Friday, 24 July 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday24 July 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people,

It's Friday again and I'm here to share my smiles from this week and of course a postcard. 
This one really did make me smile. It comes from Germany and it represents the municipa library in Bielefeld. 

On the back it says (in German): "New children's books are like friends from all over the world: 1000 books, CDs and DVDs, now in 42 languages. Exciting, funny, colourful. Come to your municipal library!"

I saw that the sun was wearing glasses, and that made me smile too.

What have I been doing and what made me smile this week? Well, almost every Friday morning I go for a long walk with my friend Antonia. We chat and we pray. When I got home I went shopping in the village. Hubby wanted to come with me as he needed some stuff. That was nice so we stopped at a cafe and had a drink once we finished our shopping. 
 Kate Yetter, one of my blog friends, recommended this book: The War Room, a Christian book about an american couple whose marriage is in trouble. They meet this older lady who teaches them about the power of prayer, and they are able to mend their relationship with each other and with God.  Brilliant book.

Saturday was fruitful and we got a lot of things done. Here in rural Spain, it is much easier to have something made, than to drive to the nearest city to shop for something you need. We needed a metal door, so we got a guy out to measure up. As you can see, we have to wear masks everywhere.
 Sunday the weather was dull and 'close'. And in the afternoon there was a thunderstorm and we had rain! Wonderful!
 A while ago, someone had accidentally driven into hubby's scooter. No one was hurt and their insurance pays for the damage. Monday we were given the go-ahead, and we took the scooter into town to be repaired. I drove behind hubby in the car as we needed transport to come back home again. We had a coffee outside a lovely restaurant that we go to sometimes. We sat out on the terrace. Near where we were sitting, there was this large tube, filled with water for visiting dogs. Isn't that nice!
 Quite a few smiles on Tuesday: I went to the post office to collect my mail. Lots of postcards. And I found a large chocolate bar that I had forgotten about: it was liquorice chocolate from Denmark. I don't need to hide it as nobody I know likes liquorice chocolate. But I love it!
Then hubby cooked us a 'mean' English breakfast, which we had for lunch of course. (I couldn't eat so much in the morning).
 During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, we heard an enormous bang in the night. We thought one of my pictures had fallen off the wall, hubby went to investigate, but found nothing. In the morning I noticed that one of my kombucha bottles (a small one luckily)  had exploded. Must have been a faulty bottle as all the other bottles of that same batch were fine. But I did put them all in the fridge (to stop fermentation), and in the meantime I have made another batch.
Then when I went to the bathroom, I heard a noise and I found a small kitten, and it hid behind the washing machine, and wouldn't come out again. Now we happened to have a cat trap. There is a vet near the coast who neuters street cats, so that they don't become large colonies of feral cats. We have helped the cause by trapping cats who cannot be handled and taking them to the vet. It's a cage with a trap door. The cat comes in lured by some food and the door shuts behind him. Well, it worked a treat with the little kitten. We did not take it to the vet though, but just released it outside our house and it ran off.

That was my week. How has your week been? Join us at Annie's at A stitch In Time or/and Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.
As per usual, I have put some funnies at the end. 

Have a lovely weekend,
Stay healthy,

 Did you know they had  Zoom meetings even in the Middle Ages?.....


  1. Sounds like you had a good week with the exception of the broken bottle. It must have been scary at the time. You are sure getting out a lot and yes, masks are important. I take it the gifted fabric is for you to make masks.

    The funnies are funny except for the last one. That one IS SCARY. Have a great rest of Friday and a lovely weekend, too.

  2. Oh shudder to the spider in the cup, I loved the rest of your post you seem to have had a lovely week, catching up with friends, spending time with hubby, receiving awesome mail. the exploding bottle was unusual, but like you said presumably a faulty bottle as those types of bottles are usually able to withstand a good amount of pressure.

    The toad in the hole looks nom and a full English breakfast/lunch sounds fab. You look like you are on with my changes to your home with the metal door, it is great that you have local tradesmen able to help. Well done for managing to capture the kitten without too much effort, it must have been something of a surprise to find it in the first place. Are you making masks with the fabric and elastic or have you got another plan for it?

    I hope you have a grand weekend and week ahead.


  3. What a busy week you’ve had. The picture of the plastic water bottle as a visor made me laugh. My mum and auntie have flip up clear visors when they go out and everyone keeps asking where they got them from. I’ll send her your pic and tell her to suggest people make their own.
    Thanks for the chuckles xx

  4. I don't know how you keep going, another amazing week. The plastic bottle visor is amazing, what a cleaver idea is that. Not keen on the spider in the cup though. Even though my new cabin has only been in use a short time the spiders have taken up residence already. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  5. You've been busy! I watched the movie "The War Room" and loved it too ~ very powerful. Thank goodness it was only one bottle that broke and not a chain reaction! Your funnies are hysterical ~ Enjoy your week :)

  6. You are lucky - you got some rain. We heard the thunder rumble all around us, and saw lots of lightening, but the rain never came.
    It is a good thing I am not closer, I love liquorice chocolate too. My son, living in Aarhus, introduced me to it when I visited him.
    I am quite envious of your purple sprouting broccoli too. My dad always grew it in our garden and I love it. occasionally I can pick up a very small tray of it in Lidls. In England it is a bienniel that you plant one year and harvest the next, but I don't think it would survive a summer down here.
    Take care and enjoy your week. Kate xx

  7. Oh Lisca I had such a lot of things to say about your wonderful post today and I also really enjoyed your funnies....right up til the last pic that is!!!! I'm traumatised now...I really don't like spiders and may never drink a coffee without checking well before I take a sip.
    Annie x

  8. I´m a tad late and you made me smile!
    I was in Bielefeld for a training. Hm. But... Was I?
    Did you know Bielefeld does not exist? ;-)

    :-) When she was little my Big Niece thought all living end with an "a" (Papa, Mama....), so she called me Isa. Thank you for bringing back memories, she turns 10 now and due to having Diabetis I she is like a little adult already.

    Oh, boy!!! Sorry, that exploding bottle made me laugh! Help!!
    Awww, a cat! I only had a dog and then mice.
    One day...

    That dog!!!! My hubby!

    Hugs from here! And smiles :-)