Friday, 10 July 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 10 July 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely girls, it's Friday again and time to share what made us smile this week. Of course I will share a postcard with you as there were a few that landed in my mailbox. 
This card came from the Netherlands, in fact it comes from a place called Soest, right in the centre of the Netherlands. It was sent to me by Maruscha, who works for Museum Soest and is a card designer. The image on the card she sent me is actually fussy cut! Can you imagine cutting all those windows?

The museum has all sorts of exhibitions, some about the history of the area, some of work by local artists. 
The building used to be a convent (St Josef's convent) where the nuns looked after the elderly and also ran a school for girls and in the evening taught sewing. By 1965 the elderly were being looked after by social services and there were very few nuns left, so the place closed. 
 The stamp on the card is very interesting. I hadn't seen it. It's about Jan Janssonius.

Johannes Janssonius was a Dutch cartographer and publisher who lived and worked in Amsterdam in the 17th century.

So, what has happened this week. What were the highlights in my week?

Last Friday morning I went for a long walk with my friend. We came past a lavender field being harvested. We asked the tractor man if we could pick a bunch of lavender and he said yes, so that was lovely. I love the smell. I am always amazed by the size of the thistles that grow here! So I had to pose next to one.
In the evening we went to eat at our friends' house and (as they are Mexican) she cooked 'nachos' among other things. Yummy!

 We opened our first bottle of kombucha with a second fermentation. It was raspberry and was absolutely delicious with the right amount of fizz. Delicious!
 Hubby had bought a pump on Saturday and on Sunday it needed to be used. He does not like to work on the Lord's day but the irrigation system people have allocated Sunday as the day we would be able to access water, so water was pumped into a reservoir and from there to a higher reservoir. Needless to say hubby is 'pleased as Punch' with his new pump (the expression we use is 'chuffed to goolies' which won't mean anything to those outside the UK).
 On Monday another walk. This time among the olive plantations. Hubby bought two water containers. They are 1 m cubed, so they contain 1000 litres. 
 On Tuesday I went to the market while hubby spent almost the whole day cleaning the containers, as they were second hand and had had oil in them. He wants to use them for irrigation water.
 Wednesday was one of those 'potter' days, where you sort of potter about the house doing all sorts of things that need doing. I managed to frame my jigsaw puzzle. Hubby will hang it up soon.
 Thursday we went into town to the optician (on the scooter for easy parking). We stopped for coffee too. I really missed not being able to do that during the lockdown.
The jigsaw I have hung up is by one of my favorite artists Colin Thompson. This particular one is called the Higgledy Piggledy House.  Here is a better image for you to see:

He also has one called The Craft cupboard, which is on my wish list:
Isn't it fun?

That is all from me today. As usual I have put some funnies at the end. I have included some posters. It seems people have been amusing themselves by posting stupid and funny posters in their neighbourhood.  Some are funny, and some are a bit 'lame', or silly. Oh well, judge for yourself.

I'm going to join Annie at A Stitch In Time and I'll also visit Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Have a great weekend and a good week following that.
Stay safe,


  1. That's a lovely postcard, Lisca. I like how you always research the ones you get as well as the stamp.

    Sometimes we HAVE to work on Sunday. It may be against your principles, but it seems the people selling the pump had to work, Graham shouldn't be too unhappy. I wish my lavender plants had lived. I can't seem to get them to live longer than one summer. I bring them in and they die. You were SO lucky to get fresh lavender. How sweet of the farmer allowing you to do that.

    So many wonderful photos of your week again. Lucky you are brave enough to have coffee in a restaurant. I'm not even brave enough to get carry out. So glad for you and hope the optician visit was good.

    Sorry, I only found one of those jokes funny: the ticket and click it one. The others were either lame or I didn't get. I realize I have a unique sense of humor, but . . .

    Have a great rest of Friday and a wonderful weekend, dear Lisca.

  2. Looks like the new pump is a good buy...will keep him busy for hours :-) Love your jigsaws esp the The Craft Room one...I may put that on my list too :-)
    Not sure all the posters were understood by this bear of little brain...lame? yes maybe. I did find a couple rather funny though.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  3. Hi Lisca, the first thing that caught my eye was that gorgeous cake the Joel has and I want it Lol! The jigsaws are brilliant but look hard work and the funnies....well I just don't know where you get them! Some of them are a bit over my head but the corona virus and the policeman I did find funny and the reward for teaching the trombone hit a cord as I am still not getting round to practicing with my saxaphone and I really need a tutor! Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  4. How lovely to gather some lavender. I love its scent too, and I put a few flowers i my night time drink to help me get to sleep.
    The water containers are good, but quite a task to clean the oil out. We have the valve for the acequia water in our front yard but no-one uses it in the village now.
    I love the jigsaws, especially the craft room one. I hope you get to make it one day. Kate x

  5. Help, no. Hubby could cut this, but not me, never!

    That is a big plant indeed, and, my, you have me drooling! My fav Mexican closed down and to top this, on my second monitor they test pizza on TV!!!
    Unfair, all I have is an old potatoe Ingo did not eat!

    A whole day of cleaning, oh, my.
    Too hot? Send it over. Brrrr here.

    Love your jigsaws!

    Mean jokes, hahaha :-)
    Mask it or casket, bet there is some orange.. would "Mr" Trump even get it?
    Thank you for the fun read xx

  6. Oh you've had a busy week, it is lovely seeing you enjoying a coffee out and about. I loved the comment about one gooseberry, I'm on fruit and veg watch with my Mum as she has a greenhouse this year. Your Mexican meal sounds lovely particularly if you were enjoying it with friends. I've just googled (or should I say hubby did) kombucha because I wasn't sure what it was, is it alcoholic with it being fermented as I couldn't work that our or do you have it for health reasons.

    Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.


  7. Hi Lisca, I saw your question about the MG. I used to drive it every day when I was working and now I drive it whenever I go out though we do have another car as my mum can't get it in the MG anymore but the other one is a 4 by 4 people carrier and I don't drive it just my hubby. The MG has been resting a while during the Lockdown but she went out for a run today. I agree a bit the root that was exactly what I thought when I saw it. Happy weekend, Angela xXx

  8. So wonderful to be near a lavender field-I always that would be wonderful to see and smell in person. Nice he let you have a plant.
    I have never seen a thistle plant get so tall-amazing.
    Awesome puzzle-years ago-long time ago during our early marriage years-we would put together puzzles and hang them up and enjoy them. great puzzle choices.
    sounds like you have had a good week-loved the postcard and stamp Happy weekend Kathy