Friday, 11 August 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 11 August 2017 - Friday Smiles

Good  morning ladies (and gentlemen),

Here we are again going through the past week and remembering all the smiles.

This arrived in my letterbox yesterday:
It is in Dutch as it came from my mum, but the fact was that I went:"Flip!, It's our anniversary this weekend!" We both had completely forgotten as we are busy preparing for our  rip to the UK. So Now we have organized a party on Sunday and will celebrate it with our friends. I contacted my pastor and there will be a Little 'do' in church during the service too. Now the 'panic' is over we can laugh about it. It will be a great party.

The other thing that arrived in the post was a postcard from Germany:
Do you recognize her? It's rock diva Debbie Harry, Singer of the group Blondie. I remember her and her music well. I don't know how old she was in this photo but I have seen recent photos and I must say, she ages well.

So what is happening this week... Saturday hubby harvested the grapes. Not a huge haul this year, but what there was, was decent:

We washed the lot and took them along on Sunday to our housegroup. (Not in that container of course)

I made a lemon pie as well. There are lots of lemons here and I had a large kilo tin of sweetened condensed milk in the larder, so it didn't take long.

As usual in summer, short crust pastry is a no no in this hot weather. So I had to make a sort of cakie base. My piping skills are zilch . All in all, not the prettiest cake i made, but it tasted very nice.

Then on Tuesday we went out for lunch again. Our usual place is still shut for the holidays, so we went to this rural hotel not far from where we normally go. We had the lamb shank again and this was my hubby's desert:
 That was yummy and very chocolaty.
I ordered a tiramisú, but was a bit disappointed, as it didn't taste anything like tiramisú, although it was a nice desert.
I have my hand on my breast as a large squirt of lamb shank gravy had landed on my top and as my hubby took the camera, I quickly hid the stain!

There is lots of excitement in the village as the anual 'feria' started on Wednesday. We went to the plaza in front of the town hall where they had erected a stage. Every group in the village demonstrated their show pieces. We had come to see some friends of ours who are part of a dance group. No this is not them in the photo.
It is a different group, but I wanted to show you this as the ladies are all wearing those embroidered skirts that I showed you a while back of my embroidery group. Beautiful.

Yesterday there was more excitement as they had a 150m long wáter slide in the high Street:

It was really long:
And lots of fun!
Now a few funnies:

I suppose that first one with the lady on the bike is not really funny. Poor child!
The last one is: Poor cat!

That's it from me this week. I am going to link up with Annie for Friday Smiles and also with Virginia for Rocking your week Friday. See you there!

Have a good week,


  1. They might not be funny really but I had a good chuckle I must be honest. Thanks for the info about the cupula....I'm guessing you mean the domed shaped building. It's roof was actually made of coloured bottles and was very effective when the sun shone through it so maybe not affective to keep ice cold. The cuckoo clock had got stuck while we were there and the owner came to fix was run on a water mill and once the cuckoo got going he then couldn't stop him 😀😀😀😀
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca, loving your funnies today. I had to go past the chocolate stuff quickly or I'd be raiding the cupboard. Debbie does look well, seen on TV recently. You don't look bad yourself! Wait until you see my pathetic grapes though I am quite proud that they have grown at all. I have three bunches that I can see. Have a great weekend and happy anniversary, Angela xXx

  3. Happy Anniversary weekend, it sounds like you have wonderful celebrations planned 😁. I still listen to Blondie and that's a great postcard of her. The grapes and lemon pie look delicious and oh that chocolate dessert - yum! I'm loving the waterslide too, it looks such fun 😁. That is such a lovely photo of you! Happy Friday and have a lovely anniversary weekend! J 😊

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! I'm not really sure about the reference to wet either in the poem, I was wondering if The Metro may have been wetter back then and now as I look out of my window at the rain, maybe it was just raining that day … lol 😁 … which probably makes more sense but who knows… lol 😁. Have fun! J 😊

  4. Hallo Lisca!
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Silberhochzeit und viel Glück für die nächsten 25 Jahre wünscht einer der "Gentlemen", die immer gern deine Wochenerlebnisse lesen. :-)

  5. Oh those funnies, despite seeing one of them previously still made me literally laugh out loud!

    How fabulous to grow your own grapes - that's fabulous! Are they sweet?

    The water slide looks fun, but also really steep I dread to think the speed they came down it!

    Loving your desserts, such a shame on tiramisu, a beautiful dessert, but we found in Menorca that whilst the desserts looked amazing, they didn't quite meet expectations when it came to flavour!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead, thank you for linking!


  6. great post-you are always busy doing fun things.
    Loved the postcards-and Happy Anniversary-that's funny you forgot at first
    your looks delicious as does the dessert--hugs Kathy

  7. Hi Lisca, I so enjoyed reading your post. You were so lucky your mother sent that card. Hope you are enjoying your celebration. My son was a huge fan of Debby Harry and now I can see why? Wonder if he still is a fan. Your lemon pie looks delicious, as do the grapes. The embroidery on the costumes looks very ornate and time consuming to do, but also worth the time taken. That water slide looks great fun indeed. The funnies had me laughing although, as you say, pity that poor child. I'm sure that cat got away - well, I'm telling myself he did. Have a great week. Elizabeth x