Friday, 30 June 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 29 June 2017 - Friday smiles

Hi folks, I have lots to smile about. What about you?

The week has flown by. It has been hot, hot, hot....

I have finished Reading another book, a quickie called Lost In Love by Leah Atwood.

A book about a marriage of convenience. The protagonist, Sunny, has inherited a Bed&Breakfast but she has to get married before a certain date to be able to inherit. She finds an internet partner.....
It's a very pleasant, clean, short romance that I read over the weekend.
I don't normally read romances but it was a freebie on my Kindle.

I have received several lovely postcards again this week.
This is one that I like and it made me smile. It is the Dutch royal couple. King Willem Alexander and queen Máxima. The stamp is also typical Dutch:

The second card on the same theme is this one:
It is of course queen Elizabeth II. I think those are the loveliest potos I have seen of the queen. All pretty and smiley!
The card was sent from Germany by Susanne, who lives near Bremen. She also used a lovely stamp:
The Volkswagen Golf. Who remembers that one? I do. I used to have one when we lived in Italy donkeys years ago. Then years later our Phil bought his very first car and it was an old VW Golf.

Last Tuesday we atended (and helped set up) an open air concert by a folk group called Papel Maché.

We put out 200 chairs, wiped them too. We had also scattered leaflets and hung up posters. It was a free concert to promote our church.

The music was folky and not overtly Christian as in Europe people don't wanna know.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely and so did 200 odd other people who were clapping and stamping along with the music.

While we were busy setting up, I spotted this fella diving into the rubbish bin!
How sad is that!

Lets have some funnies:
(I got these from Denthe's blog)
Do have a look at Denthes blog (see link), she is a gifted artist.

Talking about gifted, I am going to link up with the gifted Annie, who sews the most gorgeous things. If you have something to smile about, please join us.

That's it from me today,
Have a lovely weekend and....Keep smiling!


  1. smiling back at ya
    Love the Queen Elizabeth postcard especially-laughed at the roofer lol
    Hugs Kathy

  2. Awwwww what a lovely thing to say. Thank you. I love live entertainment so would have enjoyed your concert too. Your funnies always make me chuckle so thanks for sharing Lisca. It's raining here today and was cold enough last night to make us put the gas fire on.....but I'm still smiling because I can almost hear the garden plants drinking it up.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  3. Fantastic postcards and stamps, and the photos of Queen Elizabeth are beautiful and so happy 😀. The concert looks fabulous and I'm glad you both had so much fun! The roofer and Day 3 funnies made me smile too! Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊

  4. Hi Lisca, well a wonderful post, how nice it was to see your church reaching out like that, some people dumpster dive to use food that can be rescued, ie just passed used by date, and in the dumpster diving community certain dumpsters are known as good ones for pick ups sometime they regift or recook the food, so maybe this was one of the known ones ... a great images of the two lots of royalty, I've a book with images like that if the queen, they were taken in 1950s or 1960s. It was here in my bookcase but maybe I put it to second hand shop as culled a whole bookcase last year, went from two to one :( needs must ..
    Thanks for sharing your Smiles,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  5. Hi Lisca, I'm back! Of course you can send Elizabeth the link. I do know her but had forgotten she collected rocking horses. They were gorgeous. Another book finished! Loving the clog stamp too. Looks like you've had an interesting week. Have a great weekend too and thanks for sharing your smiles, Angela xXx