Tuesday, 4 September 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 4 September 2018 - T for cakes and music

Hello lovely girls,
Here we are again on Tuesday. Are you ready for the T-Party? Head to Elizabeth and Bluebeard's page with a blogpost that has a beverage in it and join the fun.
My blog is about postcards and our life in Spain, so lets start with the postcards:
I have a confession to make. I have been completely confused with the date (and consequently missed Second on the Second) and because I thought it was a day earlier, I also didn't realize we would be away tonight. So I'm writing this away from home. Not to worry, I have plenty of old postcards on my harddrive and photos from last weekend on my phone.

Here is a mapcard of the region we live in: Andalucia (southern Spain). The region is devided in provinces as it's quite big. The provinces are named after their capital cities.(Huelva, Sevilla, Cádiz, Córdoba, Jaén, Granada and Almería).  We live in the province of Granada

 We live in the province of Granada. We live just to the left of the black bull. It's called Caniles and is underlined. At the moment we are in Gor, just a bit southwest of Caniles. (46 km away).
The sea at the bottom of both maps is the Mediterranean.
A bit to the south of Gor on the map, (over the little mountain) you see an image of a bunch of grapes. Above the bunch of grapes is La Calahorra, a  lonely castle that a nobleman of times gone by built for his beloved, but she never had the chance to live there. Sad...

Enough sightseeing, let me lead  you (slowly)to my beverage. 
On Sunday we had a social get-together with our language group. We call it Intercambio (exchange) and is meant for Spanish people who want to practice their English and English speakers who want to practice Spanish. We have a session every Saturday. One of the Spanish lads volunteered to cook the paella:

One quarter was left 'fish-less' as two of us didn't like sea food.

I made my (by now famous) Tarte a tres chocolates (=three chocolate tart), which went down well. 

But there were other desserts. Here I am making up some plates with a little bit of everything.
There was lemon cake, cheese cake, ice cream and three chocolates tart.

 Here is the only photo with drinks in it. They are on the table and my drink is beside me (I'm on the left)

on the floor, red wine (in a plastic tumbler as we were in the pool house)
 We made some music and sang some songs, trying to find songs that Spanish as well as English people knew

 Hubby had made some song sheets and one of our friends is playing the cajon.

The best bit of the evening? The hot tub!!

That's enough partying for a while. We will be travelling from monday morning onwards so I will do the best I can in my hotel room from my phone.

Happy T-Day all!


  1. How wonderful! A language exchange party. Looks like a ton of fun. The paella looks so yummy! As well as the desserts.
    Happy T day!

  2. What an joyful looking party! The food, the drinks, the singing, and hot tub all look like fun. Thanks for sharing the map where you live! I have never been to Spain, so nice to see where you are. Happy TDay!

  3. What a great way to learn more about your area of Spain. I really enjoyed seeing these postcards.

    Your paella looks good. Reminds that I've been Grillin' and Chillin' today, and lost track of time. I think your 3 chocolate tart turned out better than my homemade ice cream sandwiches I made.

    Singing sons in two languages is a good way to brush up on both of them. Looks like everyone was actively involved, too. And of course the hot tub looks like a fun time, too.

    You had a LOT of drinks in the photo. Even the children's table had lots of drinks on it. There was even a drink in the musician's' photo. Thanks for sharing these with us for T this Tuesday, and have a great trip.

    My friend Sally says she hates to have to buy water inside the airport security area, but she does it anyway, because she can't go without water. HOWEVER, unlike you and me, she refuses to drink water from a fountain for fear of getting a disease. She won't even fill an empty container with fountain water. I won't pay for water when it is free to drink otherwise.

    You are right about one thing. The drinks I referred to were a regular sized glass or cup. If you buy a drink and drink it at the restaurant, you might get a refill for free, although I have seen some places that charge a reduced price for the refill. However, if you buy something to go or at a drive through, there are no refills of soft drinks.

  4. Now that sounds like a great fiesta, the paella looks great, as does the hot tub. Great idea to meet regularly. Great postcards. Enjoy your travels, happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  5. That is quite the language group. What a cool thing to have-and looks like it is a lot of fun too. I would do something like that. It's also supposed to be so good for your brain. And I am glad you posted those map postcards today. I knew you lived in Spain and now I know where! happy T day Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  6. i´m always looking forward to your wonderful postcards! i´ve never been in andalucia, but it is on my wish list. one day...
    your gathering with the language group sounds to be great fun! and with good food... what could you ask more?
    have a great week and happy t-day:)

  7. lisca, i just saw you wrote a comment at my blog asking what tyvek is: it looks a bit like paper, commonly it is white, but it can not be torn, only cut with scissors. sometimes it is used for envelopes, but you might also know it as the material from the overalls of crime scene specialists. the material is thin and lightweight. hope i could make it clear:)

  8. Fabulous postcard! The paella looks amazing and oh all those baked goodies too, your Tarte a tres chocolates looks so delicious - yum 😁. I loved seeing your happy photos, everyone looks like they are having the most wonderful time! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  9. Wow i really enjoyed your post-you are always doing such fun things! Loved the postcard map-and what wonderful food for your gathering-thanks for sharing it all with us Happy T.

  10. Love your postcards Lisca, and it's wonderful to see where on the map you live! What a fun, fun gathering and way to help each other out with the languages, and the food-yum! I know your chocolate dessert would be a big hit in my house:) Happy T day!

  11. I love the postcards with little pictures and learning about your area. What a great idea for a gathering. The food looks amazing especially your chocolate cake. Safe travels. Via con Dios. Did I get that right? (-:

  12. Super postcards and I now can imagine the area in Spain where you live. The language party sounds great fun and the food looked delicious. Your chocolate cake looks yummy, you all looked like you were enjoying your time together.
    Happy T day wishes Lisca.
    Yvonne xx

  13. I love the mapcard! I mean I _really_ love the mapcard. The party looks like a lot of fun, with good company, food, drink, and those desserts would make meal enough for me ;) Happy T Tuesday!

  14. Love the map cards and getting an idea of where you live! The Intercambio looks great - my SIL in France attends something similar on Wednesdays and they usually go to somewhere nearby to eat for lunch!Happy T day Chrisx

  15. Lisca you know how to party!! Dessert... wine and a hot tub!!!! LOVE it! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  16. I loved seeing the postcards of where you live. You language group looks like they are certainly enjoying their time together. The food looks delicious, particularly the paella and your chocolate tart. I love that you all sing together. And the hot tub would be my favorite as well.
    Happy Tea Day,

  17. Sorry to be so late, Lisca.

    Thank you for orienting us to exactly where you live in Spain. I've never been there, so I love all your stories about the area/country.

    The paella looks marvelous!!! What a fun gathering. And what a great way to become fluent in each others' languages. Thank you for sharing the "junta con nosotros" at T.

    Thanks also for your lovely comment on my T-post. I always preferred an electric stove when we lived in the US. But in Mexico, electricity is very expensive and electric ranges are even more so!

    Belated happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen