Monday, 26 June 2017

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 27 June 2017 - T for postcards, butterflies, cake pops and a British English translation

Good morning T-Gang,

How are you all this morning? 

This blog post has turned out to be all about words. Words on a postcard, a book, English slang words and a fun new word.

I'm joining Elisabeth and Bleubeard at T for Tuesday. Please join the T-party if there is  a beverage in our post.

I am just sorting out the postcards that have arrived this week. So I'll show you my first one now:
The writing at the top is in Danish (I think, it could be Norwegian for all I know). Is she winking? Or is she a Little worse for wear? Who knows. It has a drink in it so I have chosen this one to start off the T-party.

I received this card from someone in Singapore. He or she has used some special stamps:

The stamp on the left has 'Vanishing Trades' as theme and shows a 'Dairy man'. (Another drink reference for the T-Party).

The second card I have chosen is this one:
My mouth waters and it takes all my self control not to get up and find that slab of chocolate that has been hiding in the kitchen for a while!

The card was sent to me by Bartleby in Gimpo, South Korea. She has also used some beautiful stamps. They both have a food theme:

I finished another book yesterday. It is called The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison.

It's set in the present with two FBI agents trying to uncover the truth behind the crime scene they have just discovered. What they know is that they have found "The Garden", a prison where the psychopath known as "The Gardener" has kept young women trapped for decades. He calls them "Butterflies", tattooing wings on their backs before renaming them, raping them and letting his violent son terrorize them.
It is a chillingly fascinating tale with beauty and horror in equal measures. The abuse stands in contrast with the love and care the girls have for each other. Not for the faint hearted but beautifully written. I couldn´t put it down and read it almost in one sitting.

The above photo of the tattoo I found amongst the reviews of this book on Goodreads. I personally don't like tattoos, but this butterfly is beautiful. It's just a shame it is on someone's body.
Anyway, I can say this book goes on my list of best books I've read, definitely.

Last week I read Jo's blog post and she had to 'translate' from British English into American English. I am very much aware that my American friends sometimes misunderstand me. So I have found a list of British English 'slang' words. I don't think they are bad slang. You will find most of them in a dictionary and I use most of them daily. Here they are (It's a long list, so if you are not interested just scroll down past it)

Last week we should have attended the dedication (in church) of our friend's baby. But a family member is seriously ill in hospital so the dedication has been postponed. Saturday is my baking day, and, not knowing about the postponement, I decided to make some cake pops. I had bought a silicon mould the week before and couldn´t wait to start experimenting.

They turned out lovely. I found a recipe for a caky sort of cake pop.
I piped the dough in one half of the  mold and then after closing it with the other half, I baked it for 10 minutes.
Then of course the fun begins! I made icing and covered them and then found some sprinkles and... Bob's your uncle! (see translation nr 42 in the list)
They were meant for the children that attended the dedication. We don't particularly care for them (too sweet), so I 'popped' them in the freezer!

I'll leave you with another word for you to learn:
Recognise this?

That is it from me today. 

Have a super T-Day,




  1. Ha- what a great post Lisca!!! Fab postcards- love the combination of champagne and chocolate-that woman should be smiling!
    Thanks for sharing the American/English list - I need to print that:)
    I am the epitome of a "procraftinator"
    Happy T day!
    Yummy looking cake pops tho they'd be too sweet for me.

  2. Love the wonderful postcards, you got some beauties this week. The Butterfly garden sounds great, I will try to get it on my Kindle. Yes, US and British English is different, but always fun to see. The cake pops look fantastic, yummy. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. I have always said that the Brits don't know how to talk English. It's a standing joke at my place, because I'm about as British as they come.

    More you might like to add to the list:
    Holiday- we call vacation.
    Boot-trunk of the car
    Boot sale-sold out of the trunk of the car
    Bonnet-engine area

    I thought chuffed meant pleased/happy, but I can see where it might mean proud, too. Yes, I'm very British, but I speak American!

    LOVE the two postcards and the stamps. That one with the milk was incredible, but the postcard of the woman drinking tea and alcohol was fabulous. Of course, now I want some chocolate, too.

    Thanks for sharing your baking, your British English to American English, and your lovely drink related postcard and stamps with us for T this Tuesday. Simply wonderful.

    Forgot to mention, I'm not a fan of tattoos, either. I was raised by a grandmother (grandfather, too) who thought they cheapened a person. Ironic how some things influence your prejudices years and years after the fact.

  4. What a wonderful post! You never cease to amaze me with your posts Lisca!
    Happy T-Day!

  5. Really enjoy the whole of this post. Such a lot to enjoy and fun as well.

    Have a very happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. procraftingating - definitely a word for me:))
    the Pop cakes look awesome, and there will surely be some Kids who like the sweetness!
    what a great Array of postcards you get from all over the world! with wonderful postal stamps on them.
    the Butterfly is beautiful, too (well, i would never have thought about getting tattooed myself;))
    and i will Bookmark this slang list.
    wow, great post here! happy t-day!

  7. This has been a great post to red today. Your postcards all looked super and the stamps are all so interesting. UK ones seem boring by comparison. I read down your list of words there are so many, we all take as part of our lives and never think others may need them explaining.
    Your pop cakes looked lovely, freezing is a good idea, the children will love them
    Have a Happy T day
    Yvonne xx.
    p.s. I've noted the book as well

  8. Oh how that first postcard made me smile! The chocolate treats one is wonderful! I do love seeing the stamps too! My Granddaughter loves cake pops, yours looks great! I will look for that book based on your recommendation! The list of words made me smile too! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  9. Great postcards and stamps! The British slang made an interesting read too, I may start to compile a list of words that I know to share ... lol ... thanks for the inspiration 😉. The cake pops are so much fun and it was a great idea to freeze them, I'm sure the children will love them. Your use of the term Bob's your uncle made me smile too! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  10. I enjoyed your British translations of slang. I didn't know some of them, even though I watch a lot of British programming on our US Public Television station. Lots of them make sense if you think about them. They are always quite creative but work for what they are saying! And your cake pops came out amazing. I've never tried them. I bet the kids will love them when they get them. :) Happy T day Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  11. Such fun postcards and stamps. Bet the cake pops were popular with the little people. Loved reading the British Slang guide. I learned most of the slang from watching BBC America: Doctor Who, Midsommer Murders, Broadchurch. Love the telly (-; Happy T Day!

  12. I think that lady is looking rather sly with her squinty Lovely postcards Lisca... That translator was alot of fun! I knew alot of them and also learned a few new ones! Cake pops were really big here a few years ago.. haven't heard or seen much about them lately.. Yours are adorable.... I don't think i've ever had one..even when they were popular.. darn... lol Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  13. I'm admiring the hat on that woman in the postcard, and I think she's looking over her shoulder to see if anyone has noticed it ;)

    I had heard some of the British slang but by no means all. Thx!

    Your cake pops look tasty. I've never seen anything like that. Happy T Tuesday :)

  14. I was able to download the book from Kindle, thanks for the tip. And the cake recipe - in German - is here:
    Hugs, Valerie

  15. A delightful post dear friend! Loved the 'translation' list, though I think my dedication to British tv shows familiarized me with quite a few. So that popular song from a few years back that had the phrase "pissing the night away" really meant 'drinking the night away?!' lol. I think drinking and visiting the loo pretty much go together! and who knew there could be so many euphemisms for private parts!? ha ha... But my favorite is Procraftinating! that's me for sure! happy T day!

  16. Good morning such an interesting post! I was look forward to seeing your newest postcards- all the words in the list were interesting, even here in the states we moved from the midwest and retired in a more southern state and the meaning of words sometimes are quite different here too.
    I don't like reading books like that watching movies tv like that-but I can understand how you can appreciate good writing by the author.
    Your cake pops look so fun Happy T Day hugs Kathy

  17. Your post is full of interesting "bits and bobs," but my favorite is the chocolate postcard. I definitely have "La Passion du Chocolat." :) Happy T Day!

  18. I think the Danish(?) lady looks disapproving with her squinty eyes and lips drawn into a thin line. Perhaps the people at the next table are misbehaving from too much champagne ;-)

    I love the list of British slang phrases, Lisca. Many of them have snuck into US English (e.g. gobsmacked, easy peaasy, wonky, bespoke, tad). I had a giggle over some of the more colorful ones and knew others from watching British TV and movies. The Brits do film better than Hollywood these days!

    Your cake pops look lovely. I hope they freeze well.

    I don't procraftinate. I wish I could. I procrastinate my art and craft time with all the other things that I HAVE to do.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  19. I can definitively say that procraftinating is a thing...I've done it so many times. Love it!
    Happy T day!

  20. Oh how I enjoy procrastinating😊

  21. Pro Craft inating.... that's spell check, always trying to correct me!