Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Maico Mobil - scrapbook page

Maico Mobil 
Here is a blog post about the latest scrapbook page I made.

I found these awesome pictures of my parents and our beloved motorbike, the Maico Mobil, taken in 1955. 

The German factories that had been making military motorbikes during WW2, were now producing motorbikes designed for comfort. This Maico Mobil was unique in that respect and my dad loved it. He rode it for many years and I, when I was a child, would ride with him. Happy days!
This is my dad on the (then) new enclosure dam of the Zuider Zee, called the Afsluitdijk. 

This is mum posing.

I made this layout for the CSI challenge (Colors, stories and inspiration http://csicolorstoriesinspiration.ning.com/  )

Their ‘Case File’ 155 had a certain color palette, a sketch and some other guidelines that I followed to make this page.

The journaling reads:

“My dad had an interesting scooter in the fifties. It was called Maico Mobil. I have happy memories as a child, sitting very comfortably on the shaft in front of my dad.  Here are some photos taken during a holiday in Germany in 1955. (Note the empty motorway!) Top right is my mum, just posing, as she was always the passenger.” 

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  1. You always have such INTERESTING posts! Love the retro photos! And your page is full of vintage loveliness...that string circle...yum! And the little touch of colour behind...works a treat:):)

  2. Love the unique string circle. What lovely photos...takes one down memory lane xx

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  4. Great photos! I have been searching for a Maicomobil for nearly 40 years and recently found one which I intend to restore to its former glory. I love seeing photos like this because it makes me think about the history of the machine - the people who may have owned it and all the fun times they had with it. Thanks for posting!