Friday, 14 June 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 14 June 2019 - Friday Smiles

Wow! It's Friday already! How time flies! I am enjoying my time with my mother. I'm spending time with her and not doing much else really. At her age, any time we can be together is precious. We have many smiles.
We do the crossword together (I have a Daily Mail subscription which my sister gifted me), and we sit in the sun or eat an ice cream. Listen to BBC World Service podcasts or chat about old times.

I did get some cards. Something in my mailbox always makes me smile. This one arrived this week from the UK. It is a photograph by Ansel Adams: Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941
Ansel Easton Adams (February 20, 1902 – April 22, 1984) was a landscape photographer and environmentalist known for his black-and-white images of the American West. He helped found Group f/64, an association of photographers advocating "pure" photography which favored sharp focus and the use of the full tonal range of a photograph. He and Fred Archer developed an exacting system of image-making called the Zone System, a method of achieving a desired final print through a deeply technical understanding of how tonal range is recorded and developed in exposure, negative development, and printing. The resulting clarity and depth of such images characterized his photography.
Adams was a life-long advocate for environmental conservation, and his photographic practice was deeply entwined with this advocacy.

Then there was this card from Taiwan. It arrived last month but it was still lying about on my desk, so perhaps I have not featured it yet. 
Taiwan used to be called Insula Formosa (beautiful Island).
It is  by Caspar Schmalkalden, who was a German soldier and chronicler of the seventeenth century , who traveled with the Dutch West India Company serving South America and the East Indies . When he returned ten years later in 1652 , Schmalkalden wrote a travel report of almost 500 handwritten pages in which he recorded observations and geographical and ethnological descriptions of the flora and fauna of the countries visited.

The stamps are nice too. The flower on the stamp is the blossom of the bauhinia Variegata, a  tree known in south east Asia, and also known as the orchid tree.
Now for some more photos from Italy. 
There was a medieval festival in Guardiagrele, where we were staying. People dressed up. It was fun to see all the lovely costumes. 
 There were all sorts of demonstrations and performances.

I will now go and visit Annie at A Stitch In Time and Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday. I hope you will all visit them too.

 Of course I will do some funnies at the end.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and stay safe,


  1. Oh my the funnies had me giggling today!

    I'm sure you are having a lovely time with your Mum visiting and listening to podcasts, reminiscing and crosswords sounds like a wonderful time to me.

    Have a brilliant weekend and week ahead.


  2. How cool-I saw that actual Ansel Adams photo at an art museum this past winter and you got it as a postcard. Nice! and I love seeing all the festival photos. There are so many street festivals in your area which is fascinating. We don't have a lot like that where I live. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  3. I dont know where you find your funnies but I have to say you have me in stitches here this morning with them. Hope you have a lovely time with your mum.
    Big hugs,
    Annie x

  4. Oh, Lisca, those funnies! I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the last one. I'm so glad you are having so much quality time with your mother. I so regret not having more with my own mum as she got older but life, work and distance got in the way only too often. You've received a lovely set of postcards this week and I enjoyed the photos of the festival - people do so enjoy dressing up. Have a wonderful week. Elizabeth xx

  5. I'm glad y'all are having a good visit :) The medieval festival sounds/looks like fun :)

  6. Hi Lisca, looks like you're having a nice time. Italy and Spain seem to have festivals on all the time, looks like fun. More gorgeous stamps which I always love to see. Now the funnies Lol! I just don't know where you get them but they make my day! Happy weekend, Angela xXx

  7. Your postcards are wonderful today. I especially like the Ansel Adams postcard. I'm quite familiar with his work.

    I enjoyed seeing the celebration in Italy. You were in for a real treat.

    I always enjoy your funnies and the tent had me in stitches. So good to read you are still having a great time with your mother, too. Have a super rest of the weekend, dear Lisca.

  8. Oh Lisca. You wouldn't believe how long I looked at that last funny until I saw it!
    So glad you are having a good time with your mum. It sounds like a perfect, relaxing week. The Italian fiesta looks fun. Similar to our Moors and Christians in Mojacar this week.
    I enjoy seeing your cards from around theworld too. Kate x