Friday, 7 July 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 7 July 2017 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people,
It is Friday again and time to look at the smiles during our week, and the silver lining around the not-so-smiley moments.

Here is a postcard that arrived this week that made me smile:
It came from Ukraine and was sent to me by Alena. The title of the card is: 'Singing old women'.
This is the stamp:
Olives plus an olive leaf. I suppose olive tres would grow in the southern part of the Ukraine and in the Crimea.

What have I done this week? Friday night we went out for a drink with our friends, but I forgot to bring my camera...
On Saturday I baked some cakes which I didn't immortalize. I'm not doing very well here.
I do have a photo of a super chicken cesar salad that I made last week. (Well, you can't see the chicken, but there was loads of it underneath the top layer.) It was very delicious:

Yesterday a neighbour brought us a bag of yellow fruit. Not sure if they were apricots or yellow plums. Anyway, I made a batch of jam with that. I got 8 jars out of that. Thank you Serafin!
We had a Little visitor recently. My hubby spotted him on the Wall next to the front door:
I think it is called a praying mantis. I should have put something next to him for size. He was a long as my thumb more or less, and didn't seem at all disturbed. He must know that our house is a house of prayer (as we pray a lot).

My cousin in Holland sent me the following two photos after she had gone for a walk in Scheveningen (The coastal town next to The Hague).
 Aren't these fun! Remember?
I remember all of those. My mum & dad had a radio like the one bottom left. I wonder if they are still in working order? The TVs seem to be playing.

Lets have a few laughs:
And in the same vein:
A realistic typical teenager mannequin....

With that I'm going to leave you.
Have a fab weekend and a good week after that.
Keep smiling!


  1. Oh Lisca....where do you find them? I'm chuckling at those last two pics. I'm not too keen on large insects so am happy to share yours from a distance. The jam looks yummy whatever the fruit was as does your lovely salad. Those televisions and wirelesses took me back one or two years 😀😀😀 what a fab collection.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca, your photos always make me smile. It does look like a Mantis rather than a stick insect, they are supposed to make quite good pets but I can't imagine taking it foe a walk! Those radios are brilliant, it's great to see them even if they don't all work. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  3. I love the singing old women postcard, it really made me smile! It's nice to see that you've had another lovely week of smiles and it's always so nice to spend time with friends 😀. It looks like you have made a new stick friend too ... ha ha! Wishing you a Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊

  4. Hi Lisca, I don't know where you find them but those mannequins did make me laugh. The postcard of the old women is funny too. The stamp is interesting too - I'd never expect to see olives growing in the Ukraine but then my knowledge of the country is virtually nil. I'm sure your cakes aren't that bad - they just don't meet your high standards. Your cousin's photos remind me just how far technology has come since I was a girl. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend. We're off for a walk by Loch Doone in the hope of catching site of the osprey that nest there each spring. Elizabeth xx

  5. Oh I love praying mantis! I think it's too early for them here yet. We usually see them toward the end of summer/early fall. That salad looks yummy - I love a good caesar salad!

  6. I love the mannequins. Just perfect for a lot of us I think!
    i always welcome a praying mantis because they eat the bugs - but the female also eats the male after they have mated. Not so good! That ones a good size. We have lots of tiny hatchlings around here but when I lived in Cyprus I had one about six inches long that lived on my curtains!
    Sometimes it is nice to relax with friends and enjoy yourself, without worrying about taking photos.
    I remember the old radios and TVs. we certainly had ones like that in our home when I was growing up. Have a blessed week. Kate x

  7. Wow, an albino preying mantis. How cool. And those mannequins. I've never seen them but I bet the store that has them will sell more clothes to most of us real sized people. Happy Sunday-I'm finally getting around to catching up. Hugs-Erika

  8. Oh I'm sorry I am late visiting (blame holiday and dodgy internet connection), but so glad you joined in. Did you work out what the fruit was once you'd turned it into jam. the salad looks fabulous I don't think i've ever made a Ceasar salad your recipe looks fantastic. Loving the models as well! Hope you've had a great weekend! Much love

  9. It's so nice to meet you via the blogworld (and my mom Pat at Lilly my Cat)! I'm enjoying reading your blog and about your life in Spain! We have lots of those praying mantis bugs around our yard and my kids love finding them and watching them. They are so good at blending in with the sticks and leaves. We once had one that was probably 6 inches long! Heidi