Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WOYWW 279:“No more kitchen table!!”

WOYWW 279 Whats on your workspace Wednesday. 

“No more kitchen table!!”

We’re desk hopping again. If you don’t know what I mean, go to  where Julie will explain how it all works.

I now have a craft space! No more kitchen table! Let me explain: We are constructing our house next to an old cave house and while we are building, we are living in the old cave. My DH has cleared (and cleaned, bless him) a room for me to craft in! The furniture is what we found here when we bought the place.

The fold up table has come out of its box, a light (plus safe electrics) have been rigged up and the old stove now has a chimney pipe so it can be used when winter comes.

Isn’t that stove a beauty. We’ve tried it and it works! The winters here can be cold because of our altitude (we are in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.)

On my desk is my finished layout ‘Where the wild things are’ (see my previous blog page) and a ‘dolly’ stamp I have been playing with. I'm going to have a stab at 'colouring in'. I got my box of water colour pencils out (has never been used) and I’ll try to make a card for a friend. I'm seeing so many cards on WOYWW that I've really been inspired to do some again. (Although people in this country don't give each other cards.... but that's about to change!)
The new CSI challenges have been printed out and are beckoning, but I’m not sure I’ve got any papers in that colour. (I have very limited supplies. But that is a challenge in itself: scrap with what you’ve got...)

A lot of people have asked me for photos of the construction. There is one at the end of my previous blog and here is another one. We’re building on several levels and this is the ground floor, which now has a roof. What you see will be a lounge/kitchen/diner, a bedroom and a bathroom.

I cook for the workmen too as they live too far to go home for lunch. Yesterday I made a ‘mean’ lasagna. There’s just a little bit left, so if anyone is peckish..... I’ve got red wine ready too.

That’s it for today. Thanks for visiting. Pop round any time you like for a virtual glass of something (This is Spain: plenty of wine, lol!)
And I really appreciate all your kind comments.
God bless.


  1. Hi Lisca, happy WOYWW....well done, great hubby to help you set up a craft looks fabulous, no packing it away now to use the dining table. Cool to see the building in progress, looking forward to seeing it go ahead. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#37

  2. Yay, you've got somewhere to craft again! Woohoo, have fun in there :-) Thanks for showing the building process, what an amazing site for your new house. It's going to be wonderful!!
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  3. Met mijn verjaardag - onverwacht (extra) bezoek - wandelingen en vanalles te doen in het weekend, én werkmannen over de vloer sinds maandag (je voelt met me mee??!!) heb ik helemaal geen tijd meer gevonden om even langs je blog te wippen vorige week... dus nu kom ik 'dubbel langs'!!! Een grote puzzel op de tafel... oooh - dás lang geleden dat ik dat deed! Heerlijk, vind ik dat... de puzzels zitten hier allemaal nog onuitgepakt in dozen sinds de verhuizing en ik heb geen idee in welke doos... misschien dat ik er deze winter een keer aan toekom, want het is zo ontspannend als het buiten koud en guur is! Wat heerlijk dat je nu je eigen werkruimte hebt, en wát voor ruimte: hoe speciaal! Die muren, die kachel... geweldig, de sfeer alleen al is stof tot inspiratie! Heb een fijne dag Lisca, ik hoop dat de zon schijnt bij jullie, want hier is het koud en regenachtig (jawel, 'puzzelweer', maar ik houd het maar even op art journaling - leuk trouwens, dat je je verdiepte in deze vorm van 'art'... 't is zo'n heerlijke vrije, persoonlijke, 'niets-moet-alles-mag-er-zijn-geen-regels' discipline: gewoon beginnen zou ik zeggen! Liefs en een knuffel uit Nederland, Marit. woyww #38

  4. So glad you have a craft space. THe construction looks amazing and a glass of wine sounds great! Peg R 44

  5. Hi Lisca, what a beautiful setting to be building in. and wonderful that you will be incorporating the old original cave house. It must feel so much better to have a crafting space again.That lasagne looks delicious- count me in! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #36 xx

  6. That was very sweet of your hubby to make you a craft space. I love that stove. I'm sure the workers appreciated that yummy meal. #2

  7. Thanks for dropping in on me earlier and for your lovely comments. I've spent today looking after the twins and playing nursemaid to my daughter and I'm pleased to say she is moving a little easier today and making a steady recovery if but still rather sore.
    What an amazing the craft room too.
    Annie x # 16

  8. I love your new craft space and the new construction looks wonderful as well!
    Glenda #44

  9. Hi Lisca - what a wonderful craft room & so cosy with that log stove ! Great to see how your build it coming along. Friends in Mazarron where we used to have a house have suffered a lot of damage with the Gotta Fria last month - hoping you haven't been affected ? Love the colours on your layout & the "weird" tree photo too ! Thanks for visiting Ali #13

  10. Wow, that is going to be one amazing home, Lisca. And a stove in your craft room - how cosy is that?! Have a lovely week, Chris # 23

  11. Hi Lisca
    Ooo, when can I come ... it looks amazing and such a beautiful part of the world. I don't think I have ever visited a craft room in a cave before.... that's the thing about WOYWW it takes you to places you never would go to. the layout looks great well done to DH for sorting out a table for you... he obviously wants you to be happy :-)
    thanks for your visit... as to the background stamp... it is the first time I have used turned out better than I thought and actually looks better in the photo.... really ! but I will definitely be using it again .... soon
    janet #15

  12. Hi lisca
    me again.... I am now following you as I am interested to see how your building work goes..... my handyman (DH) was also fascinated by your cave house too

  13. Wow, how exciting for you Lisca! I love your little craft cave! Are you going to keep it after the new house is completed? So cool! Have a crafty week! (Incidentally, I also cooked lasagna tonight! - not sure if it was "mean" but it was quite edible, LOL!) Thanks for stopping by earlier zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle

  14. Hi Lisca,
    your crafting space is very cool! And that stove is wonderful! Thank you for paying me a visit, I am now popping in for a glass of wine 😆
    Gabriele 24

  15. Hooray for having your own crafty space! That stove is really great.

    I'd love to drop by for some wine, a friend sent me a bottle from Spain and it was wonderful.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. I do promise to show the finished sweaters!

    Happy creating and happy woyww,

    Sandy #27

  16. Hi Lisca! How cool that you live in a cave house, I saw a programme about them a couple of years ago. Great to have a craft space, much much better than the kitchen table! If it wasn't so late I would be join for the lasagne and a glass of wine would go down a treat but Ive given up the drink for October - give the liver a rest! Maybe next time I visit. Thanks for the visit and for joining my giveaway, Happy WOYWW Cindy#41

  17. WOW what an awesome story about your house. I had to look back through several posts!! It will be interesting to see how it progresses will you be keeping the cave house also? Love the layout and I think that the cactus is the picture is a Cholla. We see a lot of them in the American southwest. Have a great week and I will visit you again next week! Vickie #25

  18. Hello Lisca,

    Goodness me what a mamouth exercise you are undergoing with the construction, your house is going to look amazing when it is completed. You really are busy having to feed the workmen too and make sure all is going right on the building side of things. I can't even begin to imagine living in a cave but it must be awesome, it might be a tad hard to hand pictures in though LOL Please share more of your cave too, I find it so interesting and thank you for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan #12

  19. I'm leaving you another comment as the first one seems to have disappeared. Thanks for the visit and happy crafting, Angela x 39

  20. Oooh, a craft cave! There can't be many of those around! Your building work looks so exciting. I kept a complete blog record of the renovations on our new house last year, and especially of my ARTHaven and it's lovely to look back and see how it all came about. Nice work on your desk, too! And yes please, some of that lasagne would go down a treat!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I can well imagine what dealing with bureaucracy is like in Spain. As for my new blue badge, why they can't just contact the Department of Work and Pensions, quote my National Insurance No. and get proof that I receive higher rate mobility allowance which automatically entitles me to a parking badge, I can't think. They seem to require endless proofs of identity and I've got nothing with a recent photo on it.

    The big brushes on my desk are Inkylicious Ink Dusters. They are for applying and blending distress inks, and they are totally awesome. I never got on very well with the Tim Holtz blending tool but with the Ink Dusters you can build up the ink so gradually and they work really well on thin paper too as you don't catch the edge. The action is more natural and less tiring too, because you hold the ink duster like a pencil.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #32

  21. Wow, what a lovely hubby to get your desk up and running and with that fabulous stove. Your house is going to be huge. Are you at the top of the hill or does it keep going up? If it wasn't so far to swim, I'd be over for some lasagne now, it looks yummy.
    Enjoy your crafty room and have a great week.
    Von #19

  22. Your little cave looks so cozy and the stove is amazing it was super sweet of your hubby to find you a space to play while you wait for your new home to be built it looks like it's going to be Huge hugs Nikki 9

  23. Such a lot to see! Love the layout, love the lasagne (making a no-noodle version myself for the in-laws, one diabetic one gluten free) and love your space. Reminds me o the room I had when we lived in the old thatched roof cottage. Very atmospheric but hard to light well! Glad you liked the screamers and Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (4)

  24. Hi Lisca, I love your cave home and your work area is fab.

    Lovely LO.

    Those workmen should do an extra special job for you as you are feeding them so well:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW Sue #33

  25. Hi Lisca
    sorry I am late getting around for WOYWW. Yesterday was just one of "those" days and today not that much better!. Anyway thanks for dropping by my Blog and leaving a comment..yes I'll post a closer picture of the beaded purse when its done but may in two weeks time as my Mum arrives for a visit tomorrow. Oh wow I love the cave house room...looks awesome. I hope the building goes well...what an amazing place you live!
    Annette In Oz #30

  26. Hi Lisca, don't know what happened to my comment yesterday so will try again.
    You are very lucky to live in such a lovely place. My husband and I visited this area many years ago, (we are keen skiers and drove up to have a look when on holiday).
    You craft space looks great too. You must make sure that we get to see how things progress, would love to see it finished. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x

  27. Wow Lisca! You have a craft cave! That is totally outdoing all of our humble desks :)
    Thanks for stopping by my desk :)

    p.s. lasagne looks amazing - I know what I want for dinner now x

  28. How fascinating Lisca,
    Your cave house really caught my attention, but then I am thankful that you have a little something being bigger and brighter being created next door.
    I have a wood burner and let me tell you it's been lit most of the summer and we're not at altitude!
    What a wonderful hubby you have to create a crafting space.
    Red wine and lasagna sounds wonderful... I'm on my way! ;D
    Thanks for sharing... have a great week and good luck with the build.

  29. Wow!!! Your photos are so cool!!! The cave house is so interesting and I love that the stove still works! Looks like you are going to have a beautiful house when construction is over. Yum on the lasagna!!! I imagine the men appreciate your lunches very much! It looks like you have something fun started on your desk. :) Hugs! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Angie #52

  30. I must say this has been a very FUN vist for me!!! A NEW craft room in a cave house, how different is that!!! Great Construction photos and good looking men too.....and then you make Lunch, oh my.... a ‘mean’ lasagna, I bet they LOVED that!! I've signed up to followed by email, can't wait to see your next post.
    Thanks for stopping by for a vist, and the kind words too!

  31. Thank you for visiting my blog. :) Your new work space is so very tidy!! As for the Kusudama balls --- there are many on Pinterest, all different. There are many (excuses) reasons to look around on Pinterest.;) That's a cool cave house. Love the woodstove. We miss ours at the cottage over the winter. I'm betting that your house will be lovely. I look forward to seeing the completion.
    nannie #56

  32. That's an amazing journey you're taking there Lisca, the cave house is absolutely fascinating and it looks so cozy. I've just had my lunch so I'll have to pass on the lasagna but it looks delish. I hope you don't give the workmen then red wine, hic! Sock blockers - they're sock shaped forms that you put finished wet socks on to as they dry so they retain their pattern and don't become scrunched up. Sometimes my tension is a bit tight too and the wool relaxes when I was them so the blockers allow them to stretch a little bit too.

    Brenda 48

    1. Thanks for the explanation.
      I'm just wondering how best to answer you.... through this 'reply' button, or writing another comment on your blog?

  33. Hello!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment! WOW - a cave house - have never heard that term! You have such a nice area to create now and your construction is going well! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  34. Oh wow! Thanks for letting us see inside your cave house! It looks great! And a lovely new house being built as well! I am so envious, on both counts :)
    I bought some of those Prima doll stamps just recently. There is a tag with one on it, a few posts back, (next time you visit) :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment about my canvas. Much appreciated!

  35. Fascinating! Your desk area is nice but living in a cave house hmm, just sounds very interesting!
    Angie #67

  36. My gosh! A new/old cave, eh? The fireplace looks terrific, the lasagne better & I hope your card came together nicely!!! Those stamps look lovely to 'play' with:):)

  37. How interesting to live in a cave house! Love the stove! Your room looks pretty cozy, too! Thanks for popping by and a happy belated WOYWW to you!
    Carol N #59

  38. Your craft area (cave) looks very inviting, and I must admit I, too, find that very interesting. I bet it is very quiet in there, even with the construction going on.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry it has taken me so long to return the visit.

  39. I was hoping to see some pics of your cave--thank you for sharing!

    Happy woyww! (You never have to apologize for dropping in late to my blog, stop by whenever you want!)

    #77 this week

  40. Hi Lisca,

    What a great temporary craft area! The stove is very cool; so glad it works. I need to start collecting some wood for the winter here as it's gotten chilly this past week.

    The glass with the blue rim is a shot glass I bought at the thrift store. I know the glasses you mention as a friend of mine has a set - they are great and thick. You won't recognize the glass once I'm done! You'll have to come back and visit to see what happens (I know, what a tease!!)

    Thank you for visiting me already.
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (66)

  41. ooooooh Lisca, your temporary craft room looks so temptacious! That stove is so cosy. Great to see pics of your new home taking shape too. And omg that lasagne looks deLISH!!!! Sorry to be so late, but have a great weekend :o) Annie C #76

  42. What a wonderful post, and the one before, too. Great sharing! I am so glad you have a special place to craft now. Good luck on the card making and the home building. I love cardmaking and scrapbooking. Thanks for your earlier visit. #28

  43. Thanks for your visit earlier - popped in with a link to the finished cards ...
    Congratulations on your new craft area, I bet all the lasagne has gone now, it sure looks good!!!
    Bishopsmate #46