air fryer or a pot like that, but I can tell you love your kitchen gadgets. Hope you have a great week with lots of smiles, too

    You had some great funnies this week. I loved the one with the animals entering the ark.

  7. OMG lisca that was a great post... egg bites to laughing my head off at your memes!
    yes, no running for me...
    audio books... I get them from our library but if you can use Amazon Prime there you could get a free trial of audible for two weeks to see if you like being read to (I do and my ears hear longer than my eyes can read these days, so far)

  8. So sorry I'm late hun, you look like things are getting back to more normal where you are i bet the gym made a lovely change i know how much my sister missed it. Intrigued on the instant pot I've considered one for a while but not taken the leap do keep usup to date of what successes you have. Much love