Friday, 27 July 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 27 July 2018 - Friday Smiles

Good morning everyone! How are you all? Today is Friday when we share our smiles of the week.

My first smile, or should I say giggle, is this card from Finland. Those two ladies made me giggle. They remind me of the two aunties by artist Inge Löök. This is obviously a photo, but it is in the same vein.
 The stamp is colourful and upbeat. I love that yellow flower!
Talking of flowers: my cactus has flowered again. This time I was home to enjoy it. (Last time it happened we were on holiday and my friend, who looks after the cat and the plants, sent me a photo on Whatsapp)
 I have decided to re-pot this plant as there are many 'babies' and I think it needs a bit more space.
 The pot is a typical ceramic pot from this area, decorated in this particular way.
A few days ago, our neighbour Serafin brought me a bag of apricots in the evening. Early the next morning he brought me another. We were just about to  drive to our cave house in the country, so we decided to take the apricots with us and make the jam in the cave kitchen
So we gathered all our jam making equipment and we washed, removed stones and chopped.
 Then in the pan it goes with a good amount of sugar. (I weighed everything)
 Bring to the boil etc.

It took ages, absolute ages! We have a thermometer and according to the instructions the liquid is ready when the temperature reaches 104 degrees centegrade. But it wouldn't go above 90! We cooked it so much, the jam burnt on the bottom of the pan. In the end we wanted to go to bed, so we poured it in the prepared jars and hoped for the best.

The next day I went online to find out what went wrong. Well, I had completely forgotten that the boiling temperature changes with altitude. There we were at 1220m (more than 3000 feet) and the boiling point is at 90 degrees....

Now for some funnies (All Mr Bean):

Have a fab weekend,
Keep smiling,


  1. I've never made apricot jam but I do like making jam. Hopefully you can clean out the pan and the jam tastes good. Those are pretty funny photos at the end. Good ole Mr. Bean. Have a great weekend Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  2. You certainly solved the mystery of the jam. Now let's hope it didn't burn. It certainly made a great story, though.

    I had no idea who Mr. Bean was, so I did an internet search. It appears he is as much of a character as these funnies. Have a super Friday and great weekend.

  3. I’m running late visiting today. My sewing talents are needed by many this week.
    Im sure the jam will be really yummy....I can smell it from here. I love your funnies....they gave me a good giggle. Thanks for sharing them.
    Annie x

  4. Hi Lisca, that first photo of the old ladies looks as though it could be the inspiration for the post cards, you can easily see where the artist might have got the ideas. Mr Atkinson truly is a funny man, not sure how he makes those faces when in reality he looks quite normal Lol! Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Ah did the jam set? I never thought of the altitude having an effect but it makes sense. I've linked you up. I love the postcard and the stamp is beautiful. Your cactus is amazing and how big is that flower, we came home from holiday to find one flowering but as soon as I gave it some TLC the flower died - whoops.

    Loving the funnies Mr Bean is one of said 17 year old's favourites.

    Much love

  6. Your postcard made me smile too, and such a pretty stamp on it.
    How lucky are you to be given all those apricots. Their season has just about ended down here. They are my great weakness if they are ripe enough, and I just keep eating them so I rarely get any jam made. But this week I found cherries for 1€ per kilo, so I bought some of those for jam. I hope yours set alright in the end. Kate x