Monday, 20 October 2014

Our life here in Spain: almond shells

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This blog is not only about crafting but also about our life here in Andalucia. Today we went to Zujar with our friend David to buy almond shells. We’d bought some new sacks and armed with twine, scissors and a bucket we bagged our almond shells directly at the plant. This is the fuel for our stove this winter. (It does get quite cold because of the altitude: 1200m).

The mountain of almond shells at the plant is enormous. I’d never seen so many in my life! It didn’t take long to bag them. The men did the filling and I tied up the bags with twine.

We got very dusty, but luckily there was a compressed air blower thingy. And when we had finished bagging we played with the ‘blower’ to get the dust off our clothes. We 'blew' ourselves and each other. There is also a water hose. David picked it up, thinking it was air. He realized only just in time that he was about to get wet!

The boys loaded all 32 bags onto the trailer and the pick-up. 

Graham then drove the car onto the weigh bridge to calculate 

how much we had bagged. I went into the office to pay the bill, and that was a good morning’s work done. 
I'd never done this before. Normally we have it delivered by the lorry load in a friend's garden.. This is much easier. We shared this load with David and soon we shall get another load. That then should get us through the winter.
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  1. what a fascinating post! I love the idea of using the almond shells for heating.

  2. Fascinating! I shared this post with my family. I wonder what they do with all the almond shells from the almond farms here in So California? Never heard of burning them :)