Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Our life here in Spain: Classic Car Sunday

About our life here in Andalucia.

Classic Car meeting

For those who want to know what we are up to in (still warm) Andalucia: Last Sunday there was the yearly Classic Car meet. 70 cars lined up in the municipal park, just yards from our house.

 Many arrived on Saturday night and their owners slept in their cars. We went to the bar for a drink with friends and we looked at the cars and met the owners and tasted the great atmosphere.

I love all those old cars that I actually remember from when I was young. I love that Ford Mustang (who doesn’t). There were lots of old Renaults, Fiats, Seats and Citroens. There was an MG, and a replica Aston Martin. Also an American Cadillac and a Corvette.

Our builder Alfredo, who is not from our village, was talked into registering his old Ford-T for the drive on Sunday. We were invited to come along. There was Alfredo and my hubby Gray in the front and Alfredo’s wife and two small girls and me in the back. 

We drove 60 km and had an extensive meal at the end of it. (the Spanish don’t do meals by halves: it took us 2 hours to work our way through all the delicious courses). Alfredo won a trophee for the oldest car! We enjoyed ourselves immensely and hope that we can be part of it again next year.

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  1. Oh wow Lisca that looks fabulous. I love old cars too and my dad used to restore vintage cars and I still have a love of them today. Sounds like a great time was had by all..