Friday, 12 February 2016

A Postcard a Day - Friday 12 Feb 2016 - Friday Smiles

Good morning friends, It's Friday again. Nearly weekend (for those who work 9-5). 

I must say I am really enjoying my retirement and this week I have started another jigsaw puzzle.
 It is called 'Kings and Queens of England', a present from our S-i-L. I have started with the outline and then I will put together all the coats of arms and take it from there. 
When finished I will hang it on the wall in the stairway, which is very long and will become a sort of gallery where I can hang my puzzles.

I'll tell you more of what i have been doing this week further on. I will be linking up with Virginia for Rocking your World Friday.

But first my postcard:
 Another Inge Look creation. Those two 'naughty' old ladies always make me smile. 
There were some interesting stamps on it:
The top one is about  Sir Constantijn Huygens, was a Dutch Golden Age (17th century) poet and composer. He was secretary to two Princes of Orange: Frederick Henry and William II, and the father of the scientist Christiaan Huygens.
The bottom stamp is about the Salvation Army (in Dutch: Leger des Heils)

We always go for coffee somewhere after church on Sundays. This time we went to this place that we liked the look of. I really like those stairs.

It specializes in ham, as in Serrano type ham. We only came in for a coffee, but it's nice to see all the hams hanging up.

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo. I think I had the camera on a wrong setting.
Here are the hams hanging in the dining area. Here they are all covered (new law).

Friday Smiles is all about being positive and counting your blessings. Do have a look at Annie's blog at a Stitch in Time.

My biggest  smile this week was when we got the news that we were succesful in claiming compensation after our flights were delayed for several hours in December. 568Eur is making its way to our bank account as I speak! We went through a company called Flightright I can thoroughly recommend or They are fast and efficient. Fill in flight details online... job done. Of course they take a hefty commission somewhere along the line, but the amount above is what I get. As far as I'm concerned they deserve their commission. 

Finally a couple of funnies. They made me smile and i hope you will too.
I do love a good glass of wine.

Here is another one:

That's it from me this Friday. Have a restful weekend and a good week,




  1. These Friday smile posts really do start my days off well so thank you for the chuckle. I'm sure giving a bottle of wine the mouth to mouth was part of my nurses training :-) :-) I love the post card today....I think I could be one of those old ladies lol.
    Biggest hugs,
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca and Happy Friday. All you funnies made me chuckle - the wine one reminds me of a time when the hubby opened a bottle and explained to our son about leaving it to breathe and then a short time late he asked "has it got its breath yet". Interesting coffee shop. Have a fab weekend Robyn

  3. Great jigsaw!! Mum and I always used to have a new jigsaw at Christmas and we would start it on Boxing Day. Mum used to get the day off, a tradition which I continued when I got married too!!
    That coffee place looks interesting.
    I like the funny platypus!!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Ah a fab post, how amazing are all those hams hanging down - the restaurant looks fabulous and I too like the stairs! Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.


  5. Not sure I would want to sit under those hams - especially if they weren't covered. Glad you are enjoying retirement -the jigsaw looks fab!
    soojay xx

  6. Hi Lisca, just got back from my walk with the girls so Friday has been good so far! Now I have read your post and it's getting even better. Love the postcards and the wine bottle but the platypus is brilliant and really made me smile. Have a great day, Angela x

  7. Hi Lisca,
    I think us Americans have a thing of not really wanting to see the meat we eat. I don't think I could stand to sit under those hams! Believe me, pork is one of my favorite meats!

    I love the staircase - very interesting. Also love the door that your husband is standing in front.

    Happy Friday!


  8. I love the postcard of the two little old made me smile. Thank you for your friendship all the way from Spain ♥

  9. Hi Lisca, another enjoyable and interesting post. Seeing your jigsaw is such a coincidence. The tearoom we had lunch in today has several framed and hanging on its walls. The proprietor makes them up in a backroom in his spare time though he doesn't seem to have much of that, it was very busy when we were there. The restaurant you went to is equally interesting - all those hams! I love the postcard of the two old ladies dumpster diving, very funny :) Congratulations on the compensation - takes the sting out of the delay you had to endure. Oh, and I did enjoy the funnies, especially the one about the platypus. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  10. Good luck with the puzzle Lisca. It is ages since I tackled a large one like that, but I used to enjoy them.
    I love all the hams hanging over the dining room!
    That is good news about your compensation. It was well worth the paperwork wasn't it.
    I smiled at your postcard image, and the two funnies, though I still haven't acquired a taste for wine, which is rather a shame living in Spain! Have a good week. Kate x

  11. What a fascinating post, Lisca, and thank you for directing me to it - particularly the platypus!! With your permission I'd like to put that one on my blog in a prominent position! I love your Kings and Queens jigsaw but it looks horrendously difficult to do! What a good idea to hsng the finished puzzles. They are so decorative and make great pictures. Lovely photos on this post, especially that extraordinary staircase. I always photograph unusual things like this.


    1. Yes, of course you can use it. It is not my photo though, I found it on the internet, or should i say it sort of appeared on Facebook the other day. No acknowledgement at all. So I don't know who to attribute it to. (I woudn't worry about it though)

  12. Oh my favourite bit is the postcard, it looks like me skip diving haha
    Lynn x

  13. Popping in late this week as I was out having other fun on Friday and Saturday.
    Really enjoyed your post. As always the card and stamps are great and love your funnies. Those hams reminded of when my friend lived in Spain and always it fascinated me how there were never any flies on the hams and she told me that they left them alone because of all the salt in them. Now I read that they have to be covered by law. I MUST tell her! Have a good week..... enjoy... it's freeeezing here.
    Jo x