Friday, 27 October 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 27 Oct 2017 - Friday Smiles

Good morning peeps,

Sorry I am late in posting this morning but I overslept. I woke up at 9:15! Shocking! So I didn't go to the gym and here I am writing about my week.

We have had visitors: my bestie and her man. They come every year after playing bridge for 4 weeks in the south of Portugal (Nice!)

Here she is in front of our Little weekend home, planning the next leg of the journey. They have come in a VW campervan, which gave me a tiny pang of regret that we sold ours.

Because the week before I had written some cards, I now have received a few. (That's how Postcrossing Works) Here is one:

This one comes from Germany and is for my collection of doors and windows.
The next one comes from Finland:
A nice vintage image. My grandma used to make dresses like that and I have found beautiful collars, like that one in the picture, in her sewing box. Also the decorative strip down her dress looks familiar and i am sure I have a little roll of that somewhere.

What else happened this week.... our neighbour brought us some of his (last?) tomatoes:

So the tomatos for yesterday's sauce did not come out of a tin! They are also delicious to eat as is. They are so sweet!

I think I'll leave it at that. I will put some funnies at the end. I found images of clothes labels with funny things on them. Someone playing around with the label machine or perhaps a quirk in the translating engine. See for yourself.

Have a good week and keep smiling,

 This is the last line from a well known nursery rhyme, which goes as follows:
Hey, diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.


  1. Friends like we are very lucky to have are very special aren’t they? They say if you can count good friends on the fingers of one hand you are lucky.....I’m lucky enough to not have enough fingers on two hands and I treasure each and every one....but Dawn is the best of course.
    Your laundry labels really got me chuckling...thanks for sharing them.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca. Those labels are brilliant, what a hoot. Just remembered I've still not posted those new cards for you, must get round to it. I am late checking in today because unlike you I've been to the Gym Lol! What a good girl I am!!! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  3. Ah how lovely to have a friend staying with you, I can imagine them rolling up in a camper van made you think about your jaunts out, I wondered if you'd miss it as she always seemed to be out and about with it. Your post late at 9.15am? I've only just managed mine and we are most definitely into the afternoon.

    Love the labels on the clothes - brilliant!

    I hope you have a brilliant weekend and week ahead.


  4. I have never seen labels like that-too fun you get the most beautiful postcards never realized they were still available any more sounds like a nice time with your friend
    Happy Friday hugs Kathy

  5. What fun to have your friends stay with you. I hope you learned how to play that game you shared on Tuesday, and you all enjoyed it, too.

    Those postcards are beautiful. I looked for postcards while I was out on Tuesday and no one seems to be carrying them anymore. It's a good thing I have plenty to use in my art. No one would want the ones I have, though. Mostly I have them for collage fodder.

    I simply adore those labels, especially the one about your mother! I had seen the one about the baby before. Loved the smiles this week.

    I feel really silly that I didn't provide a link to the museum's web site. Yes, that is the building I was in when the photos were taken:

    Enjoy seeing the building and a few facts about it.

  6. Funny, I saw a line of camper vans the other day and was wondering if you missed yours.
    It was nice to have your friends to visit, and the sun continues to shine for us doesn't it?
    I love using fresh tomatoes for my sauces. They are so lovely out here.
    I like the postcards, especially the old door one. I have a file of photos I have taken of interesting doors just around our village.
    Kate x

  7. How nice to have your dear friends visit. It must be so much fun getting postcards from all around the world. I had a good laugh at the labels you shared! Enjoy your weekend. Pat xx

  8. Those labels made me laugh. Glad you are enjoying some nice times with your friend. Having friends is good thing, isn't it? hugs-Erika