Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 16 Feb 2016 T for little disaster, a bit of snow and some money

Hi all of you at the Tuesday gang,
I'm just a little late! I will explain: We have a weekend cavehouse about 30 miles from here where we escape to every week for a couple of days as I don't want my DH to work himself to death. We went there last night and found there was no power. DH tried everything to no avail. Then by the light of the torch we found a little note shoved under the door, written in Spanish officialdom speak, saying there had been an electrical 'incident' and I should phone the number given. It was dated 5 days before and we have two freezers in the house which I had recently topped up with all sorts of goodies. Arghh!
So we spent last night cleaning the freezers, and dumped all the contents in large containers and went home. This morning, we disposed of most of the contents. The meat that wasn't smelly I cooked this morning and it will go to my neighbours three dogs. They will have a feast. Then a trip to the rubbish bin (we live on a cliff face, in the cave house neighbourhood and the big lorry of the refuse collectors can't come down our small streets, so we have to walk to the village and dispose of it in public containers. Not a problem. I take a small bag every time I go shopping.)
I have no photos of this whole affair and I am still waiting for the electrician to call me back.  I'll keep you posted.

But i do have a photo of my daily postcard: here it is
I received it recently from Turkey. It shows Safranbolu in the snow. My Turkish fellow Postcrosser writes:"These buildings built and painted with traditional ways, and because of that, they're inUNESCO World Heritage list". Safranbolu is two and a half hours drive north of Ankara, and has an altitude similar to ours. Like us, they also get cold winters. The houses traditionally are made of wood. I have seen them myself as I traveled all over Turkey in 1971. It is a most beautiful country with the kindest people I have met in all my travels. 

Yes we have had a bit of snow too. It has melted now but the hills and mountains are still covered. This is the view from my studio where i am sitting now:
I love my craft room. It has huge windows and at the moment the sun is shining in. I still have the stove lit of course as outside temperatures are around freezing point. 

To be able to link in with Elizabeth and her T for Tuesday  I have taken a picture of my teapot on the stove. It has Magic Moments in it (a apple, cinnamon and rooibos infusion). Vely nice...
What's with the money you say? Well, when we flew to the Netherlands in December our flight was delayed. I applied for compensation through Flightright (or the Spanish site) and got compensation. They take commission, but after commission I had 560 Eur in my hands! Here it is, I've just been to the bank to get it! For those who live or travel in Europe, I can highly recommend this company. It was as easy as filling in a few details online, the whole process took a few weeks. They are very efficient.

That is it for this week. 

Wishing you all a great T-day,




  1. How terrible to lose all your food--I hope the problem is sorted out soon. We keep a full 2nd freezer (inaddition to the small freezer attached to our refrigerator)and worried about it when the power goes out, so now have a generator.

    You have a beautiful view from your craft room!

  2. Love the view from your craft room!!! Sorry to hear about the electrical issue and the loss of all the food. That is always a major disappointment :( Love the post card and the photo of your Teapot on the stove. Love the stove ♥

  3. Glad you got compensation for the flight, that is good, but sorry that there was a problem with the electricity and that you lost so much food, pity. But again, a good feast for the dogs! Love the view from your craftroom, so pretty. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Oh what a dilemma to have to deal with-and especially to lose so much food! Hope it won't be long before you get your electricity back. Lovely postcard and that town in Turkey looks really beautiful. Of course I love the view from your craft room! And how nice to know that you can get your deserved compensation without all the red tape that usually happens for so many-at least here in the US. Enjoy and happy T day!

  5. ugh...that is so frustrating when the power goes out and you have a freezer full! We had a freezer issue a couple summers ago with 200lbs of beef in there. Luckily I had a friend who could store it for me until our issue was resolved.

  6. With a view like the one from your craft room......I could almost calm down about loosing all that food!.....almost!

    The post card has a stunning picture on it...thanks for sharing it.

    Keep warm and Happy T-day

  7. What a disappointment to find you'd lost all that food! I trust it'll all be fixed soon, and you can restock with more goodies :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  8. oh no, all that wasted Food, a nightmare. but at least the Dogs will have their feast...
    a good Thing to get the flight compensation though...
    thanks for visiting and have a happy t-day!

  9. Isn't it nice that you got the money back - so the little drama with the loss of all the good food has been compensated !
    Life is good..lol!
    Lovely view out of your window!

    Happy T-Day!

  10. If i had that view out my craftroom i would never get anything done! LOL ! I'm so sorry to hear about your electrical issues.. you know i feel your pain... Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  11. I was glad that you were safe, but saddened that you lost all that food. Someone left an uncooked roast here at Thanksgiving. It was wrapped in a plastic bag and still sealed in my fridge. I found it yesterday and took it to the trash when I was cleaning. So, I can understand the frustration you must feel. Had I known the roast was there, I'd have given it to my friend Sally or cooked it for her. At least the neighbor's dogs will eat well tonight.

    You have a fantastic view from your craft room. It certainly is well worth the wait to be able to craft there.

    That's a great stove and I like the teapot, too. Great job on recouping some of your money. Looks like a great company to deal with.

    So glad you are OK, and all is relatively well. Thanks for sharing your adventure, your postcard, your lovely craft room view, and your tea and teapot with us for T this Tuesday. And, you are NOT late!

  12. You win some, you lose some eh? Out with the food....but in with the money!!! Hope you hear from the electrician soon. We have the same issues with tradesmen here....soooo slow to respond! And I LOVE the sound of your tea in that pot. YUM! Even more...the view....STUNNING!!!

  13. You've had an eventful week...sorry about your freezer contents, but those dogs will love you! Hope all works out for you. Perhaps your compensation has helped with the annoyance?! Happy T Day!

  14. You've had an eventful week...sorry about your freezer contents, but those dogs will love you! Hope all works out for you. Perhaps your compensation has helped with the annoyance?! Happy T Day!

  15. So sorry about all your freezer foods!! Bummer!
    Love the kettle on the woodstove, though.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  16. Oh! That's bad - losing food but it could have been worse - imagine if it had been any longer! I love the view from your craft room - great to see snow , especially if it is on mountain tops. Well done for reclaiming your money! Sorry to be here so late, my outing yesterday made me tired! Chrisx

  17. I wish it was peace on Earth.
    Because I love Turkey and I´d love to live there.
    The picture of Safranbolu is lovely.:)

    I´m waiting for the day we all will make ONE family.
    Sussie nr 50 WOYWW