Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Scrapbook page 'Left and Right'

Left and Right Brained

The CSI Color, stories and inspiration challenge of last week was about being right or left brained. Of course all those very artistic and creative people are all right brained. I did an online test and I seem to be mostly left brained. It's only a bit of fun because in reality we use both sides of our brain simultaneously. 
I enjoyed this challenge. And this is how I solved this case file:
The colors are all there and the evidence lies in arrows, plain white background and a speech bubble as well as numbers, a heart and circles. The ampersand (which I had to look up as I didn’t know what that was) is there too.
The testimony is about being left or right brained.

The journaling reads:                
“I’ve always been ‘left-brained’. I love maths, logic and symmetry. I managed a science degree and always loved studying. (I worked as a nurse because I believe this is what God wanted me to do). Now I’m retired, I really want to use the right side of my brain. I want to express myself, I want to create. Not easy as that R side is not used to being used. I want to do messy. I will try not to put everything in a straight line and get used to a-symmetrical.

I read somewhere that the concept of R & L brained is not to be taken literally. In reality we use both sides of our brain simultaneously. That sounds logical to me:  Left and Right!”

You might wonder about the photo. Of course we don’t have photos of our brain, but I thought my head was the nearest I could get. It’s a photo my husband took of me asleep during my chemo. It was the time I had recently retired and was looking forward to having some time to do crafting. But the chemo makes your brain slightly ‘fuddled’. So I was neither right nor left brained at that time but fuddle-brained! 

Thanks for looking and see you on Wednesday when I show you what's on my desk and will give an update on the building project.

God bless


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