Friday, 12 September 2014

Our life here in Spain: Figs

Hi peeps,
Here is some more about our life here in southern Spain.
It’s harvest time for a lot of stuff. I’ve already written about almonds. Today it is about figs. 

We picked quite a bag full of figs yesterday. Figs don’t keep very well and however nice they are, one can’t eat too many of them because they make one’s bowels loose. So, I make fig jam! 
This is a photo of a large fig tree:

This morning I made a happy sticky mess in the kitchen. I washed and chopped, sterilised jars, weighed and calculated amounts of sugar and lemon juice etc. And here they are: eight and a bit  jars of fig jam. Yumm!

Fig trees are very recognisable by their enormous leaves. (Hence Eve was able to hide her ‘bits’). Look at the size of these leaves!

I think fig trees only grow in warmer climates, but I have seen small ones grow in the UK on a south facing wall.
The flowers on the fig tree are very nondescript but the fruit is glorious! Some figs are purple and some are green. We have green ones here. (Sorry I didn't quite get the focus right in this photo).

I’ve opened a fig fruit here for the benefit of those who have never seen fresh figs and only know the dried variety at Christmas. Inside is a red mass of gooey sweetness. Sooo good!

Thanks for stopping to read this and thank you for your comments.
Bye for now and God bless,



  1. Hi Lisca,

    What amazing fig trees, I love figs and my mouth is watering thinking about the fruit, I love to eat mine when they have been zapped in the microwave for a minute they are a delicious fruit the house next door to my bestie has a tree, this year I am going to raid it when the fruit is nearly ready.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza

  2. HI Lisca have picked figs from tree at my friends place do love them they are really yummy that way!!!!
    ... we also get fresh figs in the shops here and sometimes splurge on one or two.. love them, thanks for sharing.. think Spain and Oz might in some places have similar climate, Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Fascinating about the figs, Lisca. I laughed at the loose bowels bit - when we were growing up my sister used to suffer from constipation and I remember her sitting there on the throne straining till she nearly bust a gut because Mum would threaten her with syrup of figs if she didn't go! She hated syrup of figs! We have a fig tree in our garden but not sure if it will produce any figs. I love the idea of fig jam.

    Thank you for your visit and your nice comment - the doctor said pillows didn't work as well as raising the whole bed, but we shall have to see! As for our break while Mum is away, we aren't going anywhere, but taking trips from home. Today we went to a local place but I couldn't take any photos.


  4. I don't think I have ever seen or eaten a fresh fig... I do love preserved figs and fig jam though.... I lmao at your loose bowel story too and Shoshi's comment made me lol.... so nice to see how others occupy their days and what their lives are like. I love your blog.