Friday, 4 August 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 4 August 2017 - Friday Smiles

Good morning lovely people! How are you all? Well, I hope.
Have you had a good week? I have. Let me see... what have I done this week... Are there any smiles to record?

On Friday the electrician finally finished the work on the downstairs flat. (Big smile)We now have a separate meter (We had been using the power from next door's cave house, which is also ours). He told me he would prepare the bill and bring it on Monday.

Saturday is my baking day. I made a large sponge cake, cut it in half and filled it with peach 'filling' as I had several peaches that were too soft to eat. I also made an Italian focaccia, which turned out very well. (Big smile)

Sunday is church day, after church we went to our friends' ice cream parlour and treated ourselves to an ice cream. (I'm rather fussy and this is the only ice cream I'll happily eat as they make it them selves with real fruit and natural ingredients.). I had the second from the top left which is cheesecake flavoured. (Big smile)

The weather is still very hot. Even at night it is 30 degrees C. The landscape is very dry and in different parts of the country there are fires. There is a lot of dust everywhere and every now and then there are these dust devils as I call them:
Monday I prepared the money for the electrician who would come today with the bill. We told him we'd pay him cash. The bill came to Eur 500 less than I thought! (Big smile). All official with taxes paid. He has a shop so it has to be correct. We were very pleased.

On Tuesday there was one almighty storm. It raged all day. Horrible! Like walking in a hairdryer. 

Our usual Tuesday restaurant was closed for holidays so we went to it's neighbour on the other side of the motorway, where we sometimes go. We know the owners. It is called Tres Sierras as you can see the three mountains from the restaurant.
We had a four course meal and my main was lamb shank. Something British people will be familiar with but here in Spain, it is the first time I have come across it.
It was delicious! (Big smile)

On Wednesday I spent nearly all day cleaning and sweeping etc after the storm. The stairwell was full of dust and twigs, leaves and debris blown in underneath the front door by the storm. The terrace was a mess where all the furniture was blown about.

You can see the atmosphere is still very hazy with dust. But we could see the funny side of things and count our blessings as there are countries with real cyclones and tornadoes.

Thursday was an ordinary sort of day until we got a phone call from a friend who was travelling back from Mexico. The person who was supposed to pick him up from the airport couldn't make it and he asked if we could come to Granada. So we got in the car and drove to the airport (one hour and a quarter on the motorway). It was great tosee him again. On the way back we got a first account of his trip to see his family. (Big smile again). We know his mother as she was baptized on the same day with us many years ago. She lives in Mexico so we don't see her.

That was my week. How was yours?
Lets not forget my postcard. I received many this week, but I will only show you this one:
It was sent by Eiko from Japan. The woman on the left is a bride. She has a White cloth on her hair called a Tsuno-kakushi -Hiding the horn (of jealousy) it symbolises the wife's obedience to her husband. The picture was drawn by Uemura Shoen. She was the first woman to be awarded the Order Of Culture.

Now for a couple of funnies,

That is it from me this Friday.

I hope you will all visit Annie at A Stitch In Time who hosts this smiling fest on a Friday. See you there!

Have a lovely weekend and a good week after that,




  1. You've had a busy but fun sounding week. The storm sounds bad for sure. We've had some hot and humid weather here and we're not used to humidity. But our regular summer weather will be back soon. Stay cool and enjoy your weekend. Pat xx

  2. What a lovely week you've had and how lovely that we can share it. I think the heat would get the better of me but you seem to live a busy life regardless of the extreme temperature. My hubby has a week off next week so I'm guessing my smiles will be rather different next week. Our back garden will hopefully take on a new this space as they say.
    Annie x

  3. Hi Lisca, brilliant post as usual, love all the baking you've done but have to say the lamb shank would be my first choice Mmmmmmm! Might finish it off with some of that gorgeous Ice cream! Lovely. It's quite windy here at the moment but nothing like you've had. Lots of rain from the west but thank goodness by the time it gets over to us it's calmed down. Have a lovely weekend too, Angela xXx

  4. A lovely post as always, glad you managed to sort the outside after the storm! The foccacia looks divine

  5. I am sure there is always something to smile about, and you have found plenty this week. I am glad the work was done on the electrics and didn't cost as much as you had expected; that's always a bonus.
    I see you got the storm we were hoping for, but it sounds as though we were better off without it. I hope nothing got too damaged. The heat is getting a bit oppressive now. I am a bit worried about the children who are visiting next week. I am just hoping they will be sensible and keep inside for the afternoons.
    Lamb shank is a firm favourite at most of the restaurants down here, but I often wonder whether it is really goat. We don't get many sheep around here!!
    Well done for dong baking in this heat. I don't have my oven on unless I have to. But I expect I had better bake something for the visitors next week!
    Wishing you a happy and blessed week. Kate xx

  6. What a great week with so many smiles :-) . The ice cream looks delicious and must have been nice in that heat too, I think I'd melt in those temperatures ... lol! Glad the storm didn't cause too much damage and your baking looks and sounds delicious, peach filling - yum! I loved hearing that your electrician is finished, as well as visiting the restaurant with you, the lamb shank looks delicious, and of course your beautiful postcard. Wishing you more smiles this weekend! J x
    p.s. my latest post has street art photos which you may like to see, I know how much you like this type of art :-).