Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Ta-Da! WOYWW 300! and flying off to Italy tomorrow!

Tada! WOYWW 300!... And I’m flying off to Italy tomorrow!

Congratulations Julie on the 300th WOYWW! This is quite an achievement! I’ve only been part of this for the last 25 weeks but let me tell you it’s addictive!

This is my desk this week:

I’ve finished making the cards for my D-I-L, which you can see on the left. She wanted 15 but I made a few more. I will take them with me to Italy tomorrow. They don’t ‘do’ cards in Italy so this is a novelty for them. Here is a close-up:

I’ve also done a background in my journal after seeing a video tutorial by Jennifer McGuire called Easy Distress Ink Watercolor Backgrounds (With Iron-Off Embossing)

 ( I was pleased with the result. I now wish I had more distress inks but I only have 4 colors. I didn’t iron off the embossing as I quite like the shiny effect. Again, here is a close-up:

My desk of WOYWW 298 had the beginnings of a scrapbook page with photos of my dad from 1955. For those who’d like to see the finished page... here it is:

See yesterday’s blogpost for more details and better photos.

Last but not least I want to show you the material I bought the other day for a table cloth for my mother. I chose a motif to embroider and I am in the process of copying/tracing the pattern onto the material. I am in a local ladies’ group where I can learn how to embroider as I have only ever done cross stitches. Watch-this-space as they say.

Tomorrow we are flying to Italy to see our new grandson (who is now 3 months old). So I won’t be able to comment much with a baby on my lap! (besides, I haven’t got a fancy phone that does internet). And next Wednesday there won’t be a photo of my desk of course as I won’t be back yet. But I just might be able to upload a photo of the above mentioned little chappie....

If you’ve been wondering what WOYWW (Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday) is all about have a look at Julie’s website .

Thank you all for visiting,
Have a great week,


  1. lovely projects, enjoy all the snuggles with the little one :)
    happy WOYWW
    Love Mrs.C.xx

  2. Oooh! ENJOY Italy and meeting your little grandboy:) The cards look lovely....rather intrigued by your foray into embroidery [good luck!] & that bg from your art journal is absolutely LOOOOOVELY!!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the video. I watched it and definitely will be trying it as I am new to embossing and am looking for new techniques. Do take many photos of your trip to share. have fun and be safe! Diane #39

  4. Hi Lisca, I love your background! Beautiful., as is the layout. I also very much like the design for your tablecloth, almost has a celtic feel to it. I can remember my Mum teaching me embroidery many, many years ago- she still has tablecoths that she embroidered before she married my Dad.Have a lovely time visiting your family, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #27 xx

  5. Enjoy Italy and I trust that your time with your family will be everything you were praying for xx

  6. That's a lovely journal page - really pretty - I'm off to see the technique on Youtube shortly! The cards are beautiful and I'm sure your DIL will be thrilled with them, and I also love the layout - what a wonderful page of memories and nostalgia. Hope you have a lovely time with your family and meeting your new grandson,
    Diana #40

  7. Love that scrapbook page - thanks so much for sharing it! You are being quite productive. Happy WOYWW #300! Sandy Leigh #58

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  9. Have a wonderful visit, Lisca! All your makes are lovely.

    Happy woyww to you!
    #70 this week with a tiny
    Irish Blessings book

  10. I wish you a lovely time in Italy
    Gabriele 26

  11. So happy that you will be meeting that precious little grandson! Have a wonderful time!
    The tablecloth pattern is gorgeous. I have not embroidered in quite some time, but I do prefer crewel over cross-stitch and I love swedish weaving. I have done two tabelcoths in swedish weaving and several hand towels. Enjoy your trip and family time. Nann54

  12. Gorgeous makes on show today Lisca and please don't worry about getting round all the blogs....just have a wonderful time in Italy and give your new family member a cuddle from me.
    Annie x #22

  13. That is a lovely background. Have a wonderful time with your new grandson. Anne x 38

  14. hope you have a wonderful time with your grandson.. enjoy the embroidery. Helen 5

  15. I love your card and your background, thanks for sharing the link, I need all the help I can get lol :)

    1. Thank you for visiting and you kind comment. I don't know what number you are on Julia's blog so I'm doing it this way.
      Have agood week.

  16. Thanks for taking the time to share with us today. Enjoy Italy.

    Happy 300 WOYWW.
    Pat #83

  17. Hi Lisca, it's interesting that you said they don't do cards in Italy. We kind of take it for granted that all countries send greeting cards when infact they don't. Hope you enjoy your trip. Angela x 42

  18. Hi Lisca, happy 300th WOYWW, lovely distress ink background -so pretty. Do enjoy your time in Italy - I've just returned from two weeks visiting GD Sophie 15 months and a delightful child. Cheers RobynO#14

  19. Beautiful background, Lisca. It reminds me of a "bokeh" background technique I came across recently, which I am keen to try when Mr. Mojo and Mrs. Muse decide to return home from their extended ilicit holiday. I've done quite a bit of iron-off resist - if you place the paper on top carefully and don't move it when you iron it, you end up with another useful piece of embossing ready for inking! I've managed to do this 3 times before it became less acceptable - waste not want not lol! Have a lovely time in Italy with your new grandson - how exciting is that? Maybe you can start a trend for card sharing in Italy. I am sure they will be thrilled with what you do, at any rate.

    Thank you for your visit and your kind words. I am glad you liked my "droopy" photo - such a characteristic attitude from both of them lol! Having my surgery postponed at such short notice was truly horrendous, and then not knowing when it would be, but getting the date was a huge relief, and it's turned out for the best in the end because my hubby and I can now enjoy a whole fortnight of peace and quiet without Mum in the house, and rest and recover from all the recent stress, and prepare for my rescheduled surgery on 18th.

    Happy belated 300th,
    Shoshi #45

  20. Lisca,

    Thank you so much for visiting last week I am sorry I am not getting back to you until now, life really went pear shaped for me. Oh and that layout you have finished is brilliant, love it and love the bike your dad rode, ah sweet memories. Thanks for sharing and have fun in Italy, I wish I was there with you

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #89
    Happy 300th WOYWW

  21. So Bizarre to think that cards are a novelty in Italy wouldn't have thought that she is going to love them :)
    Hugs Nikki 1
    HAPPY WOYWW 300 too