Friday, 7 June 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 7 June 2019 - Friday Smiles

Good morning lovely peeps.
Friday has arrived (and for those who are working: It's nearly weekend!)
It's time to focus on what has made us smile, and what made our week 'rock'.

First off are two of my postcards: This one arrived from Poland.  It was written by Gosia (How did she know I love chili peppers?) who writes that she has a little dog who loves jumping. It's a dog that thinks it's a kangaroo!
The stamp is gorgeous. It is one of those famous painted Easter eggs.
This is a card of which I had several myself and I would sent it to cat lovers. Only people with cats can appreciate it.

Now for some more photos from Italy. My D-I-L had ordered her flowers to go in the window boxes on the terrace. My son and grandson are preparing the window boxes, i.e. getting rid of the old compost that was in them, ready to be planted

The van arrived with goodness how many pots of petunias (a van full) which we had to unload as quickly as possible because the street is narrow and the van was blocking the street. So it was all hands on deck to get them inside. In the hall, in the dining room, on the stairs, there were flowers everywhere!
 My son spent a pleasant evening potting them

They proudly show off the grubs that were in the old compost. 'Look mummy, I'm not afraid!' and mummy shrieking in horror!

The result is spectacular! 

So what happened this week? My new washing machine arrived that I ordered online. I did not take a photo because we all know what a washing machine looks like. But I am really pleased with it. It is a front loader (I had a top loader before), and hubby has installed it in the bathroom, as is the custom here in Spain.

My mum celebrated her 95th birthday yesterday at my sister's in Marbella. Sunday she will come to stay with me for 10 days and then we will have another celebration. Here she is on her birthday.

So I'm looking forward to having mum.

That was all for this Friday. Of course I have some funnies, they are at the end.

Have a lovely weekend, and a good week ahead. 
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Bye for now,


  1. Those petunias looks gorgeous on the deck. And wow, that is a whole lot flowers for sure. But you have a handsome son and adorable grandson Lisca. Happy Friday! Hugs-Erika

  2. Awesome postcard and lovely stamp, too. Right up your alley.

    I saw the flowers before, but I am so impressed with the flower boxes. Is that artificial turf on the patio? Those grubs are the bane of any gardener and I step on mine when I find them.

    Happy belated birthday to your mother. I know you will enjoy her while she's at your place.

    LOVE your funnies, especially PHteven. Have a super Friday and wonderful weekend.

  3. Those Petunias are just gorgeous and so effective being all one colour. Happy belated birthday to your mum....hope you have a wonderful time together.
    Annie x

  4. Your postcards are always striking!

    That's a lot of petunias. I love how the masses of them brighten up everything :)

  5. Hi Lisca, loving your visitors and I don't mean those big bugs. Actually they look a bit like the May bug caterpillars that Maisie digs up in the garden. They are her favourite snack, quite disgusting really but it's difficult to remove them from her grip when she finds one. That is one large collection of flowers you have there too. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  6. Ah Happy Birthday to your Mum. The flowers at your son's house look amazing. Loving the postcards as always and the funnies, I have tried and failed many a time at Starbucks to get them to get my name right, these days I usually give hubbies as its far easier and less stressful.

    I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.

    Kind regards

  7. wow so much fun with all those lovely flowers! they are a beautiful color too.
    Love your postcards-and especially that pretty stamp. Happy Birthday to your Mum and enjoy your visit with her-hugs Kathy
    great funnies! especially the two signs on those trucks

  8. Wow! That is a lot of petunias, and don't they look stunning? And they will look beautiful for a long time if someone 'dead-heads' them occasionally.
    Your mum is looking very good for her age. I hope she enjoyed her birthday, and has a safe journey to visit you.
    You do find some odd photos to make us smile. I hope the lad managed to impress his girl! Kate x