Friday, 21 June 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 June 2019 - Friday smiles

Hello lovel.y people,
It’s Friday again! I’m still in bed, although the sun is shining. This is something I can do unpunished since I am retired. We have been traveling all day yesterday, and now I am in the Netherlands. I went to take my mum back. (She had been staying with me for a while to celebrate her 95th birthday.)
The trip was long. We got up early with a view to leave at 10, then there was a 3 hour car journey to the airport plus some toilet stops. People that are less mobile get assistance from the airport/airline, and I had booked this for mum. It is free which is fantastic. There is a large yellow desk in the middle of the departure hall where we had to report. But to get there was a bit of a logistical conundrum. With two suitcases and three passengers there was no room for the wheelchair in our little Fiat. So we stopped the car in front of departures and together we walked her to a bench outside the terminal. I then guarded mum and the suitcases while hubby parked the car. We then had to walk her to the yellow desk. Mum in between us, slowly, with a suitcase each on our free hand. But we got there and from then on the service was great. 

Wheelchair service with a smile. They take us to the check in/luggage drop-off where we got priority and where I was able to change our assigned seats in the back to a seat in the front. At security they were just as thorough as always, but we got help. And on the other side there was another yellow-clad person waiting to take us to our gate. 

When the time came to board I discovered we were 7 wheelchairs including one gentleman on a scootmobile.  It took a while to get us all safely aboard, but I was well impressed. Mum had always travelled with assistance but now I have experienced it first hand.

Now we are at my mum's appartment. The weather is dry and mild. This is the view:

Mum is nearly blind but with a special magnifying program on her PC she can just about do a few games and see our photos on Facebook:

Ok, enough of that. Let’s show you my postcards. It comes from Canada and has a lovely stamp with an iceberg on it. I have not been able to find out much about it yet.
The card is a colorful interpretation of the Canadian flag. 

I'm sorry I'm so late, but I will still try to link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginis at Rocking Your World Friday.

And of course there will be a few funnies at the end.

Have a lovely weekend,
Stay safe,


  1. I had to use assist when we attended a Dutch wedding just 5 weeks after I had my knee replacement and was also very impressed with the service. Glad your journey went well.
    As for your them.
    Annie x

  2. That sounds like an adventure Lisca. Glad you made it and your Mom is home. Enjoy your visit. hugs-Erika

  3. Hi Lisca, loving the funnies and pleased everything went well for you and your mum. Happy weekend, Angela xXx

  4. Sally often calls for assistance, but here in the states, it is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they show with a wheelchair and sometimes they don't, claiming they were never informed. Glad things went smoothly with your mother. It's great that you got to take her back home. So happy that both of you will have more time together.

    Enjoyed most of your funnies, but didn't get the one that "escalated quickly." Have a super weekend and enjoy your mother, since Friday is already in the history books.

  5. Wonderful postcards, photos, and funnies Lisca. Going through the airport is never fun (in my opinion), but I'm glad they were helpful with your mother needing wheelchair assistance.

  6. It's fascinating to hear your travel tale. I'm glad all went so smoothly. I like your mom's view :) Isn't it wonderful that there are adaptations that allow the vision-impaired folks to participate online :)

  7. I'm glad you had a safe - though long trip - and are enjoying more time with your mom. She seems like quite a woman.

    I can't stop laughing about the "Your Grandma" news clip

    I'm reading the Penance Room and thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  8. I am still laughing at #14! Too Funny! Such an uplifting post. Happy you got your mom home all safe and sound! Have a great week!

  9. Out of frustration, I am at my neighbor’s house across the street using her computer. I told her I would be brief and leave this quick message. I have been without electricity AGAIN, this time for over 18 hours. I can’t ask my foodie friend Sally, because she lives on the same side of my street and her electricity is out, too. I will be by to visit once my electricity has returned, but for now, please be assured, I would be sharing a drink with you right now, if I could. Thanks for understanding.

  10. I'm so glad that you all arrived safe and sound! The assistance that you received sounds wonderful and obviously made your trip so much easier 😁. Beautiful postcards! Enjoy your time visiting with your family! Happy T Day! Jo x

  11. Happy to know all went well with your Mom and the trip back to her home. How nice too that she can see some things via her computer despite her severe limitations. fab postcards as always, and thanks for the funnies!

  12. Glad your airport was set up to help your Mum-but what an adventure for all of you.
    very cool about the computer upgrade for her too.
    Loved the funnies-Happy T wishes Kathy

  13. Airport assistance is a wonderful thing! I used it as a teenager when I traveled by myself. I would have never found my way without it. That is great that you were all able to make use of the service.

    Enjoy your time to sleep in. That is definitely something that I am looking forward to in retirement.

    Happy Tea Day,

  14. So nice that you were able to spend time with your mom. Sometimes the airport doesn't think things all the way through, but I'm glad you finally got the assistance you needed and things went smoothly. I'm so impressed your mom can manage the computer. Nice for her to be able to keep in touch through Facebook and to enjoy some computer games. Happy T Day

  15. Hi Lisca, great jokes! We had to have assistance for Steve once, San Francisco wasn’t too good, at Heathrow they were amazing, wouldn’t even let me get the luggage.

    How nice that your Mum can use her computer, my Mum had no interest at all but Dad was a whizz kid on it, called himself the silver surfer!
    Enjoy your stay with your Mum
    Jan x