Friday, 21 July 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 July 2017 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people,

How are you? This blog (the Friday blog) is all about smiles and how every cloud has a silver lining and seeing things from the funny side. I hope you can see the funny side of me being late.... I completely forgot this morning, and before I knew it, it was afternoon! Hellooo!

I am going to link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and I hope you will do too if you have a smile to share.

First off is my postcard:
 This one made me smile as I immediately recognized this as the traditional headdress of Walcheren, a part of Zeeland in the Netherlands. Nowadays only some old women dress in traditional style, which is a shame. Here there are lots of young women having fun in a meadow full of flowers. Reminds me of my childhood... Daisy chains and all that...

The next card made me smile for a different reason:
It is a romantic scene of (hopefully) a husband and wife enjoying some intimacy, but it probably is a couple of lovers, having a clandestine meeting at a hotel. I have a much too vivid imagination I guess.

This one came from Germany and the stamps are very colourful:
I love tulips.

We've had a very busy week. Hubby has been working very hard to get the bathroom and bedroom built before our friends from the UK arrived. He succeeded! Everything was lovely. The morning of their arrival we were still hanging up curtains! But they have been and gone and it was wonderful to see them again.

Here is our friends' daughter looking at trainers at the market.

And her younger brother posing on a cliff when we were on a walk.

We also saw this:

A flowering agave which I photographed just to play with my telelense. It was quite a distance away.

Another thing I spotted on our walk was this:

I should ask people to think of a caption....

Now for a few funnies:

I have often wondered the same thing....

That's my contribution for today.
Have a lovely weekend and a good week ahead.
Keep smiling!




  1. A lovely post with lots of funnies, not sure if you are linking this week, will go and check in a minute. Hope you're having a good start to the weekend xxx

  2. Love your funnies...the last one esp because we have lots of various shades of ginger/strawberry blonde in our family.....and I love it.
    Annie x

  3. I never understand why auburn hair is called ginger. Even ground ginger is nowhere near that colour!
    Two lovely postcards this week, and the tulip stamps are lovely too.
    There aren't many agarve flowers here this year because the plants were all destroyed by a black beetle in the Autumn. I am sure ours was nearly ready to bloom (only after forty years!), and one night it just keeled over and went brown. So sad.
    I am glad you friends had a good time. I see your temperatures are down a bit now. Ours are still way up, but I am hopeful they will drop soon.Love Kate x

  4. Hi Lisca, you always manage to find so many interesting things to post. I love the Iron Man Competition. My hubby wouldn't know where to start with the ironing but he's good with cars so who cares! Have a great weekend and lots more smiles. Angela xXx

  5. Your friends looks like they had a wonderful stay with you 😀. The postcards are so interesting and the tulip postage stamps are lovely! I really like the strawberry blonde and ginger colour chart, it seems we have it the wrong way round ... lol 😁. Wishing you lots of smiles for a Happy Saturday and Weekend! J 😊