Tuesday, 16 October 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 16 October 2018 - T for storks, cathedral and postcards

Hello lovely girls, oh my, it's Tuesday again! Time for the T-Party. Elizabeth and Bluebeard invite anyone to the T-Party with a blogpost that has a beverage in it. 

Let me confess: I have forgotten my beverage. I'm not sure Elizabeth will let me in. But she is a nice person, so I'm sure if I smile sweetly she will let me stay...

Let me start with my postcards. I haven't received any this week, but I have sent two the other day.
This first one is winging its way to China, to a young lady called Sun. Sun likes all things fantasy, so I have sent her a fantasy image. No, don't ask me. I don't know who or what the image represents, but she is wearing a dodo on her head so it must be very fantasmagorical!
The second one is going to the USA. This lady has made it known that she is a lover of art, so I am sending her a painting by a Spanish artist Salvador Dali. His work is very unique and sometimes disturbing, but always downright weird! I love it though. Always have. I remember queueing up for a Dali exhibition in my home town when I was 12 years old. My parents deemed me too young to go but after much 'convincing' I was allowed to go and my dad came with me. 
I forgot what this one is called.

I'd like to share some photos from our recent trip. Also art but of a different kind. Traveling through Spain, we stopped in a town called Alfaro. Alfaro is a town and municipality in La Rioja, (Wow! Here is my beverage reference! Elizabeth, does this count?) northern Spain. Its population in January 2009 was 9,883 inhabitants, and its area is 194.23 km². It is known for the annual return and nesting of the 'Storks of Alfaro.' According to the tourist blurb there are 600 odd storks nesting on the buildings in Alfaro. Most storks nest on the church of Michael the archangel. Here you can see some of the nests:

Unfortunately all the nests were empty. The storks had already migrated to warmer climes. They are fascinating birds. Did you know they mate for life?

We went inside the church and I must say it was most impressive.

Outside the church, the square was busy with children playing and mums chatting away. It was 7 pm in the evening. A lovely atmosphere.
Here are a few more of the interior:

I will leave you with an interesting 'factoid' about the smell of books.

That was my post for today. I hope Elizabeth will forgive me for having a squeued (I have no idea how to spell this) beverage reference.

Have a good week all of you. Toodeloo, see you soon,


  1. Rioja- yes I have had some good Rioja and I say , yes- it counts to talk about it!:) Very interesting art postcards. I would love to see the nesting storks, and that church-oh my-gorgeous!!! Fun trivia about the old book smell:) Happy T day!

  2. What an amazing church. The inside is drool-worthy! And I LOVE that old books smell. Your postcard art is interesting. I don't know much about fantasy but I really like this girl. This postcard of Salvador Dali's art is strange indeed. This one is not really my appealing to me but I found many of his works that I love! Thanks for sharing. I love finding new and interesting artists.
    Happy Tea Day,

  3. Ah, Rioja, sounds good. Love the postcards, especially the Dali one. Alfaro looks wonderful. That church is more than fascinating, love the interior. And so many storks' nests, fascinating. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. well, to be honest, i had to look it up: the dali work is called "girafe en feu" (burning giraffe). actually i would have thought it were something about drawers;)
    so nice to take us to alfaro - the stork nests are something special. and a good read about smelling books;)
    have a great week and happy t-day:)

  5. Here you can read more about your Dali postcard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Burning_Giraffe :-)

  6. Such magical postcards and wow, those stork nests look amazing! I love the church you visited too, the architecture and decor is spectacular 😁. Wishing you the happiest of T Days! J 😊 x

  7. I have read and seen photos of the storks in Europe but I never knew where, and now I do. Those nests are really cool. Too bad you couldn't see the storks. And that church is truly impressive and quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing photos from your trip. It's great to have some arm chair travelling. Hugs-Erika

  8. Awesome photos of the church you visited Lisca, the decoration looks amazing, so much gold and opulence in the detail.
    The post card you sent look great as well.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  9. I think Elizabeth will give you a pass - just this once, Lisca;-) She let me by when I used pictures of our lake and referred to being in the drink.

    The lady with the dodo bird on her head is about the strangest fictional creature I've ever seen. I bet Sun will get a kick out if too.

    That's a wonderful Dali. His art is certainly unique. There's no one even close. It's a marvel that he became so famous.

    Storks are beautiful in flight, but when I see nests like that on a building, all I can think of is what a mess they must make. That's the squeamish neatnik in me.

    Love your old book smell factoid. I'm sharing it with a book loving friend ;-)

    Happy T-day. Hugs, Eileen

  10. I am sure Elizabeth will let you "in" lol
    you found some unique postcards to share-and wow I love love the church-thanks so much for sharing the photos with us.
    Happy T Kathy

  11. Wonderful postcards. I'm sure your recipients will love them. the architecture and art of the church is stunning. Amazing how the building was down without modern tools and machinery. Happy T Day

  12. Lovely photos of the church! The interior is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I am sure Elizabeth will forgive you, but you mentioned a drink, right? :) Happy T Day!

  13. I apologize for being so late, but the electricity on my block went out just as I was commenting on Lisca’s post. So anyone who posted after Eileen gets this apology message.

    I am a HUGE fan of Dali and visited his museum in St. Petersburg, Florida a few years ago. His art moves me and in a good way, too. I love the painting on the postcard, almost as much as I love "Persistence of Memory," the first piece I ever saw by him.

    That church was incredible and stately. I was impressed by the photos, and it must have been even more magical when you were there.

    I'm fairly certain I saw some people in front of the church drinking water while they rested!!! And since no one can be sure, I'm quite sure if not then, at some point someone visited with a drink. Thanks for sharing your postcards and that church and sharing the people out front drinking, too for T this Tuesday.

  14. So many things to love about your post today! wonderful postcards, magnificent church art, and love the 'old books quote.' I think E will still let you attend the T party, she is a good hostess ;) happy T day!

  15. Fantastic postcards and I LOVE this church and the stork nests! Happy T-Day dear Lisca!

  16. I loved the postcards! The church was a lovely surprise, just as many of the churches we visit are!
    On our trip we had a map but the memorial wasn't marked and I only remembered it around midday! We love rail travel and the journeys we took weren't very long - Budapest to Vienna is around 3 hours. Happy T Day, Chrisx