Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Postcard A day - Tuesday 8 May 2018 - T for paella and macro

Hello lovely peeps! And hello lovely T-Gang! We’re here to share a beverage with Elizabeth and Bluebeard at T for Tuesday. Why don’t you join me?

First of all let me show you some postcards. I haven’t received any as I have not sent any. (I am a member of Postcrossing and every time I send a card to a random address, another random ‘post crosser’ gets my address and I will then receive a postcard too.) This weekend I decided it was time I did something about that and I wrote about 12 cards. I'm showing you some of the postcards I sent out.

This beautiful black and white postcard of a flamenco dancer was bought in Cordoba when I was there last week. It is so typical of this region where the women wear this sort of dress for the fiestas. So pretty.
I love this gypsy girl, taking her flamenco dancing very serious. (I might have shown you this card before, but I just love it)

This is where I bought the cards, in Córdoba. I will show you more photos of this beautiful city next week. I am already preparing the blog post with the photos. (Watch this space!)
A few weeks ago I spent a Sunday with the photo club learning about macro photography. It was great fun. We learnt a lot and ‘played’ with each other’s (photographic) equipment.
One young man had brought his drone and that was interesting. I had never seen one close up. It was fascinating to watch him use it and take pictures from up above.
We were at a large picnic area and there were several BBQs available. People had brought wood and a pan and one of the ladies set to make paella, our national dish.
The meat was rabbit and pork, and you can see some whole garlic bulbs sticking out. Yumm!
Here you can see some of the other ingredients: bell peppers, broad beans and paella seasoning.
It takes a long time to cook the paella, so someone commandeered another BBQ and cooked some belly pork and sausages as a snack for those who were hungry.
Here she has added the tomatoes and the whole thing is taking on more colour.
Then water is added and we all take turns in stirring. Me included!
Here the rice has been added and when the rice is cooked, the paella can be served.
I have spotted the large garlic...
In the end I was the one to get the garlic. (People fight over it as it is very nice.) It was thouroughly cooked so it didn't smell on the breath so much. 
I ate the whole garlic!
You can see, I photographed the plate but not my drink! Oh dear. So I will have to find another photo with a drink in it.
This is a large thistle. There were several of these large plants in the field. To show you how big it is I have put my beer can next to it. So in the end I did get a drink in my post.

That's it from me today. Join me for a beverage  at Altered Book Lover
See you there!


  1. Oh Wow Lisca, I want to taste some of that awesome food-It all looks so delicious-and I love the cooking set up! are any of these pans made with cast iron? if so please link up to my cast iron fridays.
    I am hungry now ha ha
    that is a huge thistle Happy T Day Kathy

  2. What a great postcard exchange- and I just know you will have some beauties to share again soon. How cool to get together with a barbecue and to be able to check out the photography equipment too! Love that shot of you with that huge paella pot:):) And that is one huge thistle plant-wow! Happy T day!

  3. What a fun post. Loved the postcards and know you will get some in return very soon.

    I would have loved to go to that photography workshop. It looks like you all had fun playing with others' camera equipment. Ah, a drone. What fun!

    Goodness, Lisca, I've had paella, but never with rabbit or pork. In fact, I don't remember having any meat in mine. But it looks good as long as I don't have to see the meat in it (grin).

    That was a huge thistle and a great way to put it in perspective by using a beer can. Thanks for sharing the postcards, your trip with the photo group, and your beer can photo with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. Looks like a wonderful meeting you had with the photography group. The food looks sooooo good, yummy! Great postcards, too! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Lisca that looks like a great day. I would enjoy the photo class and boy, that paella looks good. I love the fact you had a picnic and cooked it all outside. I will say I have only had paella with seafood so it was good to see it with meat as I didn't know you could have different types of paella. Hope its a Happy T day. hugs-Erika

  6. I love the little girl postcard, she looks very determined and focused to make sure her flamenco shaping is correct 😁. Wow, that paella looks amazing, I bet it tasted delicious and it looks like you had a fun day with your photo club too! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  7. I enjoyed your beautiful photos!
    Happy T Day!
    Rike x

  8. My camera is my cell phone, so all this looks very fancy to me. I'd love to give digital photography a chance but don't quite know where to start. A group sounds wonderful! The communal nature of the meal would make any food taste good, but y'all had a feast! Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Looks like such a fun meet up Lisca. And that FOOD !! Oh my goodness... I don't think i've ever had paella..definitely not with rabbit... It looks so good.. and how fun to cook it outside. Thank you for sharing your lovely postcards this week Happy happy Tday!Hugs! deb

  10. I have only been able to see some of your photos, my internet in the caravan is very poor. However the food looked delicious..
    Sending you happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  11. I just love all the pictures of the paella making. It looks like an amazing dish and I would love to try this some time. It really is making my mouth water.
    Your postcards are lovely and that looks like fun going postcard shopping.
    Happy Tea Day,

  12. You just have way too much fun. I'm getting jealous!

  13. I love the flamenco postcards, Lisca, both the adult with her beautiful dress swirling around her and the little girl. She definitely has the attitude down.

    What a fun photography day. I can hardly believe the size of the paella pan! I guess you can only use that outdoors unless you have a restaurant size stove. Boy it looks delicious - except for that huge garlic. I wouldn't fight for that.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  14. The little girl is so cute, and I love the concentration on her face. I have never had paella, but it looks amazing. Does that giant thistle have prickles like a little cactus? That looks like the plant the big kids used to push the little kids onto when I was growing up. Those things hurt! Happy T Day

  15. Amazing flamengo postcards - love the little girl and wow - this paella looks fantastic! Makes my mouth watery!
    Happy belated T-Day dear Lisca!
    Hugs, Susi

  16. hi lisca, i´m late for t-day (but thursday has a t in it anyway;))... i had to laugh about you eating the whole garlic. the Paella must have had a wonderful smell...
    love the postcards! a nice Hobby to collect them!
    have a great week:)

  17. Hi Lisca! haven't been around for ages, but thought I'd pop in and check out some blogs tonight. This is AMAZING....love the look of that paella - something I've never tried. And photography club looks really interesting, too. You do have a fascinating life :)