Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Italy, a cute baby and lots of snow!

Trip to Italy with nothing but snow!

We’ve just come back from an exciting week in Italy. We went to see our little grandson, who is now 4 months old. He was being baptised so we travelled there for the occasion.

It was a long journey: a long bus ride from Baza to Malaga (4 hours), then a two and a half hour flight to Rome. From Rome another 3 hour bus ride to Chieti, only it took us 5 hours because of the snow. It was snowing heavily and the bus almost didn’t make it, but they have special tires and with much delay we finally arrived at midnight. My son came to pick us up in a 4x4. That was another arduous journey and we made it to the outskirts of town from where we had to walk (with suitcases) through the snow to the house as the streets were not accessible.

 Here is a photo of me looking out of the window of the house we were staying in, and another snow photo. I know that my Canadian friends will laugh at this but we live in sunny Spain and are not used to this amount of snow.

Meeting my grandson was a delight! He is a cheeky chappie, all smiles.

I had bought a nice outfit for the baptism with high heeled shoes, but what I eventually wore were a jumper, trousers and boots (because of the snow).

The baptism was on the 8th of March, which also is International Women’s Day. The restaurant where we went for dinner after church, had vases of mimosa on every table. Mimosa being (in Italy at least) the symbol of women’s day. I remember always buying a twig of mimosa for my girl friends on that day.

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  1. Wow! In Australia we NEVER have snow, let alone that amount either! Love the mimosa - looks like our wattle out here.....& the photo of you with your grandson is really, really lovely! Looks like you had a good time. I hope so:):)

  2. In South Africa we also don't have snow...that looks so chilly. Beautiful photos Lisca...your grandson is a real cutie xx

  3. What a fun post, was peeping about from the WOYWW post. Such a precious baby boy. You look great in both photos. Your traveling sounds like a true adventure. We visited Germany 2 yrs ago as my son/family were there with military until this month. They returned to the US. and I am anxious to see them. And they had a big snowfall which my 3 granddaughters loved. I hope our snow fall will not return. I am ready for SPRING. our 70 degree temps left for a week or so, and no moisture so we are under a burn ban. A nice rain would bring our grass to green and our flowers to bloom. Thanks for sharing...Sounds like you enjoy retirement too...I don't miss that working world at all. #41

  4. No projects underway on your desk, but you've been busy! Your grandbaby is just adorable. :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and for the kind comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #6

  5. Lovely baby Lisca, bet you had a great time and the snow pics. are lovely but not good for walking in high heels Lol!
    Angela x

  6. Hi Lisca! I am getting exhausted just thinking of your arduous journey! The weather around the world is just getting more and more extreme! What a cute grandchild you have! I am sure he is such a joy! :^) patsy