Friday, 23 June 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 23 June 2017 - embroidered shawls, Dutch girls and Sisi

Hello Peeps,
How has your week been? My week has flown by with everyday things. I don't know where it's gone!

I've just come back from the gym. Boy is it hot! (No air conditioning in the gym). I know you are having a heatwave in the UK, but so are we and it is stifling!

I did manage to send off quite a few postcards last week en consequently I have started to receive cards too now. Here is one that has my name on it (My official name is Elisabeth Catharina).
It is of course Empress Elisabeth of Austria (1837-1898). I remember a very famous film about her with Romy Schneider playing the role of Sisi. Oh sweet memories.
This is the stamp:

It's about type writers. And the inventor, Peter Mitterhofer. He was born in 1822 in Tirol, in the part that is Italian today, but was Austrian in the 19th century.
The second card comes from Germany and features the cover of an old Ladybird 'Easy-Reading' book:
I never had this particular book. It would have been interesting to see what they had to say about my native country.

We had our last embroidery group session on Tuesday. The last one before the summer. It was already almost too hot to work in. My hands were sweaty and it was really too hot to do anything.
I would like to show you what our 'teacher' made. She brought it in for me a few weeks ago so I could photograph it. They are all hand embroidered shawls. Here goes:

 The fringe is hand knotted.
 Here is a close-up:
She also did a coloured shawl:
 I think she hadn't finished the fringe yet.
Here is a close-up.
The front and the back are completely identical. I took this picture for you to see. I have folded the material back so you see the front and the back next to each other:

This is the third one. I asked one of the ladies to wrap it round her shoulders:
And this is a Little detail:
And finally, this is the lady that made all those beautiful things:
Her name is Encarna and she is a quiet unassuming sort of person.

Now for some funnies. They're about women and their period/time of the month. Or shall I call it Moonsickness!

I have the urge to eat chocolate too, (only I am in my menopause...)
I hope this has made you smile a Little bit.
Have a great week,
Keep smiling!


  1. I love your funnies today and can relate to those but thank goodness don't have to worry about it anymore and I think my hubby is relieved too. I think he will like the "Satan has been Fed" one though of course I was never as bad as that! Those shawls are wonderful, what a clever lady and so patient to do all that work. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  2. Oh wow your teacher is amazing-such gorgeous works and love the knotted fringe as well.
    I always enjoy seeing your postcards-those were really nice ones. and the funnies-well just too funny lol
    Happy Friday Kathy

  3. What amazing embroidery. Your teacher is very talented. Thank her for letting you share it with's brought a huge smile to my face. As of course has the funnies. Men really have no idea do they?
    Annie x

  4. The embroidery really is fantastic, so much detail. I can't imagine a gym without air conditioning in this country let alone Spain. Loving the postcards - gorgeous!

  5. Your Elisabeth postcard is beautiful, I love her pretty hair and dress 😀. I have never seen this Ladybird book either and it would be so interesting to see inside. Wow, those shawls are amazing, the embroidery is so beautiful and delicate! Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊

  6. The Sisi postcard is so beautiful and I love this shawls - absolutely amazing!
    We have a heat wave in Austria as well now!
    Happy weekend Lisca!
    oxo Susi

  7. Hi Lisca,

    The postcards are beautiful. I love the stamp also.

    The shawls your teacher made are amazing! The back is just as beautiful as the front!! Thank you for sharing.

    Oh, the funnies are too much! Glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Lovely postcards Lisca. The Ladybird book one made me smile. I don't think we had that one either.
    Those shawls are stunning. I admire anyone who can do embroidery like that. She is one very talented lady.
    Thanks for the funnies too. I'm just grateful that time has passed, but they did make me smile.

  9. I enjoyed see the postcard of Sisi as it brought back memories of seeing the beautiful Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. Those shawls are amazing! How talented to make such beautiful pieces. Years ago an elderly lady from Serbia made similar embroidered altar cloths for our church. How I wish I could do this type of needlework. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for sharing such amazing things. Pat xx